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When we think of Amazons we think about two things, we think about thick strong and luscious forests and strong and powerful women that are kicking ass and takin’ names. Amazonite lets you embrace your warrior goddess by supporting personal progress and encourages to take control over your own destiny. It boosts intuition and puts the emotions into harmony. So put on your battle armour and show them all who’s boss.

Dream on! Amethysts are often called the ‘stone of the dreamers’ because they inspire positive thoughts and inspire us to go out and manifest our dreams into reality. As a stone of manifestation, they are perfect for goal setting; whether your goal is to land that new job, fit into those lycra yoga pants or just live more peacefully. Amethysts also have this uncanny ability to help us build empathic bridges and see other people’s perspectives. Making opening up about what we want and communicating it to others much easier.

Do you know what sucks serious ****? Uni, that’s what! Ya, I said it, university/TAFE and studying sucks. You spend every waking moment stressing about one deadline (or 4), you always have a midterm coming up (or 4), you stay up until 1 (or 4) trying to get it all done and if we are being honest by the end of the term you get so exhausted you end up procrastinating and watching 1 episode (or 4) of something on Netflix to ESCAPE the never-ending hell that is trying to focus. OH, AND YOU’RE PAYING GOOD MONEY FOR THIS. Well, thankfully I know a really good trick to help you focus that is perfectly legal. Step 1 take a cold shower; Step 2 grab some Ametrine and Step 3 GET SHIT DONE. Ametrine is the stone of study, it helps the holder focus on a singular task at hand, particularly if it involves using your brain! Hold on out there my stressed out, sleep-deprived students, help is on the way!

Struggling to find that spark of joy? I mean…you could pull a Marie Kondo and start tidying up. That could totally spark joy…or you could try holding onto some Amphibole Quartz. A stone that is all about taking that small about of happiness you may find during your day and amplifying it, hence the name. I like to think of it as a mood booster that takes you from “lol” to “LMFAO” in no time! If you are drawn to this stone, I would recommend keeping it well cleansed and charged in order to keep it going at full blast!

Angelite is like the affectionate nurse you had when you broke your arm or that primary school teacher who always encouraged you to have a go, or that coach who always believed in you and cheered you on. It’s like having a little angel in your back pocket that cheers you on and encourages you to make healing decisions for yourself. We need more peaceful warriors who go into the world and leaving a wake of peace and love; why not you?

Go get’er tiger! Apatite is a powerful manifestation stone for setting and achieving goals. Think of it like your own personal life coach! Sure, you still have to work hard at getting there, but Apatite keeps your vision of the future clear in your mind so that you continue to be inspired to reach your goals!

We are pretty much obsessed with Marie Kondo, that lady changed our life, #MarieKondo4eva; the only other thing that has come close to hitting our organisational sweet spot is Apophyllite. This beautiful stone encourages enthusiasm, zest for life and organisational behaviour. It’s like the perfect spring-cleaning cheerleader. Cleansing your space and your energy is so therapeutic and this crystal will give you the extra oomph to get ‘er done! What we are trying to say is Apophyllite definitely “sparks joy” in our books!

To be blunt, sometimes you just need to say what’s on your mind or else it eats you from the inside out. This can be a scary thing to do; because we spiral unhelpful thoughts that get in our way. How will the other person react? Am I overreacting? Will this change things for the worse? We build up and up and up and that shit is unhealthy! Aquamarine may look like a sweet and soft little stone, but damn, she is good cracking open those fears. It encourages us to open up a line of communication and tell your truth, be honest and be crystal clear about your feelings. Most of the time your fear we're much worse than the actual outcome. You can’t expect people to read your mind so do yourself and those around you a favour and open up a little bit more. You’ll feel a little less stressed at the end of the day having told your truth.

They say hindsight is 20/20, because we look back at our past decisions and think, “OMG WHAT KIND OF AN IDIOT WOULD DYE THEIR LONG ASS EMO FRINGE BLACK AND BLONDE”, but at the time you thought it would make you look badass…no? Just me? Well, ok then. As we grow, we gain insight, clarity, and understanding about our situations, but sometimes even after some time away, we still don’t understand. We need a helping hand to understand why we make the decisions we made or, even harder, the decisions others have made. Aragonite, is a stone of insight, patience, and discipline, allowing us to be patient with ourselves as we look into our own selves and give insight into our decisions. This is so important because if we never look back at our old mistakes, we are destined to repeat them.

We are all looking for a love connection, but sometimes we wanna push our partners a little deeper (oh baby). Sometimes, we want to make a soul connection, to get into those hard to reach corners of each others identity and get real intimate with it. We want to open up all the way and really show off everything that we’ve been hiding. This can be a scary and even anxious experience for someone. Arfvedsonite gives off a vibe of steadiness and ease when it comes to these matters. It lubricates the gears if you will. Having this stone around the home, or perhaps the bedroom increases its intimate effects more so than anywhere else.

When I was a teen, I loved Febreeze air fresheners, I KNOW I KNOW AEROSOL IS BAD! I was a kid and didn’t know better. I would spray that stuff around my room and as a smelly teenager who couldn’t be bothered doing laundry, it was like mother f**king magic! It left like all the stagnant energy that was weighing me down was let go and I was free! Now I’ve replaced the canned good for cleansing sprays and crystals! One in particular that is great for clearing out stagnant energy is Atlantisite. Imagine it as that Febreeze can, it sucks up and LOCKS IN all those bad vibes and opens you up to new things. Make sure to charge this one on the reg though or all those negative vibes will build up…like my stinky laundry back then!

I find that there are a couple of ways for me to open my “third eye”, “feel enlightened” and really “woke”. The first way is usually after like a full day of yoga, meditation, incense, journaling and maybe some tantric “exercises” if you know what I mean *wink*. The second way, is to be lesson planning on my laptop, updating Crystal & Stone’s Instagram on my phone and somehow manage to watch Nailed It on the TV all at the same time…I must be using my third eye then, right? The final way is to meditate with Azurite. This stone is well known historically for its metaphysical properties. This stone is associated with intellectual stimulation and awakening of your spiritual self-allowing you to think clearly and make decisions based on your higher self. Definitely healthier than multitasking with 3 blue lit screens at once.

Anyone who knows anything about Crystal & Stone and me knows that I lovvvvvve me some Malachite. I mean know doesn’t love that confidence boost to our attitude and that lovely negativity energy repellent, well when you mix these two lovely stones you get a concoction of power, creativity, and intellectualism. Azurite & Malachite gives your brain power an extra battery boost. This stone combo is perfect for someone who uses their mental capacity for work or creativity; whether that be in the study, engineering, education, medical, writing, or any art form. Imagine it is kinda like Cerebro to Dr. X. It just helps amplify the mental power you already have!



Sometimes work-life is stressful, you can’t wait to get home to unwind and chill…Unfortunately, when you get home there is cleaning to do, dinner to make, groceries to buy, plants to water and the baby needs to be changed and fed, the kids need help with homework, that is when they aren’t doing their like 50 extracurricular activities (thankfully pugs don’t do homework or have an extracurricular, just sayin’). Sometimes you need a safe space from your safe space! Black Agate is here to help! The energy associated with Black Agate is that of calming protection, specifically for the home and home stress. It is popular to keep this near the centre of the home where the family meets most often.



We love community! Our aim is to bring people together in a safe space where they can enjoy crystals, good company, good laughs and good vibes. Our friendly staff, amazing stockists, phenomenal workshop leaders and beautiful community all come together to make Crystal & Stone a space for everyone to shop, learn, laugh and occasionally break out in dance, but it takes a whole lot of work to build that up. Not to mention some of us are surrounded by people that we don’t feel a stable connection with. Here is where Black Chalcedony can totally help us out! Its al about bringing people together in a stable, negative free kind of way. Making this stone ideal for meeting rooms, businesses, or areas of your home where there are a lot of people meeting! Come together, right now, over me Black Chalcedony.



Feel strong and grounded with Black Jasper nearby. This stone is all about keeping you safe and stable, it can be especially helpful for people who work in highly stressful or dangerous positions as it brings clarity and focus when needed most. Like water off a duck’s back, or a kid who took a run at a slip and slide; unsafe energy just slips right off. Like other Jaspers, this stone also invokes strength but instead finds its strength in knowing limits and when to push boundaries.



One thing that makes me sad are established beliefs that seem to be blindly accepted by people. Pink is a girl's colour, boys can’t playhouse, that certain people are different or scary based on race. It’s unhealthy and hateful beliefs like these that get passed down over and over again and cause so much hurt, but sometimes you don’t even know that something you think or was taught is problematic. It is difficult to re-educate yourself and relearn behaviour even if you’re willing. Black Moonstone is your friend my friends; this stone helps us build new ways of thinking through kindness. It helps us start fresh and new, to establish and build bridges to new horizons.



You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, “life is all about balance”. Well, that’s easy to say, but between work, social life, home life, we are pulled in a thousand directions at any given moment. Sometimes I feel like my “tree pose” is more of a “tree in hurricane season”; completely bent out of shape. That’s why having Black Quartz around the home is sooooo good. It harmonises your chakras and helps you balance out the important things in life. Stop swaying in the wind and stand tall like the giant ass beautiful tree you are.



If working with children has taught me anything, it is that children have #nofilter and the words that come out of their mouths is the truth; the good, the bad and the ugly. I like to use it as my guiding compass for whether or not a kid likes me and if I should make a change. Here are some examples: “I like walking with you because you listen to me when we walk and talk, that makes me happy.” “You are a little crazy, but that’s what makes you fun.” “I wish you were my dad.” These tell me I am a good listener, kind, but a little kooky. I also get, “You smell like coffee,” and “I can see your belly button through your buttons, it is very hairy”. Those little voices remind me that I may be a pretty cool dude, but there is always room for improvement. In the crystal world, the stone that will provide you with that little voice inside that will give you some tough love and challenge you to improve is Black Sulemani Agate. This wonderful stone calls on us to give ourselves a kick in the ass and… get a mint or wear better fitting shirts.



Chumba Wumba said it best, “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down”. They probably had their pockets full of Bloodstone cause that’s what this bad boy does. Like that banging playlist you listen to during your sweat sesh, it gets you pumped up and back in the game. Especially good for repairing any injuries and relieving muscle soreness after a big workout. Get your BLOOD pumping and so you can get back to those goals.



Sup Beaches! As a water sign, this stone excites me a little too much! Blue Aragonite (Caribbean Calcite) is a recently discovered crystal that is making a splash on the crystal world (see what I did there?) This crystal has an extremely calming effect on the mind, and is an extremely useful stone for meditating and taking time to kind of get out of your body. For me, whenever I look into it, it reminds me of sitting on a sandy white beach, the sound of gentle waves and swaying palm trees with A BIG OL COCKTAIL in my hand. A sense of peace is ever present around this crystal. The stone is also associated with the throat and third eye chakra meaning that it helps us to build a positive relationship with our own intuition. We start to trust our intuition and know it to be the truth. Meditating with Caribbean Blue Calcite will calm the waves of your subconscious mind (OHHH I DID IT AGAIN!)



We have all been there, your day is like a car crash you can’t look away from. Nothing seems to be going your way and people are getting on every last nerve you possible have when finally try to let someone know how you’re feeling, and you come off a little bit short. They utter those five words you should never utter to anyone, “You need to calm down.” All of a sudden, you’ve gone from annoyed to full-blown Winifred Sanderson yelling, “I AM CALM!” Blue Aventurine is like a little ice cube that gives off cooling energy. It keeps our moods in balance and also allows up to more clearly communicate our feelings in an appropriate way instead of erupting on someone who is just in the wrong place at the wrong time.



Audrey Hepburn and Richard Avedon, Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, The Musical Muses and Hercules; we all need a muse to get our creative energies flowing. Never fear, your own personal muse has arrived; give a warm welcome to Blue Calcite. Known for providing epiphanies (or moments of realisation) that ignite creative thinking and manifestation energy. It is also known for its communicative properties allowing you to share your brand-spankin' new ideas more readily.



Nowadays we are told we need to focus on so many things. Focus on what brings you joy (looking at you Marie Kondo). Focus on your health. Focus on your job or studies. Focus on staying positive. Eventually, we become so focused on being focussed we can’t focus properly on anything! Let me introduce you to my good friend Fluorite. Fluorite has been known to help boost positive thoughts, clear the mind, and increase focus. Blue Fluorite helps us focus on how we can express our authentic selves. Do you express yourself through your aesthetic? Through an art form? Through your massive crystal collection? Blue Fluorite will help you refocus on how to express yourself authentically and organically.



