• Taking Shape: What form of crystal should I get?

    Taking Shape: What form of crystal should I get?
    Ok, there is only one question we get more than “Omg, what are your pugs names?”, and that is “What does that shape do?.” I understand, especially if you are new to crystals, that it is hard to believe that each shape does something different. Sure it is the same stone, but each shape has a certain kind of property to it that makes...
  • Ohhhhmmmmm - Meditation

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    Ohhhhmmmmm - Meditation
    We all know we should meditate, we are told from everyone that it’s something that we should do to the extent that we are now getting stressed that we aren’t meditating enough. I didn’t even start meditating (in an official capacity until this year). Yes, I did actions MINDFULLY,  but there is a distinct difference between mindful action and meditation.   When I started...
  • RUOK?

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    R U OK? Well, I wasn’t ok for a very long time, I have suffered from depression and anxiety since probably around the age of 12. When I was struggling with this, I didn’t feel at the time we were in then, that is was ok to talk about...
  • Charge me up! Charging Your Crystals.

    Charge me up! Charging Your Crystals.
    So if you’re anything like me, you have a couple of crystals…in each room…and in each pocket. Ok, so I have more than a couple, they make me happy, can you blame me. If you’ve been with us for a while or are already into crystals you probably have a couple lying around, but you probably didn’t know that you need to charge those...
  • Get to know us!

    Get to know us!
    Hey guys, Dylan here, co-founder of Crystal & Stone. Jayden and I thought we should make a blog post with a little bit of info about us. I mean we’re basically spiritual BFFs now so we might as well get to know each other.
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