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If you’ve ever ordered online or been in-store to Crystal & Stone before, you know that we LOVE incense.
In particular, we love the different aromas of incense and the ways those aromas can totally change the vibe of our store and ourselves. To be honest, what’s not to love? 
At Crystal & Stone, we have 29 varieties of incense for you to try.

Just incense you’re unaware of the benefits of incense, we thought we’d give you a whiff of the ways it can improve your life.

Make the Most of Your Relaxation Time

Calming fragrances like frankincense, blessings & sandalwood are going to be your BFF for chilling out and relaxing from whatever life has thrown your way.

Increase Focus, Creativity & Mindfulness

Put your best work into that side hustle, your day job or your hobby with incense like cinnamon.

Improve Your Meditation Practises

Grab your favourite palm stone, light some incense and MEDITATE. Incense brings that extra layer of focus to your meditation practices, with meditation and sandalwood both popular choices.

In addition to all the benefits above, incense can be used to cleanse negative energy from your favourite crystals too.

White sage is one of the best scents for cleansing crystals – use the incense to direct the smoke towards the crystals that need cleansing, as the smoke will attach to the bad vibes and bring them down as the smoke settles. Pretty cool, huh?

Shop Incense Online. Change up the vibes in your home with one of our 29 different varieties of incense!

Pick up your favourite new scent today and start manifesting your dream life sooner with Buy Now, Pay Later options available (thanks Afterpay, Klarna & Zip Pay)! 

Shop to your hearts content with Crystal & Stone today and find your new favourite incense in the process!