The worst thing…yes, THE WORST, is when you get in a disagreement with someone and you lose your cool and don’t get across what you are trying to say. ESPECIALLY, when you think of something witty to snap back with later on. Once I even got in an argument with a co-worker (at an especially vulnerable time) and had to force myself to not cry in front of them. Like serious WTF, pull yourself together, calm down and think logically. Thank god/goddess (you do you boo, we don’t judge) that we found Kyanite. It calms down those angry, stressful, illogical emotions and takes your mind one step back. Allows you to look at a situation from the outside and then form an opinion. Great for allowing yourself to take criticism as constructive feedback and foster a growth mindset instead of allowing it to weigh you down.



Sometimes we look at people and think, What the F were they thinking? Why would they do/say that? What climbed up their ass and died? Yes, we have all looked at someone that way (especially Susan, goddamn Susan). Sometimes it feels like there is a wall between you and them and all types of communication and understanding just runs into it. Thank goddess for Blue Lace Agate; the stone of meditation and understanding. This stone helps you keep your cool when communicating with those who frustrate you and is a useful mediator allowing you to relate and see others’ point of view. Great for rebuilding relationships, especially in the workplace!



Totally tubular dude…I remember going through what my parents called “a phase” where I was just a total hippy. I was all go with the flow and wore hemp sweaters and made sure the family bought recycled, organic, fair-trade and cruelty-free. Turns out it wasn’t a phase MOM, I’m actually just a good person. BOOM MIC DROP! Now as an adult, although those values remain, I don’t always feel that totally rad, go with the flow attitude and need a little assistance in that department. If you’re like me and could use some time to relax, maybe Blue Tiger’s Eye is what you need. Known for its relaxing qualities and overall chill vibes it is great at cooling your moods and even helping you approach your fears. Now I have yet to work too much with this one, so I doubt I’ll be getting over my fear of spiders anytime soon, but who knows.



There are infamously two types of energy that produce quality creative endeavours. There is partying, on the road, tour bus energy that is incredibly destructive to the mind, body, and soul (but produces amazing art) or calm, cool, collected creative energy that Nanas seems to channel so amazingly well into their crocheting. I’m not going to tell you how to live your life, but I think the second one would be better for you. If you’re struggling to unlock that cool blue creativity, try Blue Quartz. It calms the mind, the body and the soul allowing your creative blocks to fall at the wayside.



So funny story, I’ve always been a bubbly outgoing person, but once in a blue moon, I have experienced an overwhelming feeling we call a panic attack. Alright, so as most of you know, I’m also a teacher and this year I started teaching music, part of that job is organising whole school songs where I stand at the front and lead the school in a new rehearsed song every month (even though I struggle to sing confidently). Well, first one ever, I felt ready to do it, (nervous, but ready). Well, when it came time to sing, none of the students sang out…not a single one. I had to sing in front of the whole school, staff and community to remind the students of the words and only about halfway through did some of the students join in. Did my voice crack? YEP! Was I off-key? YEPPERS! Would I rather have just passed out on the floor? YOU BETCHA! I left the stage and shook for an hour. I didn’t think I would ever be able to do it again. Thankfully, I grabbed for a couple of stones that really helped me get through the next couple of assemblies. One of these stones was Botswana Agate. It is fantastic at calming down the nervous system when it is in high alert and cooling your vibe down to manageable levels. When I added it to my rotation of stones, I felt like I was back in charge of my own feelings; like I was switched on in the control room. You’ll be happy to know all my student’s singing has improved and their assemblies are beautiful, and I stand proud in the front guiding them (and yes, I still carry my Botswana Agate on me each assembly day).



All Jaspers are symbols of strength this much we know, but darling, sometimes the area that we need the most strength in can be a little, well, embarrassing. It can be a scary thing to realise that an area of weakness for us is intimacy and letting people in. We can often find that our own judgment clouded by our own insecurities. Brecciated Jasper is a stone that is known to lift that veil and allow you to see your own weaknesses clearly and allow us to approach them with a little bit more kindness. Honestly, in the times when I have addressed my own inner demons that is when I have been able to be more intimate with myself and others!



When we were looking for new stones this is one that I found very interesting, especially when I talked to others about what it is known for. Bronzite is the stone of courtesy, politeness, and inspiration. It is a stone that is especially handy to have in stores or around people who work in customer service in order to repel as much negative customer bull shite as possible. Honestly, guys are nicer to retail staff (or they may just chuck their hunk of Bronzite at your head). This stone is also popular for use at parties or when unwelcome guests are coming to stay…I should get one for Susan in HR. GODDAMNIT SUSAN.




As y’all know, I love me my coffee. Sometimes I can have a little bit too much and I start to feel all shaken up when isn’t the best recipe for success when you’re trying to accomplish everything on your todo list. If you need a pick me up without all the after-effects give Bumblebee Stone a spin! This stone is all about manifesting energy to work towards a goal. This stone is great for tackle never-ending to-do lists, faking a smile through a meeting that could have been an email, staying up late reading textbooks that you spent $300 on or even putting up with your extended family’s children. Give your vibe some of that sweet nectar that is energy with Bumblebee Jasper.



Have you ever visited those old times parks where you get to do pioneer like stuff? No, maybe it was just a Canada thing, I dunno, anyway one memory that I have is churning butter with a freaking stick in a barrel, you know how long it took for a nine-year-old to churn butter? Like an hour, I DON’T EVEN LIKE BUTTER THAT MUCH! I remember HATING every minute of it and my hands were sore and I complained, but when it was done. O.M.G. freshly churned butter on fresh-made scones, I regretted everything I complained about cause the hard work was worth it. Butter Jade brings that story to mind, it drives us to work harder, better, faster, stronger (insert Daft Punk music here) to achieve the goals we have set and attracts abundance for the work we do.



Imagine a camel, they are probably the hardiest animals in history. The trek through deserts where there is no water for ages, almost no food, and blistering heat. When I say trek, I don’t mean just meandering through the sand either, those animals are quick as They also can do this while carrying heavy loads and a person. Holy Camel! So named after this animal, Camel Jasper carried all these amazing qualities of a camel: strength, persistence, and follow-through. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and across the desert. This stone is helpful for those of us, myself included, who like to make goals, but fall short on the follow-through. Embrace your inner camel with some Camel Jasper.



Alright darling your life ahead of you in a blank canvas and you are the artist! Whatever you dream of you can paint onto this beautifully empty space. You wanna paint a gorgeous landscape of flowers and blue skies? Well go for it! You wanna paint melting clocks and 20 ft elephants with skinny ass legs? Dali would be proud (but you are also maybe a little high, just sayin’). Your life is your canvas, then why do we as the artist often sit and stare at the white space too afraid to make a mark? Sometimes we are afraid, and sometimes we lack that spiritual awakening in our creative side. Canvasite is a beautiful stone that is associated with unleashing your creativity and connecting with inspiration. Unlock your creative and lifelong potential with Canvasite!



Passion comes in many forms: passionate for the arts, passionate for athletics, passionate sex, (in my case an unbridled passion for eating pizza). Carnelian supports your passionate endeavours by assisting you to overcome uncomfortable circumstances with calm deliberation. It gives vitality and mental strength and increases motivation. Furthermore, it has the reputation to attract financial wealth. It takes money, sex and rock and roll to a whole other level!



Without a doubt the hardest job in the world is being a mum. Like seriously ladies, I tip my hat to you because you got it ROUGH. I mean, you basically have this thing that grows and lives inside of you for nearly a year, it drains all of your energy and cranks up your hormones and basically changes your personality and body and finally when it makes its way into the world…You love it with every fibre of your being, EVEN WHEN IT POOPS AND SCREAMS (clearly, I am a gay man that cannot handle babies). I’m pretty sure if men COULD get pregnant, we would treat it as a parasite and the human species would have died off long ago. Anyway, I can’t speak from experience, but being pregnant/a new mum seems EXHAUSTING. We have been trying to find a stone for a long time for Mums, because it is one of our most requested things and now, we have it. Cave Calcite is all about building and growing strength from the inside out. It’s all about that mothering energy of carrying something so precious inside of you.



You know that feeling when you look at photos of crystal blue waters surrounding some far-off tropical island and your mind just starts to calm down and wander off into a dream world. Celestite offers a similar VIP pass to paradise. It radiates a soft, positive energy in all directions that may be used to cleanse the surrounding environment or heal your emotional negativity. It is beneficial for calming fears or stilling a chaotic mind. Personally, we find it helps keep the mind clear and smooth for transitioning from work to meditation. It is a beautiful crystal that promotes purity of heart, hope, and good fortune. So, take your time and gaze into this beautiful crystal blue gem and imagine your own personal paradise.



Chevron Amethyst is a balanced combination of Amethyst and White Quartz, mixed together in everyone’s favourite zig-zag pattern. Chevron Amethyst combines the strengthening and cleansing qualities of Quartz with the stress relieving and manifesting qualities of Amethyst; honestly the best combination since champagne and OJ.



Four is such an epic number, I mean really think about it for a minute. Sex and City (Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte and Carrie), The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion), The Golden Girls (Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophie), Queer Eye (Karamo, JVN, Tan and Bobby…let’s be honest now, Antoni does like nothing) and most importantly the elements (Air, Earth, Fire and Water). Chiastolite uses the four points of the elemental wheel to bring in some epic new ideas and energy, allows us to problem solve and also protects us in our endeavours.




You know the feeling when your emotions take over and you just need to feel stable? As a Cancer my emotions are always out of control and one sure fire way to calm my emotions is chocolate. A little piece of chocolate can be enough to ground me in the moment (of pure bliss). It’s fitting that Chocolate Calcite would have the exact same kind of vibe! All about emotional stability and calming down your whole energy so you can tackle your issues with a little bliss.




Chocolate Jasper is a stone of stability and grounding. As a Jasper, it brings us back down to earth and helps us focus on what is important, integrity, honesty and kindness. When I have worked with Chocolate Jasper it reminds me of that feeling when you first bite into a really decadent high-quality chocolate, not one of those party favourite pack kinds, but like made by a chocolatier. Your whole body stops and is focussed on this one sense for this one minute. You are flushed with unfiltered delicious feelings and honestly, I think of this as a type of meditation. Bring that feeling with you and apply it to other daily tasks. Bring that sole focus and concentration; that stable concentration to whatever you do with Chocolate Jasper.



Chrysoberyl is a great stone in assisting us in gaining a higher perspective in the midst of emotional situations. It helps you to be gentle to yourself, through positive self-talk and creating a kinder space for yourself and others. It is helpful in manifesting peace around you by givin’ off all dem good vibes. Often times when we are feeling unsettled our ego takes over. We lose the ability to take responsibility for our actions and decisions and instead throw blame at others. Chrysoberyl keeps that ego in its place, telling it to quiet down so you can think rationally. This stone is a great stone for someone going through a break-up or experiencing some sort of rejection as it allows you to take a step back and see the big picture (and how you’ll make it through eventually) instead of focussing on blame, shame, and revenge, oh my!



We live in an era that is just realising that emotions are normal, human and wonderful. However, it is still ingrained in society and socialisation that emotions like fear, sadness, and anger have no place anywhere. Ask yourself this; what is your first reaction when you see a kid crying over losing something or dropping its food. Most of us would react to the tears as “Awe, it’s not that bad, you’re alright, etc.” What did we just do in this situation? We told the kid they shouldn’t feel that way, it’s not a big deal and hides your tears…in a sweet voice. The problem is we think we are helping because that is how we were taught. Meet your new emotional coach, Chrysocolla, is a stone of emotional learning and expression this stone will allow us to tap into our own emotions, find deeper understanding and emphasise with others when they feel these emotions. It allows us to move past “get over it” and into an era of “I understand”.



Chrysoprase is all about joy. It wants you to smile honey and will make sure that obstacles standing in your way are less like hurtles and more like speed bumps. This stone encourages you to notice the little moments around you that make life so much more abundant than you realise. Maybe a good book, a great cup of tea, a song that you feel in your whoooooole body; you may not have noticed just how these things made you feel until you carry around Chrysoprase around wit you! When we notice the little things around us that make us happy, they tend to quell that feeling of needing MORE MORE MORE and just welcome the peace of, “this is good”.



