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At Crystal & Stone, we like it rough – there, we said it.
While we love the polished finish on Tumble Stones and Spheres, there’s something so raw and grounding about the bumpy and textured exterior of Rough Crystals.

Rough crystals are a lot like our little team at Crystal & Stone; rough around the edges, but full of good vibes and crystal healing potential.

These crystals may be a little rough to the touch, but they’re the perfect reminder that no matter how rough things may seem, they can still be beautiful.

Incorporate Rough Crystals into your home as décor, use them to protect your home or integrate them into some crystal healing – the options are endless.

We make one promise though - no matter which Rough Crystal you choose, it will be a conversation starter.

With the beauty of rough and tumbled stones comes unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that might look a little different to the photos up on the website. But don’t fret, the piece we pick for you will be PERFECT.

Rose Quartz: This crystal makes us feel all mushy inside, attracting all the feels of love, affection, happiness and peace.

Tourmaline: Repel negative energy and protect the good vibes of your home and workspace with this stunning black stone.

Celestite: There’s something so calming and uplifting about Celestite. We love the soft, positive energy of this gem to get you through rough times and we know you will too!

Shop Rough Crystals Online. Stop being so rough on yourself by introducing the power of crystals and manifestation to your life.