Moonstone (White Labradorite) Chips
FEMININE ENERGY - STABILITY - SUBCONSCIOUS   Embracing your feminine side doesn’t always mean getting your nails did, going to the spa or going on a shopping spree (although if that is your thing all the power to ya!), but...
Rutilated Quartz Chips
SPIRITUAL GROWTH - NEGATIVITY - POSITIVITY Have you ever met someone who just lights up a room? They seem so confident and enlightened and yet, you know that they take everything to heart. That is kind of like my friend...
Obsidian Chips
REFLECTION - REPELS NEGATIVITY - EMOTIONAL GROWTH   Look deep into this Black Mirror… no, not the TV show, the crystal; Obsidian. Obsidian is epic AF with a shiny dark reflective surface. It is a stone that focuses on reflection,...
Golden Sheen Obsidian Chips
SELF-DISCOVERY - HIDDEN TALENTS - PROTECTION It’s time to let your inner self shine through baby! Obsidian is the stone of self-reflection. It holds a mirror up to ourselves and lets us see how we are really feeling behind any...
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