Trying to persuade people to do something or buy something can be extremely difficult. Like, the first thing that comes to mind is those people that stand in the middle of shopping centre halls trying to convince you their gas provider will give you a better deal than the one you are currently with, even if you’re with the same one. Every time I see them, I’m like, “bye gurl,” avert my eyes, walk around as far as possible and when in the most dire of circumstances and they won’t take no for an answer I pretend to be a backpacker (the Canadian accent has gotten me out of more troublesome situations than I care to admit). If you are one of these people, or perhaps work in business OR have your own business and need to convince people to choose you, well you need some Cinnabar Peridotite. This stone is remarkable for giving off a vibe of convincing and persuasion opening the door for you to manifest your biggest dreams.



So you wanna hot body? You wanna get money? Well, get Citrine! Citrine is the ‘stone of success’! Known for opening up communication between people in both the home and the workplace and attracting abundance, money, and stability; this stone is like the CEO of crystals. On top of attracting them dolla dolla bills y’all, citrine’s energy has been known to stimulate metabolism and aid in digestion. Take your drive, passion and energy and slay the day with this beautiful golden orange stone.



You ever go to clean a mirror and no MATTER WHAT THE F you do, you can’t seem to get some of those pesky streaks out? (First world problems, I know, like honestly invest in some microfibre towels Dylan). This is how our thoughts feel sometimes, like no matter how hard we try to clean, there is always a streak to remind us that we aren’t fully clean. You try to clear your mind of any distractions, blockages and bad habits that are getting in the way of your being your best self, but something is in the way. Here comes your new crystal for a streak free shine, Clear Calcite. This stone lets us see clearly what is blocking us from being our best self and helps us activate our higher self!



Plugin the amp for your spiritual self! Clear Quartz cleanses negative energy like a pressure washer to your soul and amplifies feelings of peace and positive energy. Having this stone on your body or around your space increases energy, productivity, and feelings of accomplishment. Shine bright like the diamond you truly are and clear some room for Clear Quartz.



I have this one cousin that gives the best hugs (if anyone in my family is reading this, they ALL know who she is). Cobalto Calcite is like that amazing hug that you didn’t know you needed until you get it and you’re all like, OH MY GOD, I felt that in my soul. It is known for its emotional healing qualities, amplifying feelings of love and healing specifically in romantic relationships. It is a stone that reminds us that even when we are going through tough times and we put on our big boy/girl pants and try to act like we have everything under control, those who love us are never too far away and that may be all you need to get through this is some emotional support…and a really killer hug.



Isak Dinesen, “The cure for everything is salt water, sweat, tears or the sea”, which is not only my favourite quote but also the first thing that came to mind when I held a piece of coral. Coral carries with it ancient wisdom of intricate harmony and unity between all living things. It understands that it is the bedrock of life underwater and builds an ecosystem-based around itself. Holding Coral recenters the wearer to focus on the home and creating that beautiful harmonious ecosystem around themselves. Others are attracted to those with inner harmony and having Coral around helps remind us of this. As soon as Jayden placed one in my hand I envisioned the sea, so if you’re travelling and need to take a bit of home with you, this stone is for you as well.



 Emotions can rule and ruin us. I mean honestly, have you ever watched a movie with a dog in it? You KNOW it’s gunna die and you KNOW you’re going to cry like a little baby for the rest of the night and probably the next time you see a dog. Our emotions can also heal and strengthen not only ourselves, but also those around us. By strengthening our emotions and using them for support and love and nurturing we can foster growth all around us. Coral Agate is all about fostering emotional growth and understanding from those around us. Just like coral helps protect and provide a home for sea life, Coral Agate encourages us to be strong enough to provide emotional stability for those around us. I would recommend this stone to people who work in any kind of public sector, health care and parents!



Coral is associated with the element of water and is actually affiliated with the star sign Cancer…which is probably why I like it so much. Coral helps us get in tune with our element of water or our emotional side. Coral Sponge in particular is all about holding on to love. It is a stone that represents longevity and promotes healthy steady growth in a relationship. Coral Sponge is the master of “slow and steady wins the race”. Passion is sexy, but it is like fire, it burns out eventually. Love is like water, turbulent at times, but it sustains life and nourishes our soul.



We all have that one employee, that just *deep breath in* *sigh* makes us want to realign their throat chakra if you get what I mean. Have you ever wished you could be really honest with how you feel about them without being a well…BLEEP. Corundum is a crystal that helps us take a tactical approach to dealing with these people. Having the wisdom, and knowledge to use your words and actions to be honest, but not offensive. Leaving you in a much better cleansed space, and hopefully they learn that their behaviour is inappropriate. Honestly, Corundum is the “As per my last email” of the crystal world.



Someone very dear to me (my friend and yoga teacher) said something to me that resonated deep in my soul. We were in a hot yoga class and I was a sweaty beast, in a mirrored room and although I was having a great time, I was avoiding my reflection like the plague…I hate looking at myself sometimes, especially when there are others in the class that look like greek statues carved from marble. A love song came on her playlist and she said, “Sing love songs to yourself”. It hit me like a brick wall. Singing sweet words like that to yourself is a great way to treat yourself better. THAT - - THAT RIGHT THERE is the vibe that Covelina gives off. A rush of energy that promotes self-love and repels negativity so that you can show yourself a little lovin’. So, go forth, with Covelina in hand and sing those love songs to yourself.



We live in a world ruled by deadlines and to-do lists and efficient productivity. This can be a total drag on your left side of your brain, yes you heard me! All these lists and deadlines are killing our creativity and critical thinking skills. It’s time to take the proverbial bra off at the end of the day and let your creative juices flow! Crazy Lace Agate is a stone that encourages that stagnant creative energy to burst out of you like a Pollack painting. It encourages you to write, sing, dance, paint, take a friend that pottery class (yes, you know I wanted to go, thanks for the invite…RUDE). Get out there and get crazy with Crazy Lace Agate.



Embracing your feminine side doesn’t always mean getting your nails did, going to the spa or going on a shopping spree (although if that is your thing all the power to ya!), but notice how all of these acts involve some sort of self-care? We all have a masculine and feminine inside us that fit together in this internal beautiful cycle. Sometimes our masculine energy pushes us to be practical, structured, routine and regimented and that is exactly what we need (especially when we have deadlines coming up). Other times we need our feminine energy, calling on our intuition, emotional compassion, fun, and spiritual side. The two work together inside of us in this beautiful yin/yang, constantly complimenting each other. I find the feminine, spiritual energy especially helpful when working on my own goals and showing myself some compassion, especially when I’m going through struggle town. Moonstone is a stone that really enhances that feminine energy. It brings out compassion and that subconscious kindness; like a teddy bear hug for the mind. I’ve recently started using Moonstone for my meditative practices for this exact reason. Go forth with compassion in your heart and embrace your feminine side.



So, it took me forever to write this description because every time I said Cytha it reminded me of the Pokémon Scyther and I couldn’t get past the fact that it was the same colour haha! Now that I’ve gotten past that I can clearly focus on this stone’s meaning which ironically is all about seeing things clearly. This stone focusses our mind into what is ACTUALLY happening around us, seeing these things and making decisions that will lead us to our goals. This stone is exceptional for manifesting our goals through meditation, seeing the object of desire in our mind’s eye, and visualising ourselves removing the hurdles in our way.



When we are kids we laugh and play and sing; our imagination allows us to be anything or imagine the possibilities our life will have. Unfortunately, real-life can suck sometimes and stuff happens that really messes us up. In order to try and protect ourselves, we build up walls and barriers around our hearts and our imaginations. We hope that these walls will act as the walls in our home and keep us safe and warm, but sadly they are more like prison walls; emotionless and cold. Dalmatian Jasper is the Miley Cyrus wrecking ball that we all need to give us the strength we need to break down these walls. It brings us back into a place of cheeky playfulness and reminds you to bring a little fun to your day.



When we are honest with ourselves and others, we feel better, god knows that I always feel better after I tell myself that another slice of pizza won’t kill me, because then I don’t feel bad about eating it! Being honest and transparent lifts our moods and makes us feel like everything is out in the open, we can move forward, but let’s be…HONEST (haha) with each other; sometimes it can be scary to tell others the truth, even with the best intentions. Like, the other day I wish someone had told me that I had the worst B.O. yes, I am human, and I was running around, and I got sweaty and I got smelly. I FOUND OUT AFTER THE WHOLE DAY WHY NO ONE WAS SITTING WITH ME! LIKE WTF, I HAD DEODORANT IN MY BAG, I could have reapplied if someone had been kind enough to be clear with me. Clearly, we all need some Danburite, a stone that helps remove that barrier to honesty, it allows both the giving and receiving end of feedback a little bit of a buffer so both ends can walk away feeling a little more positive, and open with each other.



As soon as we finished watching the Dark Crystal on the Netflix, we saw that this stone became available. COINCIDENCE!? Ya probably, but still! Dark Amethyst delves deeper into your spiritual self, this stone is especially useful for people who are interested in spiritualism and energy but still finding themselves as Sceptical Sallys. Let me break it down for ya, regular Amethyst is perfect for manifestation, calming and dreaming. Dark Amethyst is for really connecting to your spiritual self, that divine being connected to all energy and increasing your intuition and feelings. This is a stone that I would recommend charging up regularly on Selenite, or in the moonlight!



Dendritic Agate is all about growth and perseverance. Looking at the crystal you can see the “root-like” growth in it. This crystal encourages us to push out our own roots and grow stronger. Roots can weave and push through solid rock and so can you baby (please don’t try to push yourself through solid rock, it’s a metaphor). You can make it through any hardships that are thrown your way and even thrive with a strong base rooting you down.



This stone is all about resiliency, I mean you’d have to be resilient to grow in the desert under the harshest of conditions and still create something so beautiful. Kind of like friendships forged at work. It’s a harsh environment, you’re both overworked and under-appreciated and dodge hate from Karen in HR on the daily. Yet somehow, you find another beautiful soul that you just mesh with and together (through your mutual hate) your relationship blossoms. It’s an experience so pure it cleanses your soul. Kinda like Desert Rose Selenite cleanses your crystals!!



Take a step back in time to the era of adventurers when people would journey into uncharted parts of the world with wonder in their eyes and courage in their hearts. Although we now know that adventurers are mostly conquerors and extremely problematic today, imagine the feeling of stepping onto the edge of a desert and seeing the sun set over its vastness for the first time. It would light a fire in anyone’s heart. If you feel like you’re in a slump and need that thrill of adventure back into your life you should check out Desert Sunset Jasper!




A kiss on the hand might be, quite continental, but Diamond Quartz is a Dylan's best friend! Yoga is fantastic and meditation makes me ecstatic, but Diamond Quartz is a Dylan's best friend. We all want to feel aligned, feel in love and feel spiritually awakened. You may have heard of Moldavite, but it is like the crazy cousin that will probably air everyone's dirty laundry at the family reunion AND THEN you can all heal. Diamond Quartz is more like a beautiful meal that brings everyone together so that you can all meet somewhere and talk. Using Diamond Quartz you will see an increase in your intuition, serendipitous happenings and beautiful coincidence. 




Dragons have long been seen as a symbol of strength, courage and power. I mean really, even in Pokémon they are one of the strongest types! Now, we all know dragons may not have flown around the world, breathing fire and guarding princesses, but they are still a universal symbol of nobility. When you need some strength and courage, why not borrow some of that mythical dragon power with Dragon Jasper. Like other Jaspers, it carries with its energy that provides strength, but this colour stone also brings confidence and courage to the holder. Go forth our hero and conquer your inner worries and doubt. Become a dragon.



It’s DUmortierite, not DumortierITE. We’ve compared this stone to the infamous and wonderful wizard, Dumbledore because of 1. One of you misread it and 2. This stone increases your patience, mental capacity and believe in yourself, like the way he was patient and believed in Harry’s abilities. To be honest, we think this stone is downright magical. Especially useful for people in the teaching profession or who are passing on knowledge to others, perhaps in a workshop, a studio or evening class.



Some people are naturally empathetic to others; they pick up people’s feelings and energies without even trying. This is a double-edged sword these people often build connections with people easily and make excellent listeners, but they are often drained quickly being around others and quick to feel bogged down by other energies. If you are feeling like you just can’t understand someone (perhaps Susan in HR, who for some reason, seems to hate your guts) and you want to understand why this is the stone for you. Tapping into the empath energy and allowing the wearer to acknowledge a deeper understanding of those around them and other intentions. WE HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU CLEANSE THIS BAD BOY ON THE REGULAR! Using it can pick up all those feelings and emotions and you don’t need that kind of energy ALL the time.



