• Stone of the Month: Selenite

    Stone of the Month: Selenite

    Selenite crystal is a definite favourite among crystal lovers and crystal newbies alike, thanks to its cleansing, recharging properties. While selenite’s most common form is an iridescent white colour, its other most common colourings are orange and ‘desert rose’. 
  • Vesonite


    Why not rediscover yourself and the magic of your relationship with crystals like vesonite from Crystal & Stone – we promise we won’t tell!
  • Why White Howlite?

    Why White Howlite?

    Today we want to shine a spotlight on our BEST-SELLING stone during December 2020 – the grounding, protective and all around stunning white howlite.
  • Larvikite - Stone of the Month

    Larvikite - Stone of the Month

    When I look up at a full moon, I am often reminded of the trials and challenges that I have gone through in that cycle. I mean seriously, the number of times I stubbed my toe on the edge of the bed should be seriously considered a hurdle I seem to overcome, but never learn from.
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