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There’s only one way to describe a good crystal and candle combo: iconic.
If you’re notorious for burning the candle at both ends, then our candle range is for you.
At Crystal & Stone, we stock a range of beautiful handmade soy candles, from the scrumptious Ruby Lights candles in all your favourite scents to an empowering, awakening, and relaxing range of candles with Essential Oils.

While candles can be a great way to set the mood or help you relax, you can amplify the benefits of your candle by working with a crystal at the same time.

01 | Floral

This candle is all about empowering and strengthening the goddess within, so we recommend meditating or intention-setting with a crystal like Tigers Eye or Moolakite to make the most of the experience. 

02 | Relax

Take the time to switch off from the outside world and relax from a long day by pairing the this candle with a stone like green magnesite or black agate. Whether you want to sit and watch the flicker of the flame while holding your chosen stone or you choose to meditate with it, we can guarantee you’ll have that ‘ahhh’ feeling ahhh-fterwards.

03 | Awake

We’re not Energiser bunnies all the time, so this kind of candle comes in handy for those times we need a bit of an energy boost. Work with a stone like clear calcite to clear energy blocks and revitalise your spirit, or rub your favourite orange jade worry stone to spark joy and promote that much-needed energy in your life.

If you have little humans in your home that may become a little too curious with a candle, you can enjoy a range of the scents we have on offer in other ways, including the Ruby Lights reed diffuser, purpose perfume, essential blends mist, and hand & body lotion.

“And it seems to me you lived your life like a candle in the wind.”

Shop Candles Online. Use your favourite candles and crystals together to empower your life, achieve your goals, and make it all smell good in the process!

Shop the full range of candles, diffusers, perfumes and other nostril-pleasing products at Crystal & Stone today – all with the added benefit of Buy Now, Pay Later options!