So, after working with Emerald, I had a hard time putting into words how It made me feel. So, I did a little bit of soul searching, it was less of a feeling and more of an experience. It took me a day, but I figured out what it reminded me of. Do you have Irish Spring Shampoo here in Australia? It is this fresh soap that smelled like cold fresh air and nature and just was always a pick meep in the morning! That is what Emerald reminded me of, that showered and feeling a fresh feeling. It also helps that Emeralds are stones associated with the heart-opening us up to inspiration and creativity. This is a great stone to keep on your body if you are feeling kind of down in the dumps or you’ve hit a rut lately. Personally, I’ve added it to my Rolodex of crystals that I choose to carry with me because of that revitalising effect that it has on me and those around me!



Do you need some inspiration to achieve your goals? Cause I sure as hell do, heck I need like some Dance Mom level encouragement to get me off my ass sometimes. Emerald with Fuschite is here with some GO-GO JUICE to knock you back on your feet. A stone of inspiration, encouragement and protection it will help you take the leap and go after your desires knowing someone or something will be in the audience with a camcorder saying, “You’re doing amazing sweetie”. You’ll feel protected in your endeavours and go for it with your heart wide open!



Imagine laying yourself down on one of those day bed thingies in a psychologist’s office. It’s taken you years to finally make it here, but it is time for you to grow up and take care of yourself, to put the past behind us and grow into who we wanna be, undefined by our troubled past. We may never forget, or choose to forget, terrible things that happen to us, but we never need to accept that they will rule us forever. Epidote is a stone associated with the heart chakra that encourages us to focus our loving energy inward and focus on our own heart healing. Show yourself some love in order to grow into a stronger version of yourself.



Often times we associate the colour pink with feelings of love, but Prehnite and Epidote crystals often grow beautifully together and because of this, we feel that they tend to give off a feeling of love. Working together they promote unconditional love and stimulates spiritual growth. It is also used to help someone injured by either physical or mental trauma. Sometimes the most unlikely and unique couples are the most striking and beautiful together.



Often times I am torn between two minds. I make decisions with two body parts: my head and my…. well…heart. What? Did you think I was going to say another body part? YA NASTY! Often times what my body needs (food, shelter, air, exercise) is different than what my heart needs (emotional connection, friendship, laughter) it can be hard to connect those two needs harmoniously, while keeping a healthy balance between taking care of our body and taking care of our heart. Eudialyte is beautiful stone that helps connect those two aspects of yourself together to make a more uniform team working towards meeting all your needs….and I do mean ALL your needs. Eudialyte is also a love stone helping you focus on love that is present in your life. Ok, now I maaaaaaay be thinking with a third body part… my brain!



Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon! This stone is the chameleon of our collection. It is what can be described as a programmable stone. By meditating with it, or by having it around when you journal, mood board, doodle, etc. it picks up on your intention and desires. Then you can carry it around with you acting like a little magnet for all the energies you feel like attracting. I must remind you though with this one the importance of cleansing. Yes, cleansing is not just for your beautiful face, you must also cleanse your crystals and this one will continue to carry your intended energy until cleansed, then it can use its little shape-shifting trick to carry a new intention that you give it. Talk about adaptable!



Sometimes, during the day, I have so many things going on in my head that focussing on what is important is like trying to listen to your friend tell a story…at brunch…in the busiest cafe…with a screaming baby… and for some reason, they are playing heavy metal. There are just too many voices going off at once. This is a great time to carry around Fancy Jasper, it carries with it the strength of a Jasper but is all about the strength of mind. Having this stone is helpful for concentration, focus and calming the brain. What about night-time you ask? I can’t sleep cause of all the thoughts and to-do lists. Place your Fancy Jasper by your bedside to give off that focussed calm vibe.




I'm not going to lie, I had never encountered this crystal before and I had no idea what it was when it was sent to us as a surprise from one of our suppliers. We actually had to contact our geologist friend here and ask his opinion about what it was exactly. However after meditating with this stone I felt really flushed with emotions that I had bottled up for long time. Emotions that I had kept at bay about being separated from my family and from the fire that destroyed my home, but it didn't feel overwhelming. It felt like it was time. It felt like a burn that needed to happen if that makes sense. So if you feel like you are going through a lot of emotion that you need to get through. This might be the stone for you.



Time to light a fire in the bedroom baby! Fire Agate is like a boom boom pow for your boudoir! This stone is all about getting those hormones going so whether you are in a stagnant slump, or you just want a really good hum— well you get what I mean; this stone is what you need. It does it all; it boosts your energy, livens up the libido and has the added perk of being a protection stone which, let’s be honest, these days with tinder, Grindr, POF, etc, etc you could use as much protection as you can get both in sexual and energetically, latex or otherwise.



We are all flowers struggling to grow and bloom in a big and scary world. Some of us rely on our friends and family and flourish into a sea of wildflowers. Some of us require tender love, care and nourishment like a delicate Hydrangea. Some of us, like me are more similar to the Titan Arum (or Corpse Flower). We take about two decades for our big asses to finally bloom and when we do, we are just big and smelly! No matter what flower you are, you are destined for more than to just see your dreams wilt on the vine. You are destined to blossom and fill the world with beauty (or stench in my case). Flower Agate helps us on our journey of growth and discover. It is a stone that encourages us to take the steps towards achieving our goal and blossoming into the next stage of our life.



Sometimes we need a little bit of a push to take that next step in our personal journeys. You know who you are, that comfortability bubble is starting to feel a little restrictive and you want to fly closer to the sun and try new things, but you’re scared of getting burned. Worry not Icarus, your day in the sunshine won’t end with a terrible tumble; not with Fushite around. A protective stone specifically for anyone looking to try new things. This stone revitalises our energy and encourages us to go out and snatch opportunities as they come flyin’ past!



The candles are lit, roses petals laid out, and Pony by Ginuwine is playing in the background. Time to get down…with Garnet. The stone is notorious for increasing will-power and improves vitality (wink wink). It supports you in staying focused and motivated (oh baby). Furthermore, it increases the libido and boosts passion in love relationships (oooh that’s the spot). Having Garnet around the bedroom is like having a little blue pill, (or rather red stone) but for your energies. Let’s get it on with Garnet.




We’ve all been a little unlucky in friendship before. We’ve put our trust in the wrong people and found our heart broken and trust shattered, but the good part about us as people is that we can build new friendships, rebuild trust and find luck in love again. We can look for kindness in the darkest of places and actually find it! That’s the beauty of human nature! The stone that represents that beautiful and kind type of friendship is Garnierite. Often nicknamed Green Moonstone this nickel rich stone offers us the opportunity to see good in others, making it the perfect stone to represent friendship and luck.




You know when you see something so pure that you just wanna curl up and scream awwww from the top of your lungs. That pure love that has no conditions, no complications, it’s just so unwavering. Like the love, you feel for your fur babies. I mean, even if they shit and piss on our floor, we love them so much that we just wipe it up and tell them “I’m grumpy at you” in a baby voice. Girasol is a type of love stone that fosters and encourages that pure love in our hearts and giving us extreme clarity on our feelings so that we can look towards the love and appreciate it more. This stone is great for children!



When meditating one of my favourite visualisations is to imagine a glowing golden light that slowly moves its way up the body starting at my toes and moving all the way up my body until I am radiating golden light. The feeling I get when I do that meditation reminds me of that feeling of sitting in a comfortable spot with filtered sunlight dancing playfully through the leaves on your face and body and THAT is the feeling I also get from Golden Healer. I feel aligned and settled and just fully glowing.



t’s time to let your inner self shine through baby! Obsidian is the stone of self-reflection. It holds a mirror up to ourselves and lets us see how we are really feeling behind any masks (or layers of makeup) that we put on. Sometimes that con be a confronting image (especially if you haven’t taken that make up off in a while). Golden Sheen Obsidian lets your inner self SHINE. Instead of showing you your deepest darkest emotions, it brings forwards the inner parts of you that you may not know you had. Hidden talents, quirks or self-discoveries are commonplace when working with Golden Sheen Obsidian and it is not uncommon to learn something new about yourself that surprises you. So, embrace that inner you, they may have a (magic)trick up their sleeve that will make you fall in love with yourself all over again.



We all have that one cousin that is just, well, the cool cousin. If you can’t think of who it is, it’s you MAZEL TOV for you! The cool cousin is the golden child, they get away with things you wouldn’t dream of doing at family functions, they are usually good looking, they are always the most fun and they are also your cousin so you love them to pieces even though you can be mad jealous of them from time to time. Well, just like we have our golden child/cool cousins, so does Clear Quartz. It’s called Golden Quartz and it’s here to get the party started, it has shimmering golden hues throughout its structure giving it a yellowish hue. It is remarkably good for healing, amplification of intentions and elevating your vibes in times when you need that added boost. Kinda like that cool cousin always has your back when you need them most. (P.S. Miss you cuz, love you lots.)



The key to success? Not being so damn stressed about being successful. Attitude is everything darling, and if you keep running around like a chicken with your head cut off, you’ll never slow down to realise that you are successful. Aventurine alleviates stress and promotes a serene attitude. In cases of sleep disturbances, it helps to clear the thoughts and has a calming effect letting your worried mind rest for a while. It is also known to attract abundance and bring luck to its wearer. You work hard enough, why not calm down, take a breath, vibe out and let lady luck come to you.



It always starts the same…I’m running down a long hallway, I’m running towards a bright red door at the end. The lights behind me begin to flicker and shut off. Boom off goes a light. Boom, another light. BOOM, another. The hallway turns to black faster and faster. I’m almost to the door when the voices start. The voices are whispering from the darkness, “Dylan…Dylan…DYLAN…DYLAN” I almost make it to the door when sinister voice hisses right behind my ear, “There’s no coffee left.” AND I WAKE UP IN A SWEAT! Woo, Nightmares are the worst! They take such a toll on your emotions and your sleep that they mess up your moods and you may as well say goodbye to enjoying your day, right? WRONG! Get Green Banded Jasper not only is it beautiful, but it also steadies mood swings, suppresses nightmares and improves self-control, like the urge to throat punch someone when you find out you actually woke up and there is no more coffee left.




Sometimes we need a little bit of extra support opening our heart. Sometimes we need a helping hand in order to restore ourself and show ourselves a little bit of self love. Sometimes this support can come in the form of a person, sometimes it comes in the form of Green Banded Calcite a wonderfully helpful healing stone that encourages us to take steps towards opening our heart again. Its an incredibly gentle stone with a lovely vibe.




Our hearts are funny little things, they act like that one friend who’s had one too many tequila shots. One second they are telling literally everyone that she “loves them soooo much”. Next, she starts crying saying she’ll, “never find anyone” like her ex and just when you think the night is over you spot her trying to get in a fight with a bouncer. Needless to say, our hearts are considered our emotional centre for a reason, they feel everything intensely. Green Calcite is one of those stones that act as a hot iron to our emotional wrinkles, smoothing everything out so our hearts aren’t acting like that friend. It opens us up to giving and receiving forgiveness as well as relaxing the heart.



Nowadays we are told we need to focus on so many things. Focus on what brings you joy (looking at you Marie Kondo). Focus on your health. Focus on your job or studies. Focus on staying positive. Eventually, we become so focused on being focussed we can’t focus properly on anything! Let me introduce you to my good friend Fluorite. Fluorite has been known to help boost positive thoughts, clear the mind and increase focus. You’ve heard the saying when one door closes another one opens? Well, Green Fluorite helps us focus on doors and even windows that are opening and closing so that we don’t miss any opportunities that are coming our way.



hen I was traveling through China I fell in love with Jade. I saw it pretty much everywhere; people doing tai chi in the park wore it, shop keepers and waiters wore it as they served up delicious food and I even caught a glimpse of a jade bracelet on the lovely woman explaining a traditional tea ceremony to me. It was hard to miss this green beauty! So naturally, I grabbed myself some! It wasn’t until I got back home that I found out what Jade was really all about. It is a gentle stone that helps the energies of harmony, balance and good luck flow, which makes sense why so many people wore it! I wore my jade bracelet for almost a year and even brought it with me to Australia... and I mean if you’ve read our about us blog post, it doesn’t get luckier than that! Everyone is looking for balance, and good luck, why not try out some Jade.



