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Focusing on the here and now can be tough when there is SO MUCH ELSE TO WORRY ABOUT WHY ARE WE YELLING AHHHHH?!
If you need a little extra help to ground yourself and be grateful for what you have, smoky quartz could be your little saviour.
Smoky quartz is the moodier-looking cousin of clear quartz that features grey, brown and black hues. It is primarily sourced from Brazil and Madagascar and guess what – it’s even the national gem of Scotland!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or burnt out from all that #hustle in your life, smoky quartz can bring you back to planet earth for a reality check.

Smoky quartz is your go to for cleansing, grounding, gratitude and stability – helping you to relieve stress and negative thinking while you focus on what you do have. 

Here are some of our top suggestions for where to use smoky quartz in your home:

  • Near the Front Door: A smoky quartz point can be positioned close to your front door/entranceway to stop the bad vibes before they enter your home.
  • As part of meditation: A smoky quartz seer stone can be used to magnify and pinpoint the goals you need to achieve.
  • Wear a bracelet: Wearing a smoky quartz bracelet to help you practise gratitude throughout the day.

The calming, grounding vibes of smoky quartz lend themselves to healing the nervous system, easing cramps and headaches, and removing the negative energy that may be contributing to mental health issues like depression.

Shop Smoky Quartz Crystals Online. If you’re ready to let it go, let it goooooo, then you need some smoky quartz in your life.

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