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At Crystal and Stone, we like things weird, abstract and a little wacky, which is why freeform crystals are one of our favourite styles.

Freeform crystals are stones that are shaped irregularly and have a highly polished exterior, making them a shiny, unique, and stunning inclusion in your crystal collection.

This particular style of crystal works great for stones like labradorite, where the polished appearance really highlights the unique flashes of colour in the stone.

Freeform crystals tend to be much larger stones, so they work well as decorative or ornamental pieces rather than stones you carry around day to day.

Many freeform crystals come with a flat base, which makes them perfect for placing on your desk at work or bedside table.

Unless specified, our crystals and stones in rough and tumbled styles may not always look like the stone you see on our website, as these stones come in a range of shapes and sizes. But don’t fret, our team will endeavour to pick the perfect stone for you.

Labradorite is an absolute favourite among the team at Crystal & Stone, as well as our customers, who love the positive vibes that this stone projects. This stone features beautiful flashes of colour, so it becomes mesmerising to look at when placed on a window sill where it can catch natural light.

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