Jasper is a stone of strength, no doubt about it! When you work with Jasper you can feel its grounding earthy qualities. For me, Green Jasper has a little bit more of an emotional strength about it; as a stone that is linked to the heart chakra it is not all that surprising, I suppose! Instead of encouraging the masculine energy and raw power, this stone draws out the blurred line between masculine and feminine bringing out strong emotions. For some, this can be a little disconcerting, but once all your emotions are out in the open your heart feels so much lighter, stronger and stable and you become much more open to healing.




I find snakes to be fascinating creatures. As they grow, they shed their old dead skin to reveal shiny new scales, they are masters of protecting themselves with a triple threat of speed, camouflage, and sometimes deadly venom and yet their venom is used to create anti-venom. Green Snake Jasper is a stone that helps us shed our old bad habits and remove toxic people from our lives. Similarly, to how a snake sheds its skin and produces anti-venom. This stone is especially helpful for those who are battling addiction. Stay strong, protected, and resilient like a snake with some Green Snake Jasper.



Do you know what makes a good leader? Someone who can look at all the perspectives and opinions being thrown towards them and channel it into something progressive and forward-thinking. Someone who can find a balance between being friendly and outgoing and being the boss. Someone who can make others feel like they contribute to the overall success of a project. If you’re anything like me, you could use a revitalisation of my leadership skills. Here’s where Grey Aventurine comes in handy. This stone harmoniously channels your natural leadership abilities and brings them to the surface, encouraging a more confident and balanced version of you. Think of it like You 2.0 with all the new handy features of getting sh*t done! Let go of your inner procrastinator and go get em boss!



“YOU’RE GROUNDED,” my parents would shout at me when I was younger after I had done something naughty. I used to hate it, I would sit in my room and think about what I had done or sit on my bed and do some deep breathing to calm myself down. Who would have thought 2 decades later, this is how I spend my free time? Being grounded is like totally the new focussed. You bring yourself back down to what is important in the present, how is your body and mind feeling at this exact moment and what can you do to balance out those feelings. If you find grounding yourself difficult, might I recommend Grey Banded Agate. The energy that this stone gives off is that of chilling the eff down, finding your centre and grounding yourself. Don’t wait to get into trouble to get grounded, GROUND YOURSELF!



Baby, you’re vibe is like solid gold, and that booty is like a magnet cause you attracted me over to you. Now it’s been a while since I’ve had to use pick up lines but if anyone complimented my vibe and my booty I’d be all theirs. When it comes to day to day life our vibe takes a beating and it can often lose its shimmer and shine by the end of the day, ESPECIALLY if you’re empathetic or some sort of healer. You have to learn to shoulder people's emotions and it can weigh us down leaving us feeling like we put ourselves last. Relatable much? Well, worry not my fellow empath Healer’s Gold is here to help. This is a combination of Pyrite and Black Magnetite. Pyrite boosts our confidence, and independence while the magnetite attracts positive healing energy helping you lift those heavy emotions leaving you with some energy to heal yourself while our there healing others.



It’s time to attract things that are good for you and repel all that negativity. What better to attract and repel than our favourite magnetic stone, Hematite. Hematite is a grounding stone that gives protection and balance. It assists to reveal hidden aspirations and to achieve them with insistence. In addition, it enhances memory and supports to clear the thoughts. Walkout into the world like it's a catwalk for your own personal journey and watch as Hematite protects you from the haters and attracts all that success!



Hematoid Quartz is a type of clear quartz that has inclusions of Hematite within it. Very popular for its metaphysical properties, Hematoid Quartz brings emotional peace, stress release, and relaxation. A powerful, yet gentle healer, Hematoid Quartz balances the brain and the emotions. Calming and soothing, Hematoid Quartz uplifts the mental and emotional bodies and gently moves repressed anger and grief to the surface so it can be healed. This stone is fantastic for grounding the body so that the mind can relax.



Hessonite is an interesting stone, it is derived from Garnet a stone of passion and sexual energy, but it has a kind of complimentary vibe. The name, Hessonite, comes from the Greek word “hesson” meaning ‘inferior’, but this stone is anything but inferior. It instead helps prevent us from feeling inferior. Hessonite’s whole game is to act like a best friend going out on a night out with their single bestie. It will shake away all your feelings of fear, confusion, guilt and doubt about embracing your passionate side. It will be on the sidelines with glittery pom poms cheering you on and encouraging you to let go of those prudish feelings that are holding you back! This stone works incredibly well as a complimentary stone to Garnet.



Do you ever feel like your energy is just bleh? Like your vibe is just stagnant, dull, and well… grey? You need some Himalayan Salt. Do you feel like your energy is sapped just by going through your daily life? You need Himalayan Salt. Known for helping boost energy as well as being well known for filtering the air and removed blocked stagnant vibes. These little beauties are a little different from your classic rough as they are made entirely from Himalayan Salt. Now don’t be salty gurl! You can get your hands all over these fantastic cleansing stones!



Have you ever stood beside a mountain? Back in Canada, Jayden and I would always go for weekend trips to the mountains and when you are standing at the base of them you feel overwhelmed by the sheer power, quiet strength and ancient knowledge that these behemoths carry. It is so awe inspiring that even I am speechless… It’s the only memory I have that’s quiet to be honest haha! Himalayan Quartz carries the mountain’s energy, it allows us to amplify our energy to mountainous proportions bringing with it clarity and the ability too manifest. Imagine Clear Quartz is like the wholesome boy in school that you know will treat you nice, but Himalayan Quartz is like his older brother that is like ripped, is in uni and listens to podcasts about trusting your intuition and he loves to travel. I don’t know about you, but I know who I’d be taking home…just to be clear we are still talking about crystals!



WHO RUN THE WORLD? YOU! Take your leadership skills to the next level with Honey Calcite. I like to imagine it as the parachute of the crystal world, it encourages us to take a leap of faith and believe in our ability to push forward and take charge of our life. The reason I say parachute is because if you end up failing, it will deploy and catch you before you go splat! Encouraging resiliency and as the Aussies say encourages you to “have a go”! Having Honey Calcite around you encourage that self-advocacy and go-getter attitude that will awaken your inner leadership qualities!



It is often said that the mind is like a fortress, that protects itself. Ya, well if that is the case my mind is like the Rock of Gibraltar but like at the peak of tourist season. Riddled with thoughts, opinions, worries, stresses and a lot of puns. My mind needs a little protection so that I can focus on one thing at a time, making sure my full attention is on that important task. This is where Hypersthene is handy; this stone blocks out any intruders so you can focus up and meditate like Superman in your fortress of solitude!



I am a Cancerian, which means that basically I am a slave to my emotions. Do you ever see those tire swings that sing in any direction? That’s what my emotional mood swings are like. One second I am helping a friend through a crisis, rubbing their back (or holding back their hair, depending on the amount of champagne involved) and the next I am crying my own eyes out because I just get overwhelmed sometimes that there is so much hatred and pain in the world. Next, I’m giggling about a funny corgi bum meme I saw and then I’ll flip to screaming that no one is listening to what I have to say. I’ve come to understand my emotional triggers and what will set off me off and THANKFULLY FOR EVERYONE, my mood swings are limited. Now, you may not be as bad as I have been in the past, but if you feel the swing approach, reach for your piece of Iolite. Known for its ability to open up your understanding of your own emotions. This will allow you the opportunity to learn and adapt, making conflict resolution a bazillion times easier and relationships a lot smoother.



When I started meditating, I was THE WORST at it. I was constantly thinking about what I was going to make for dinner, what my dogs had gotten into... why were they so quiet all of a sudden? Racing through my to-do list like it was a 100m sprint and I was Usain Bolt, but with (LOTS OF) time I learned how to empty my mind and shield it from outside distractions. I wish I had known about Jet back then. This stone is an incredible protection stone that helps us to repel negativity, especially negative self-talk and helps us to find peace in stillness which makes it great for meditation! So, get Zen AF the easy way by meditating with some (cheaters).



I took one look at K2 and was drawn to it like a moth to a flame, a bodybuilder to a protein shake, an 18-year-old girl to a selfie with the hashtag #blessed…you get my drift. I loved it. In the crystal world, we call it, “THE CALL.” You hear about it all the time, “This crystal just calls to me,” “I was holding these two and this one is just calling to me,” “I wanted Amethyst, but then Citrine just called to me”. Y’all are going to going to rack up a heavy phone bill with all these calls! But fo real doe, K2 called me and was like, “Hey, what up girl, you look like you need a clear route to something fresh.” It was right of course (as crystals often are) and when I help it and meditated with it it made me feel like I had lost my way in the hubbub of everything going on around me instead of focusing on things that matter. My health, my relationships, and my passions and need to mix things up a bit, everything else can come after. It called, I answered…and I’m glad I did. I hope K2 calls to you, and I hope you answer too.



Also known as Crocodile Jasper because 1.) Totes look very reptilian (you. know, it resembles a crocodile scale) and 2.) Its properties are very similar to that of a crocodile. A crocodile is one of the strongest animals in the entire animal kingdom, an apex predator both in and out of the water and yet they are incredibly calm and patient waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Their bodies are covered in head to tail plated scales that protect them from injury. Use this stone to channel your inner crocodilian and unleash that calm and collected strength laying just below the water's surface.



Eating a Kiwi is kind of a terrible experience, the outside is about as furry as my legs, there is no way to eat it that isn’t messy and when you do eat it you get the little seeds stuck in your teeth and then you hurt your tongue trying to pry them out because you’re too lazy to just go get floss. Overall, 0/10 would not recommend unless you want your day completely ruined by terrible fruit. Kiwi Jasper on the other hand is the complete opposite, named only due to the resemblance in its looks, Kiwi Jasper encourages helping and nurturing energy and assists us in carrying heavy emotions like when we are helping friends who may be feeling hurt or sad. This stone is great for people who work in healing industries or empaths who just take on everyone’s emotions.




Alright my darlings, we need to talk about something, the number of people coming in to the shop saying “I NEED A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, GIVE ME MOLDAVITE” is alarmingly high. I totally get it, we all want to live our most authentic and highest vibin’ self. I mean there are other things you could do to get in touch with your spiritual side…you could meditate, go to a yoga class, sell everything you own and live in a yurt, go to a sound healing session, drink cacao, maybe even legally change your name to Ocean or if that all sounds a little extreme, maybe try out Kunzite. Kunzite is a loving stone that opens up our intuition and makes us available to our spiritual side. Having Kunzite around us opens us up to our own magic and releases stagnant doubtful energy. So set aside some time to work on yourself and work with a piece of Kunzite.



Kindness is the most attractive quality in a person. Fitting that one of the most attractive stones should be associated with kindness. At first glance, this stone might not look like much, it might even be overlooked, but put it in the spotlight and it will shine with all the colours of the rainbow. We have this stone in our living area near our window, so it lights up every day. It’s a pleasant reminder that you can find beauty and kindness in the most unexpected of places.



We’ve all been there… Feeling like you're not communicating yourself clearly, wires are getting crossed, or your emoticons, for once, can’t sum up just how you feel. Bring out your voice with a crystal that represents love, courage, and clear, honest communication; Lapis Lazuli. The great part about it is that as Lapis starts to open you up to honesty, observation and discovery you start to see through BS and gossip more clearly as well. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat! Keep it real, keep it honest and keep it kind!



Larvikite, or sometimes (mistakenly) known as, Black Moonstone (which totes ma goats reminds me of a cool Sailor Moon villain) is stone aligned with patience and knowledge. In my experience with it, I feel that it carries with its complimentary qualities too that of Moonstone, kind of like the New Moon compliments the Full Moon respectively. As such, this stone is perfect for setting intentions, reminding ourselves that what we seek will find its way to us if we are patient and that knowledge is the mightiest of weapons.



Ok so let me talk about something I have been hoping to get for like forever. Lava Stone, it is black, earthy and 100% grounding. It connects us to that raw natural fiery power of the earth on which we all live. This stone brings out our natural instincts and intuition making it a great stone for fertility, linking the mind and body’s natural cycles. Also to top it all off, it looks suuuuper neutral yet chic as an accessory in the form of bracelets or necklaces AND if you put your favourite essential oil on it will act as a diffuser for you so you can wear your oils for even longer. YES, TO ALL OF THAT.



