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Can you feeeeeel the loveeeeee tonight? That’s probably all the lovey-dovey, butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling from rose quartz.
Rose quartz is easily one of our favourite crystals, ranging in colour from a gentle baby pink to a vivid pink.
This dreamy, loved up crystal is found primarily in countries like Brazil, India, Madagascar & South Africa, as well as right here in Perth at Crystal & Stone.

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional and universal love, promoting nurturing, love, optimism and compassion in your life.

This gentle pink stone comes in a range of forms, including a star, bracelet, worry stone, seer stone, pendant, and even a face roller!

Whether you’re working through trauma or grief, or you’re working on yourself with some self-acceptance and forgiveness, rose quartz can be your pocket pal. Rose quartz can also work to heal emotions of control, resentment, heartache, and fear. 

From a physical perspective, rose quartz also works to strengthen your cardiovascular and circulatory health, as well as female reproductive health

We love wearing rose quartz as a bracelet or pendant to take advantage of the healing, nurturing vibes of the crystal every day. 

Rose quartz opens your Heart Chakra, helping you to better deal with your emotions and love yo’self.

Shop Rose Quartz Crystals Online. At laaaaaaaast, rose quartz has come along to fill our lives with love.

If you want to add more love to your life, shop for rose quartz at Crystal & Stone! Plus, we offer buy now, pay later options to help you experience the benefits of rose quartz even sooner.

Join our crystal-lovin’ community today - shop in-store or online at Crystal & Stone to see the benefits (and beauty) of crystals for yourself.