Unconventional ways to cleanse your crystals


It’s spring-time, time for new beginnings and cleaning out the cobwebs in your environment. But let’s face it, life gets busy, days run into each other and even though you were planning on cleansing your crystals under the full moon it’s been a week since and the cycle starts again of waiting for the next full-moon. I don’t know about you but lately all my weeks seem to bleed into each other so it’s hard to keep track of the lunar cycle.

Luckily our beautiful mother Earth has given us plenty of other options that don’t include moonlight or the potential to set off our smoke alarms with sage.

Water cleansing:

Like demons are expelled from bodies with holy water, the bad vibes absorbed in your crystals can also be expelled with water. Holding them under fresh water, or water from a stream for the length of time you feel is suitable will cleanse them. Using water from the beach is the most ideal as it combines the 4 elements; the sun for fire, the salt for earth, the breeze for air and the water for (of course) water (duh). Just be careful that your crystals aren’t water-soluble (Selenite would be a definite no no in water).

Earth cleansing:

Sometimes your crystals need a deep cleanse, earth cleansing gives your crystals a thorough cleansing. Earth cleansing involves burying your crystals in dry soil and keeping them buried for the cycle of a moon (roughly a month), though a shorter time of a week would be suitable if it feels right to you. The soil has to stay dry during this period.

Sound cleansing:

I know in thick of my teen angst I would blast Evanesence to make myself feel better and in the same way, sound waves can be used to heal your crystals. Traditionally in sound healing singing bowls are used, but any percussion instrument can be used to create cleansing vibrations. Drums, triangles and bells can be just as effective (and less costly) as singing bowls.

Brown rice cleansing:

I hear you, Jess WTF you mean brown rice? Well, my confused friends, just like using rice to suck and absorb the moisture out of the iPhone you dropped in the toilet, brown rice can do the same for the negative vibes your crystals have picked up. Leave your crystals in a bowl of brown rice over night for the bad vibes to absorb out- I don’t recommend eating this rice or using again afterwards. The rice absorbs the bad vibes but they have nowhere to go afterwards- don’t put that back in your body.

Sunlight cleaning:

This is the type of cleansing I would be the most cautious about as sunlight can bleach crystals if you’re not careful. The sun is like moonlight on crack so I wouldn’t bathe your crystals for longer then a few minutes. This sort of cleansing is typically only recommended for crystals of warm colours (red, orange and yellow).

Whether smoke makes you nervous or you can’t keep track of the moon cycle like me, hopefully you find a method of cleansing your crystals that vibes with you like you vibe with your crystals.   

Happy spring-cleansing!


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