Nowadays we are told we need to focus on so many things. Focus on what brings you joy (looking at you Marie Kondo). Focus on your health. Focus on your job or studies. Focus on staying positive. Eventually, we become so focused on being focussed we can’t focus properly on anything! Let me introduce you to my good friend Fluorite. Fluorite has been known to help boost positive thoughts, clear the mind and increase focus. Lavender Fluorite encourages us to focus on what will bring us calm. At the end of a long day our brain goes a million different directions: Did I say the right thing? Did I remember to log my meals in my calorie thingy? Did I remember to lock the door at work? Instead, it reminds us to focus on calm. Did I remember to grab a cup of tea before bed? Did I tuck myself in all snuggly into bed? Did I put on an overnight cream that will make me look hella fresh tomorrow?



"I wish I was more motivated to _______". How many times have you said this to yourself? How many times have you wished that you just had the energy to make choices that you know will lead you closer towards your goals AND THEN DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE. I know that as soon as I touched Lemon Calcite it READ ME FOR FILTH. Lemon Calcite asks you to explain why you make these choices, what is ACTUALLY holding you back. I felt exposed, attacked and then afterwards really motivated. This stone aptly named might initially leave a sour taste in your mouth, but if you allow it work its magic and you're willing to listen to some of it's advice then that bitter taste will grow into appreciation for the fresh and wonderfully activating vibe it gives off. Get yourself a squeeze of Lemon Calcite.



EXPRESS YOURSELF! In a world so bogged down with depressing news, sad songs, and wearing black on black on black I feel like we are missing out on the sunshine all around us! It’s time to take action and take off those gorgeous designer sunnies and allow yourself to just bask in the sun. Lemon Chrysoprase wants the same thing for you. It encourages an optimistic attitude towards activity and expression. It’s that friend you have that always suggests going to the beach or having a picnic or playing at a water park! This stone let’s that inner happiness shine through!



What’s it like to live in today’s world? Well, there are a lot of mood swings. THE WORLD IS BURNING, omg look at this cute pug video on Instagram. THE BEES ARE DYING, you got engaged, that’s fantastic news! MICROPLASTIC IS CHOKING MARINE WILDLIFE, your crystal business is doing well, yay! It’s a lot of ups and downs. Now I’m not saying Crystals are going to save the world, but we CANNOT take any action if we are constantly flipping between wanting to cry in the shower to Patrick Watson songs on repeat and jumping for joy through fields of flowers. Get your mood in check with some Lemon Jade. Its yellow features enhance your control over your moods and being a form of Jade, it has the added bonus of bringing luck. Lemon Jade is also known for increasing and remembering dreams.



*cough insert David Attenborough voice here* Leopards are mostly solitary predators that hunt from trees, where their spotted coats allow them to blend with the leaves until they spring with a deadly pounce *cough* Oh geez sorry about that, I’ve been bingeing way to may Planet Earth’s on Netflix, but it does bring me to my point. Just like the leopard, Leopard Skin Jasper brings out that independent strength that lies deep inside us, for some of us we enjoy being solo, others (like me) need constant interaction. This stone is not only beautiful, but it also acts as a protective stone with self-healing properties, meaning you don’t need to rely on anyone for anything! You’re the apex predator in this urban jungle!



If you’re anything like me you need about 5 cups of chamomile tea, lavender oil diffusers and at least half an hour of restorative yoga just to get to sleep at night! Thank goodness I found out about Lepidolite, it is a stone of serenity, patience and acceptance. Having it by my bedside has brought me some well-needed stillness to my bedtime routine. Honestly, this stone is incredibly versatile though, we can always take this attitude of patience and acceptance into our everyday lives and bring just a little bit more calm to our crazy lives.



We told you we love inclusions; you know those lovely little bits that are stuck inside of crystals. Sometimes it can be internal cracks that refract light and create rainbows, if you’re really lucky you can even find an enhydro crystal (one containing water). We love and believe in inclusion so why wouldn’t we love “inclusion quartz” or Lodolite. Lodolite goes by many names: “inclusion quartz”, “garden quartz”, “landscape quartz” and “shaman stone” to name a few. It is a quartz that has beautiful inclusions of other crystals within in, making it appear as if it contains a little environment within its crystalline structures. Lodolite is a stone of meditation and transformation allowing us to see possibilities for change and growth. Expand your own limitations and grow with Lodolite.



You can be sitting all alone at home and eating ANOTHER row of Tim Tams, you can be in a stadium full of people watching a cricket game (I don’t know why…., but you do you), you can be at a family gathering or going for a walk along the beach when SUDDENLY…it strikes. You’re hit with an overwhelming rush of loneliness. Loneliness can make you feel absolutely hollow, like all of the good that is inside of you has been carved out and that nothing can fill that void (other than like 5 back to back Nicholas Sparks Rom-Coms). Never fear, we got some beautiful crystals to help you out boo! Madagascar Quartz is all about allowing yourself to be happy again, finding pleasure in something and being okay about it, instead of feeling guilty. It encourages you to stretch out of your comfort zone and seek out activities that make your heart happy.



Do you feel like you need to take a look inwards to find your purpose, but maybe a little anxious about what you’ll find there? Don’t worry, an inward journey can be the scariest of all, that is why we recommend Mahogany Obsidian for those who are new to meditating with crystals. Obsidian is great for emotional growth, reflection and facing your inner saboteur, but that is like diving in the deep end of the pool. Mahogany Obsidian, on the other hand, will gently take your hand and lead you in from the shallow end.



YOU’VE GOT THE POWER! You are a strong, independent person, who don’t need nobody else…but sometimes other people find that kind of strength and confidence intimidating. You hear the gossip mill running, and although you try not to let it get you down, it sometimes does. Malachite is a protection stone and an incredibly strong one at that. It absorbs negative energy from environmental factors like gossip, negative energy and ill intent into its lovely green swirls and radiates out positivity, power and success. This is your “cup half full” stone, taking any negative situation and turning it into opportunities for success. Feel powerful, feel strong and fee.



Sometimes fear stops us from moving on and experiencing life. Fear of the unknown, fear of getting hurt again, fear of eating delicious street food in Bali and getting gastro (again). It can seem impossible to unlock those chains of fear. The key can be Mango Calcite, it gives off a supportive and loving vibe that encourages you to try new things. Keep it near and dear to your heart and let that inner adventurer out again!



Local hero! Mookaite is found only in the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia in outcroppings near Mooka Creek, the area for which it is named. It is known to the people of that area as a stone of strength and vitality, especially for mothers. Mookaite promotes an acceptance of change and seeking of new experiences it also awakens one’s natural instincts in knowing the right direction to take. All of these are great qualities for any parent. Whether you’re expecting, have a child, have a fur baby and need some extra UMPH to help you take care of yourself; this Aussie stone has you covered.



Embracing your feminine side doesn’t always mean getting your nails did, going to the spa or going on a shopping spree (although if that is your thing all the power to ya!), but notice how all of these acts involve some sort of self-care? We all have a masculine and feminine inside us that fit together in this internal beautiful cycle. Sometimes our masculine energy pushes us to be practical, structured, routine and regimented and that is exactly what we need (especially when we have deadlines coming up). Other times we need our feminine energy, calling on our intuition, emotional compassion, fun, and spiritual side. The two work together inside of us in this beautiful yin/yang, constantly complimenting each other. I find the feminine, spiritual energy especially helpful when working on my own goals and showing myself some compassion, especially when I’m going through struggle town. Moonstone is a stone that really enhances that feminine energy. It brings out compassion and that subconscious kindness; like a teddy bear hug for the mind. I’ve recently started using Moonstone for my meditative practices for this exact reason. Go forth with compassion in your heart and embrace your feminine side.



Morganite is a stone of young and abundant love. It attracts energies into our lives that spark joy in our romantic lives almost as much as Marie Kondo finds joy in throwing out useless junk from people's closets. You remember that feeling when you are first dating someone that you really like, you know like LIKE LIKE *cue schoolgirl giggles*. Morganite brings that energy into our lives and helps us see through rose-colored glasses again, even if we have been beaten down and unlucky in life and love. So, go back to the good old days of picking petals off flowers asking if they love you/love you not (which we all rigged, let be honest) and that giddy excitement that love can bring.



Moss Agate is commonly known as the Gardeners Stone because it brings awareness to an energy that is larger than the self, deep ancient earth energy. Now don’t worry, carrying around some Moss Agate isn’t going to encourage you to dance naked in the moonlight around a fire while chanting how much you love Mother Earth (although I do strongly encourage you do try it some time, it is quite liberating). Instead, you can expect a much more subdued connection to the earth, a kind of humbling calm, knowing that the ground beneath you CAN hold you and WILL hold you. This calm balance also encourages a safe space for self-expression and openness (and maybe some moonlit dancing haha).



Oh, where did I put that stone? Where did I leave my cup? Where are my keys? Where the heck am I? Is it just me or is your memory fading every day too? Side note: Maybe it’s caused all my brain space is going to remembering crystal properties haha! Time for me to carry around some Muscovite! This stone stimulates memory retention and awareness of one’s situation, setting, and self. This stone is also fantastic for students of all ages, as it will help with memorisation and gives you a friendly “boop” towards completing academic endeavours.



To quote a mangey ass cat, “Memory, all alone in the moonlight, I can dream of the old days, I was beautiful then”, yes it happened, the first and last time I will ever quote CATS (go back and imagine me in full cat makeup singing that, I dare you). Can you believe they made that into a movie, UGH…Soz, I could literally rant about CATS forever. What was saying…Oh now I remember! Memories are important, especially when you’re in the process of moving forward through grief into new and exciting things. You hold onto the strangest things and keeping those moments in your heart is important. Nephrite Jade is a stone of memory and dealing with grief it helps us move forward while still holding onto our cherished memories. This stone is great to have around the home.



Ok, so I am getting a little annoyed at the fact that Marie Kondo doesn’t have a second season coming out, I mean like really her principles about life are just so enlightening. Like, think about it… 1. If something isn’t bringing you joy, you should thank it and then cleanse it outta your life. 2. You need to find a balance between the things that take up space in your life and allowing new things to come in, without that balance we either become stale or we become flippant and unappreciative of the things that matter. 3. If we are full of shit, we don’t have any room for new experiences! New Jade is a stone that embodies these principles, it cleanses our energies, balances out our emotional baggage, and attracts good luck!



Meet Mookaite’s South African cousin, Nguni Jasper! This stone is a stone of ancestorial importance that was used as a protection stone that repelled negative energy and focussed our energy into keeping ourselves safe. This stone is said to be particularly important when keeping children and mothers safe from bad vibes and ill intentions. When used as a meditative stone it is said to connect us with the knowledge of our elders in order to keep us safe.



As a water sign, I find that I am not general attracted to super earthy stones. I find their energy a little too rigid and stubborn, kind of like earth signs (looking at you Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn). I am really wishy washy and would rather go with the flow, however I know that sometimes we can’t do that. Sometimes, we need to make a decision, dig our heels in, work hard and get the job done. Noreena Jasper encapsulates all of these values. Found naturally here in Western Australia it is somewhat of a local and an attitude to match. Work hard and then reap the benefits of that hard work. Talk about a WA way of life.



Alright honey, we get it, you’re really into crystals. You want to wear a flower crown, body glitter and go to as many sound healings as you can, you sip your kombucha while telling your friends that she should break up with him because he’s a Capricorn. If this is striking a nerve, maybe you need some grounding. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. When we surround ourselves with incredibly high vibes all the time, we can become so airy fairy that we can become slightly obnoxious. Grounding ourselves makes us more stable, grateful and able to see things clearly and calmly. Northsite is a crystal that is all about grounding and stability. Forming incredibly slowly this stone is a mixture of several types of stones melted together into a strong, stable and very grounding crystal that sparkles when the light hits it right. Get grounded gurl with some Northsite.



Imagine back to the early 2000s. MSN was like totally the hottest thing. You would rush home to message your friends on the computer. You’d have like a super complicated username; you’d chat for hours sending those first emojis. I can still picture the one with the tongue sticking out! Although now a distant memory, that program opened up a new way to communicate. It opened our minds allowed us to share, cooperate and spill the gossip like never before. This stone, Nundorite, found only here in Australia is like MSN messenger. It opens up new ways of communicating, negotiating and cooperating with peers that you may have been closed off to before. This stone is especially helpful if you are a little shy and need to come out of that comfort zone and speak to new people (kinda like we allllll told our parents we were messaging a friend from school, but it was random on the internet).



