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For a go-to protection stone, you can’t go past the power of tourmaline.
Tourmaline is primarily found in Sri Lanka comes from the Sinhalese word ‘turmali’ - the name tourmaline originated from simple spelling mistake on a consignment from Sri Lanka, which we think is a pretty cool back-story.
The stone can also be found in other countries across the world, including the USA, Africa, Pakistan and right here in Australia.
While our collection of tourmaline at Crystal & Stone focuses mainly on the black version of the stone, tourmaline actually comes in a rainbow of different colours

Tourmaline is the equivalent of Captain America’s shield for your soul – it’s known as one of the most protective stones you can use. 

It acts as a barrier to bad energy, making it a great stone to keep on your work desk, in your home near the entrance way and anywhere else you may encounter negativity. For all day protection against bad vibes, you can wear black tourmaline as a wire-wrapped pendant or bracelet.

Tourmaline also encourages self-love and confidence, reduces stress & anxiety and releases feelings of anger.

On their own, tourmaline and clear quartz are both powerful crystals, but together they are the ULTIMATE power couple.

Clear quartz is known for its strong ability to amplify the properties of other stones, so when it is paired with tourmaline, the stones become an absolute force field to deflect negative energy.

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