Two Dudes with a SH*T ton of Crystals

Hi there, we are Dylan and Jayden, cofounders of Crystal and Stone. Honestly, we are just two dudes with a shit ton of crystals! We’ve both loved crystals for our entire lives. 

Jayden’s Grandma had collected crystals and stones and shared her knowledge with him, when she passed she also passed on her collection to him. Jayden has used his crystals to help aid his mental health through difficult times and surrounds his workspace with cleansing stones such as Selenite, Clear Quartz, Moss Agate and Obsidian. 

I (Dylan, duh) got into spiritualism and using crystals when I was a teenager and have almost always carried a stone or two with me. During my yoga practice and when I meditate, I keep crystals near me that match my intention for the practice, whether that be to boost self-esteem, increase motivation or cleanse away negativity such as Citrine, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli (and Garnet when I’m feelin’ naughty). 

When we started C&S we wanted a place that was accessible to everyone, whether it’s your first stone or your in the middle of awakening your kundalini (google it), made people comfortable and made crystals less woohoo and more “WOOHOO!” For more info about us check out our blog

Crystals make people happy

We aim to create a safe space for people of every background to come together to explore their own energies in a place that is fun, accessible and modern. We believe that crystals are for everyone and that there is something for everyone at Crystal & Stone whether it is the crystals, workshops, community or a good laugh. 


We are so much more than a shop or even an event space, we are proud to have created a community of people that come together regularly to feel good, laugh, learn and grow together. By supporting and collaborating with other small local businesses we have fostered a healthy relationship with our local community and through regular events, workshops and yoga classes our own community has grown We welcome anyone who is interested in crystals, self care and terrible puns.

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