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Our Mission

Do you want to feel zen AF, surrounded by crystals, banishing all dem’ bad vibes? So do we and that’s why we are deeply passionate about sharing the earthly power that crystals contain. Whether it be for healing, meditation, calming your nerves or just to have something Instagramable around the house.     

In this hectic and sometimes stressful world that we live in, having the tools to clear your mind could be the difference between a joy filled day and wanting to tell Susan in HR what you really think of her. We can’t blame Mercury in retrograde forever, am I right?     

Whether you’re in touch with your aura or had to Google what that meant, we are totally here to help you out with the whole shebang, including descriptions of each stone’s special properties and tips on how to use them. 

Let’s get zen!

Dyl & Jay

Hi there, we are Dylan and Jayden, cofounders of Crystal and Stone. Honestly, we are just two dudes with a shit ton of crystals! We’ve both loved crystals for our entire lives. Jayden’s Grandma had collected crystals and stones and shared her knowledge with him, when she passed she also passed on her collection to him. Jayden has used his crystals to help aid his mental health through difficult times and surrounds his workspace with cleansing stones such as Selenite, Clear Quartz, Moss Agate and Obsidian. I (Dylan, duh) got into spiritualism and using crystals when I was a teenager and have almost always carried a stone or two with me. During my yoga practice and when I meditate, I keep crystals near me that match my intention for the practice, whether that be to boost self-esteem, increase motivation or cleanse away negativity such as Citrine, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli (and Garnet when I’m feelin’ naughty). When we started C&S we wanted a place that was accessible to everyone, whether it’s your first stone or your in the middle of awakening your kundalini (google it), made people  comfortable and made crystals less woohoo and more “WOOHOO!” For more info about us check out our blog