Nuumite is one of the oldest minerals found in Earth, forming over 3 billion years ago. This stone is extremely powerful when it comes to drawing out your magical potential and awakening your energies. This stone is only found in the most northern regions in the world like Greenland, Alaska and Canada (woo!) It is known for encouraging your natural psychic abilities, clairvoyance and astral projection, so get your pottery wheel ready, because you might be ghosting with some sexy ghosts soon! Make sure that when you are using this stone you are cleansing regularly; I would recommend using both Selenite or Moonlight.



Look deep into this Black Mirror… no, not the TV show, the crystal; Obsidian. Obsidian is epic AF with a shiny dark reflective surface. It is a stone that focuses on reflection, and when we say reflection, we don’t mean having a good look at that amazing mug of yours but reflecting deeply about yourself and who you are. Obsidian helps us see who we are inside and what we really need to be our best selves. Keeping Obsidian in your home also helps relieve emotional distress that may be buried, ignored or forgotten. No ostrich-ing, or putting your head in the sand, anymore!



Imagine the ocean for a moment, the waves are gently smashing to the shore back and forth, back and forth. The waves of the ocean are like the heartbeat of the planet; they are steady and reliable, they may quicken or slow, but they will always be there, connecting us to our planet with that soft steady rhythm. Ocean Jasper carries these qualities of peace, and reliability reminding us to be consistent and reliable with our words and actions.



Where there’s a will, there’s a way and baby I like the way you’re thinking! Black Onyx is all about having the intuition, will power and self-control to achieve goals that we have; whether they be work goals like making sure Susan gets all her paperwork signed and back on her desk by the end of the week. Fitness goals, like, running that 5km without DYING! Or personal goals, like, taking time to actually read that book that you promised yourself you we're going to do. Take control of your life and get it done with confidence!



Orange Aventurine is considered a stone of encouragement, perseverance, self-worth and a manifestor of exciting new possibilities. In today’s day and age, we are constantly feeling comparisonitis (TM pending, jk) and we feel like we tell ourselves we will never look like A, we will never have as nice of a home as B, we will never travel as much as C, etc. What’s happening here is your inner critic screaming at you from inside. Think of Orange Aventurine as your own personal propaganda machine… it quiets your own critical and judgemental inner voice and feeds you positive and encouraging vibes to boost your self-worth. Use Orange Aventurine to encourage perseverance, and positive self-talk, essentially quieting that critic.



Sports Go Sports!? Organised sport has never been our forte, but just because you can’t throw a ball, or kick a ball, or catch a ball (cue daddy issues) doesn’t mean you can’t live your best (active) life! Activity is about getting up and out of the house, being playful and being grateful for the wonderful bodies we have that allow us to do whatever we consider activity to be. For me, that’s yoga and walking the pugs, for others that’s playing a footy match on the weekend, other’s it’s just getting out of the house at all. No matter what your active looks like, it’s a step in a healthy direction. Orange Calcite is a stone that can only be described as the Gatorade of the crystal world. Having it in your space empowers that playful spirit, encourages activity and discourages laziness (just remember your Netflix watch history doesn’t lie).



Have you ever gone through your draws and thought, “YES THIS DOES INDEED SPARK JOY”. If the answer to that was yes, then you and I are a lot alike. Finally, I have found, the Marie Kondo of all gemstones. YES, I mean it. Orange Jade, it promotes energy, joy, and interconnectedness to all things through harmonious living. If that doesn’t scream MK, then I don’t know what does. WOO! I’m feeling happy just thinking about it. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel joyfully energised in harmony.



As a Moonstone, this lovely little crystal is associated with the subconscious and opening oneself up to untold opportunities. However, this one is a little more particular. Orange Moonstone is for anyone who needs to let loose and have a little fun! It opens up our mind to flexibility, move around our schedule and leave a little room for the unexpected to happen. We have found this stone is particularly helpful during stagnant times when you feel like you’re in a rut and want to be open to new experiences. Go to the art gallery, take a class in the evenings, paint something! It’s your life, let your mind run wild and have a little fun with it!



Felt out of alignment recently? Have you kept trying the same old things and nothing is working? You know you need to try something different to make yourself feel better, but you just keep drawing a blank. Here is where Orthoclase comes in handy. It is all about approaching your problems from a different perspective and trying things that you normally wouldn’t. Get creative and you may just find a new path to feeling yourself again!



When I think about peaches, I think about warm summer days, sweetness and juice dripping down my chin; I am sitting by the beach with friends or family and soaking up the sun. I am relaxed, happy and my world is colourful. Aventurine alleviates stress and promotes a serene attitude. In cases of sleep disturbances, it helps to clear the thoughts and has a calming effect letting your worried mind rest for a while. Peach Aventurine, in particular, helps us feel that summery comfortability and relaxed state of mind allowing us to let those creative JUICES (see what I did there…peach, peach juice) flowing without a worry of how it will be received. Do yourself a favour and relax into that peachy summer feeling.




Your inner child is dying to get out darling! Nowadays we are so busy completing our to do lists, folding the laundry, buying groceries, and tidying up that our days off are basically just maintenance of our homes and our lives. It's time to live a little! Like play a game, make a mess, be a little silly just once! If you have a hard time connecting to this goofy side of yourself maybe it is time to connect to Peach Banded Calcite. It is a stone that helps us connect to our inner child and heal that space that allows us to be playful and silly just cause! So let go and consequences be damned!




Moonstone taps into that divine feminine energy that is within all of us, male or female. It’s that energy of compassion and empathy that allows us to feel a connection to others, to love each other. Peach Moonstone is special in that it emphasises loving, mothering energies. This stone is used around the world as a stone of fertility (not speaking from personal experience, obvs!) It is said to boost feelings of intimacy, compassion and caring. Useful for those feeling like they need gentle protective energy, like a warm hug at the end of a long day.



I can just hear your anguished cries as I’m writing this, “but Dylan, it’s a metaaaallll”, you’ll say. To which I will, of course, roll my eyes and respond, “but it’s pretty so deal with it”. Yes, Peacock Ore is a metallic sulphide structure, however, I challenge you to hold one of these little iridescent beauties and NOT be happy as a clam! Working with it I have found that it acts like a little rainbow pocket-sized pride parade. It’s fun, it’s colourful, it makes ya happy and it reminds us to enjoy and love the moments as they come. In my mind, although it isn’t a crystal, I think it’s one of the happiest little stones around!



Ok, so you’ve heard of the green eye monster when someone refers to jealousy? Jealousy is natural, we are born and raised to compare ourselves to others, however envy can take over our entire being until we start to lose ourselves to the hateful and harmful self-talk we batter ourselves down with. Peridot is here to shake you out of your rut and show you just how amazing you are. It allows you to be compassionate with yourself and opens your heart to receiving love, especially self-love. It allows us to step away from the past and move forward kinder to ourselves and focussed less on comparing and more on slaying it our own way.



The wonderful thing about trees is that they are wonderful symbols of perseverance, growth, and interconnection. Trees like literally grow the tiniest seeds to behemoths and not quickly either, they are definitely in it for a marathon race. Trees can live for ages, growing and adapting to new weather, seasonal changes, even creatures using them as a home! They grow, move and adapt. Petrified Wood has the added benefit of fossilising underneath the ground, solidifying the tree into a rock! This stone carries with it all that adaptable energy of a tree…and you look way less weird carrying a tumble around instead of a stick!



This stone looks all kinds of messed up! Like seriously it looked like someone took a whole bunch of colourful play dough, rolled it out, smooshed it together and then once it hardened, they broke off a piece, polished it up and voila! It’s wacky and I am living for it! Picasso Jasper so named because of the similarities in shapes and colour between Picasso’s infamous works and the stone’s natural hues. This stone encourages calm and grounded perspective to relationships making it an ideal stone for friendships! These stones are like that BEST FRIENDS 4EVA broken heart necklace you shared with your childhood BFF!



So, like, you know when you are a kid and you read stories about witches or gypsies divining the future in tea leaves and you’re like…hmm I dunno, kinda looks like a black lump of mud to me. Well, that is the feeling that I got when I heard about Picture Jasper. According to legend, it is used as a divination tool because of its beautifully complex patterns and I’ll admit even I was skeptical. Don’t get me wrong, I mean no offense I have a friend who can read cards with terrifying accuracy, but I mean a stone that can tell you things, no way. Well, as soon as I picked up one of those tumbles, I was fascinated. In a single brownstone, I saw what looked like a tree growing strong on a hill in a far-off valley above what looked like rice patties. It reminded me of the trip Jay, and I took to Bali last year. It made me feel connected to my experiences there and happy to revel in that memory, but the freaky thing is… after handling the stone Jayden was like, “Hey look at these amazing flight deals to Bali, we should go, I’ve been dying to go back.” WHAAAAT! MIC DROP! BOOM! I WAS SHOOKETH!



Have you ever been so angry that you need to scream? Do you ever want to just let it out and FEEL those raw emotions? We are taught to bottle our emotions and there never seems to be an appropriate time to let those emotions out, but god you have to. Having a storm brewing inside of you is soooooo normal but keeping that lightning in a bottle is dangerous. Peitersite is a stone of release. It is also aptly named “storm stone” because it acts as a storm for your emotions. It brings forward those repressed feelings to the surface and forces you to deal with them and then cleanses you like fresh rain so that you can move forward.



Going into new relationships can be super exciting, your heart can be all butterflies and rainbows. It can be a magical time, but it can also be very scary. It is hard to trust someone new with something as precious as your heart. Unfortunately, not opening up because you’re afraid to get hurt again is like a self-fulfilling prophecy for loneliness and pain! Help your heart feel at ease with the help of Pink Amethyst. Like, it’s purple cousin, it provides calm and peace of mind, reducing levels of stress and anxiety, but with a specific focus on the heart. It truly is a beautiful stone and the energy that it gives out is beautiful as well.



I like to think of myself as a gentle and kind person, but there are times when my emotions get the best of me…I mean I am a Cancerian after all, it’s all fun, games and cuddles until you hurt someone I love, then I’MA CUTTA BETCH! Like there have been times when I am about to realign someone’s throat chakra, when I remember that my anger, my unstable emotions are not going to serve me at all. If anything, acting out of anger will make situations worse and I’ll regret what I have done after. If you need to strap your inner temper tantrum into a highchair, try using some Pink Aragonite. This crystal is all about calming down our anger and bringing some stability back to our emotional waves. When we are in a calmer space we can make more rational decisions… We don’t have to forgive (or forget), but we can more easily move on.



Awe youth, remember when you felt like you could conquer the world? That every day was a new adventure and you could be anything you wanted to be? You felt every emotion so strongly; you loved and laughed and threw tantrums and just felt everything! Unfortunately, you grew up and the world beat you down. OR SO YOU THOUGHT! What if I could tell you that age is not just a number but a state of mind? That you can still be that playful, youthful, adventurous you? Pink Aventurine encourages your inner child to come out and take a risk and open yourself up to feeling your emotions again. Screw controlling them to be socially acceptable, feel them all and feel them strongly!




ONYX? BANDED CALCITE? Ok Dylan, What the heck is this Crystal!? Well technically it is both, depending on who you ask. A crystal shop owner or someone selling you a bench top for your home would probably tell you it's a beautiful Onyx. Cause that sounds lux doesn't it...and it does. A geologist would tell you it is a type of Banded layered Calcite and they would both be right! In the crystal world we have learned that often crystals are sold under two names. As we learn we try to provide you with both so you can learn them too! Either way this crystal is all about opening up your inner space, welcoming in other's support and being open to honest feedback. It also makes a great countertop!




We all hear people say change is good. Change brings progress and growth. I 100% agree with this statement, I feel like once you stop changing, you start growing stagnant and dying! Some changes are easy, like switching to Coconut Oil hair conditioner from regular conditioner…OMG MY HAIR IS LIKE A LUSCIOUS GOD *cough*…Any who, other changes are harder, like moving, starting a new job, learning a new skill or going through a breakup. You know you’re going to be better in the end, but it is just so darn hard! Thankfully, there is a stone to help you through these transitional periods. Pink Botswana Agate helps alleviate that terrifying anxious feeling of not knowing what to do and how to cope with the change. Imagine it like a safety line when you’re rocking climbing. It won’t get you there…you have to do it, but it’ll put your mind at rest knowing you won’t fall on your ass.



