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Just like your hands, body, clothes and bed sheets, crystals need to be cleansed regularly to get rid of all the icky stuff and keep them fresh.
In the case of crystals, that ‘icky’ stuff is the negative energy that the crystal has picked up throughout the day, week or month as you’ve rubbed, held, meditated with or stuck the crystal in your bra.

Crystals can invigorate you, calm you and empower you, but they can also help to cleanse the negativity from your life. Carry selenite or clear quartz in palm stone or tumble form for on-the-go aura cleansing.

Like you plug your phone or laptop in to charge it after a long day, you can ‘plug in’ your crystals to reinvigorate them too!

But cleansing them doesn’t involve the use of chemicals or elbow grease – it is as simple as setting your crystals on top of or alongside a cleansing crystal like selenite or clear quartz to draw out negativity and leave them feeling fresh AF. 

Getting rid of bad juju never looked so good! We have two crowd favourites for all our cleaning needs: selenite and clear quartz.

Selenite: This clear stone comes in a rod form, which is the perfect shape to cleanse and recharge your fav crystals.

Clear Quartz: Set up your favourite crystals near a clear quartz point or pyramid and imagine the bad vibes getting sucked out with the same force of a vacuum cleaner.

Shop Cleansing Crystal Online. Enjoy good vibes only with by cleansing your crystals with beautiful healing crystals like selenite and clear quartz.

Pick up one of these hard-working crystals online or in-store at Crystal & Stone today, with Buy Now, Pay Later options available to ensure good quality crystals are accessible to everyone.

Contact us today via email, slide into our DMs or make an enquiry through the website about ANYTHING crystal related – we’d love to chat!