Sometimes our emotions get the better of us. We feel overwhelmed by the feelings we can’t seem to get under control. I like to imagine managing your emotions like wrestling an octopus. Just when you think it’s under control another tentacle sticks to your face. Pink Calcite is like slipping that octopus a sedative. It’s calm and you can deal with things peacefully and under your control. You have the ability to take things as they come, but sometimes we need to get our emotions in check first.



HONEY, YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED, but I am sure that right now you’re feeling hurt and honestly probably a little confused. That is normal after a break-up, but you know what, like any good friend I got you, honey. I brought music (let’s crank Lizzo real loud), some bottles of Prosecco (I know you were on a juice cleanse, but it’s just grape juice) and some Pink Feldspar because they are NOT WORTH SACRIFICING YOUR SELF WORTH. No way! Feel aligned after hardship with this BFF supportive stone in your life.



Ok sweetie, it is time for some real talk. You need to stop beating yourself up over the stupidest sh*t. Yes, I said it, you take things to heart too easily, you feel freakin’ anxious about it, you beat yourself up more, you feel guilty as all hell and then you feel bad about yourself; thus, the cycle continues. You could feel guilty and sh*tty about yourself or you could own your choices and move past this shame cycle that only hurts yourself. YOU ARE EFFING AMAZING! YOU’RE MADE OF STARDUST AND GIFTED WITH CONSCIOUSNESS! YOU’RE SMILE LIGHTS UP A ROOM! Time to grow up and glow up boo! Ok, so now that I’m finished doing my morning mirror pep talk, I can tell you about Pink Halite! JK! JK! Pink Halite is your crystal companion on your journey of growth away from guilt and anxiety towards a place of acknowledging your own self-worth. This crystal grows in extreme conditions in only a few places around the world and its vibe encourages us to keep fighting past those feelings that tell us we aren’t enough. It is also an incredibly fickle stone, being sodium based it does not fair well in humid environments (humidity might start to dissolve it). To keep your Halite feeling fine, keep it in a dry area. Enjoy the complex pink cubic crystalline structures as you explore your own self.



We’ve all been hurt in the past and our hearts cop the pain the most. When someone has truly hurt us, we can sometimes lash out in silly, immature or childish ways like calling out your ex in public, throwing out an old friend’s belongings or bad mouthing someone. Help heal your heart with the loving energy of Pink Opal. It’s not only a great healing stone, but it is also extremely soft to the touch. So, cuddle up and heal before you do something you regret. Life is too short to send out hate.



DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF. We live in a world where perfection (which is unattainable) is seen as something to aim for. It is ridiculous, and when we look at ourselves in the mirror and see beautiful raw humanity, we call ourselves names like fat, skinny, ugly, worthless, etc. I’ve struggled with self-esteem issues all my life. Self-destructive thoughts have always gotten in my way. That is why I am excited to work with Pink Tourmaline. This stone is a protector, like Black Tourmaline, but instead of protecting us from outside forces, it is gently protecting us from ourselves and the despicable way we treat ourselves. We would never in a million years speak to another human the way we speak to ourselves and the cycle needs to end. End it with me. Join me and some PT and let’s work on loving ourselves more. This stone is known for working well in tandem with Rose Quartz.



I’m a pretty creative person. As teacher I try to incorporate as many different kinds of strategies and ideas to reach each individual child whether that means singing a song about the planets (horribly) to help them remember or building papier mache volcanos that take forever to clean up, bringing geodes for them to smash open to learn about how crystals are formed or dressing up as an elf (book character) to encourage my students to really engage with their reading, but I understand that creativity is like a well that we dip from and that well can go dry if you go too hard to fast. You need to balance it out to make what you do create all the more special. Pinolith is a crystal that encourages balanced creative flow, it is great for artisans of any background to soften the ebb and flow of creative waves and troughs. Totally a life saver against creative blockages!



So it has been a hot minute (and many TikTok videos later) since I have worked with a new crystal. When we got in Pistachio Calcite I was immediately excited and I couldn't put a finger on it until I started working with it. As soon as I touched this adorable little green crystal I got a voice in my head saying, "Girl, you need to prioritise your health" to which I replied, "RUDE MUCH?". Pistachio Calcite is a stone that encourages to make healthy choices regarding our physical body. It does this by allowing us to relax about our choices and see things a little clearer. Like will adding a little bit of Baileys to my morning coffee really make me feel good in the long run? No. Is playing 20 episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in a row going to help me reach my health goals? Probably not. Should I maybe take a few minutes to prioritise something that promotes healthy lifestyle and makes me happy like yoga or reading a good book? Ya let's do that instead...and then maybe catch a few episodes afterwards. Relax into your health with Pistachio Calcite.



So, I have a big birthday coming up and after sitting with some crystals and doing some reflecting, I’ve come up with a piece of philosophy about getting older that is kinda amazing. Sure we have to put up with aching everything, starting to sag all over and generally having a lack of desire to be around teenagers (DANG YOUTHS!), but we have learned A LOT, and when we get going (after a warm shower and a cup of coffee) we have a drive to reach our goals. Polychrome Jasper is a stone of passion, wisdom and strength. It brings out those lessons learned to the forefront of our mind, invigorates our mind with passion and fills our body with strength to attack each moment to the best of our ability! Unlock your fiery potential you grey fox!



I will not be so easily broken. I am not a fragile piece of china, I may be chipped, but I am still beautiful and amazing. These are all the messages that I received from Porcelain Jasper as soon as I picked it up and it almost made me cry. This is a stone of gentle support, especially for those who have been through extremely difficult situations that have left them feeling inadequate or less than. It is great because it helps to support us gently back on our journey of RE-self-discovery and adjusting to life after a traumatic experience.



There are two types of people in this world. People who think with their head and those that think with their heart. People who follow their head are logical, calculating and goal driven. They understand the work necessary to manifest their dreams and are willing to dive right into it. If you’re like me, you follow your heart and let your emotions rule your every action. You are passionate, emotional and you manifest your goals based on how and when you feel like it. No matter which person you are we can all benefit from Prasiolite or Green Amethyst. This stone aligns your heart and your head in the same direction making this a powerful manifestation stone. It opens your heart to the idea of working hard towards your goal and opens your mind to allowing your feelings to drive you forward. It is a beautiful stone and one that is currently in my favs rotation!



This stone helps us open our heart to new experiences and see new perspectives, especially if they are in terms of spirituality. If you are anything like me, you will start to talk to someone about your crystals, energies, etc. and they start to get this glazed look over their face like, “This guy is an absolute wacko”. When approaching people that are closed off to seeing new perspectives it is helpful to carry Prehnite. It subconsciously prepares you and those around you for new experiences. Let me tell you my dears, this stone is like a total lifesaver when you are feeling stagnant and need a change of perspective yourself.



Have you ever heard the saying, “Being an artist is a waste, this is no money in it!” Cause I sure have, and I have to say that this is one of the most ridiculous things and demoralizing things I have ever heard. It totally discounts an essential group of people that contribute to our culture and well-being. A whole generation of people was told this over and over again until they were scared to even think creatively, never venturing far from the “safe” analytical black and white worlds. I hate to tell you, but you are REPRESSED! Letting out your creative side is important to your mental health and a great way to express your feelings, but how do we get over our fear of letting that sideshow. Well, here we a little helper to put your mind at ease. Print Stone is an artist's best friend allowing your creative side to flow freely!



Nowadays we are told we need to focus on so many things. Focus on what brings you joy (looking at you Marie Kondo). Focus on your health. Focus on your job or studies. Focus on staying positive. Eventually, we become so focused on being focussed we can’t focus properly on anything! Let me introduce you to my good friend Fluorite. Fluorite has been known to help boost positive thoughts, clear the mind, and increase focus. For me personally, Purple Fluorite reminds us o focus on what will helps us manifest our higher purpose whether that be focussing on our self or focussing the lens on our iPhone’s multiple cameras on the guy in grey sweatpants across the park.



Stand tall baby, you are confident, you are a star, you are solid gold…pyrite? Pyrite is a stone of confidence and protection. It shields those who need a boost during tough times, rebuild tears in self-esteem and helps them walk tall with their shoulders back, head held high and walking as if they have an invisible fan in front them at all times.



Nowadays we are told we need to focus on so many things. Focus on what brings you joy (looking at you Marie Kondo). Focus on your health. Focus on your job or studies. Focus on staying positive. Eventually, we become so focused on being focussed we can’t focus properly on anything! Let me introduce you to my good friend Fluorite. Fluorite has been known to help boost positive thoughts, clear the mind and increase focus. Not to mention it’s beautiful rainbowy hues are absolutely stunning to behold.



Whenever I think of a place that generates the most natural good vibes I think of the Rainforest. In the rainforest, each plant, animal, insects and even the environment are working in harmony to create an ecosystem of incomparable beauty. It makes the only sense that Rainforest Jasper attracts an incredible of naturally good vibes and provides an energetic interconnectedness. We all want to feel connected to something so why not feel connected to the good vibes that connect all the energy of the rainforest!



Light up the candles, dim the lights down low, and strap on that full-body latex suit honey it’s time to try new things in the bedroom! How many of you clutched your pearls and (as I imagine in a British accent) said, “Oh myyyy!” Calm your vanilla farms, Raspberry Aventurine is here to encourage you to try new things that you haven’t before, in particular, this stone helps us to remove shame or guilt around our sensual desires. Remember the shame is a taught behaviour and it takes undoin…before any other kind of doin can take place! Don’t worry if you’re drawn to Raspberry Aventurine and not in a kinky way, it probably means you want to try new things, but feel embarrassed or too nervous that you won’t be good at it and it wants you to remove that thinking.



The key to success? Not being so damn stressed about being successful. Attitude is everything darling, and if you keep running around like a chicken with your head cut off, you’ll never slow down to realise that you are successful. Aventurine alleviates stress and promotes a serene attitude. In cases of sleep disturbances, it helps to clear the thoughts and has a calming effect letting your worried mind rest for a while. It is also known to attract abundance and bring luck to its wearer. You work hard enough, why not calm down, take a breath, vibe out and let lady luck come to you.



Y’all know that feeling when 3 o’clock hits and all your organs, muscles, bones and soul decide it is time to quit for the day and you’re like UUGGGHH no, I still have hours of work and then chores and holy FFFF being an adult is hard! No amount of coffee can save you at this point either. YA DONE! Don’t lie, you know that vibe! You need something that can boost up your vibe, keep you grounded, amp up your vitality and keep your stamina strong. Introducing Red Banded Jasper, your new BFF for the afternoon slump. Keep hustling with this bad ass stone!



Red Jasper is like the Warrior 2 of the gemstone world; it is representative of strength, grounding, and security. When I look at this stone it reminds me of the red earth beneath our feet here in Australia, it has this kind of strong and ancient, yet humbling presence that you can feel being near it. Thinking about movie archetypes we often see the strong silent types like James Bond, Arya from GoT or really every single one of Liam Neeson’s roles and what makes them so powerful is not their inherent strength, but their security in their own strength, they don’t need to boast about their “specific set of skills”, but we still feel that power. That energy is encapsulated in Red Jasper, it encourages us to demonstrate our strength through our actions instead of words and fight for what we believe in.



Have you ever woken up and just sprung out of bed after an amazing sleep? You feel like you can conquer the world; you’re motivated, you’re energised and you’re a MOTHERF*CKING BOSS! Ya…ya…it’s been a while for us too, nowadays, in order to get that feeling, I need to be at LEAST three coffees deep in my day. To try and motivate myself to get going I’ve been rotating in and out some of our new Red Tiger’s Eye. Think of it as a double espresso for your vibes. Working with this stone encourages goal smashing behaviour and the best part is that it also promotes self-encouragement so that you can go forth and be your own champion.



Let it goooo, let it goooo, you can’t hold onto that emotional baggage anymore! It may be an ex that totally ran over your heart with a truck. It could be your fear that you are going to embarrass yourself if you ever sing again like you did at the office karaoke party. Regardless of what it is, Elsa said it best, you need to let go of fear. Rhodonite is the equivalent of bolt cutters to that emotional ball and chain you’ve been carrying around. This stone helps loosen fears hold on you and allows you to accept your past mistakes, learn from them and give it a go again.



In the words of one of my idols Marie Kondo “We can only transform our lives if we sincerely want to. Small changes transform our lives”. This quotes 100% “sparks joy” in me and reminds me of one of the most beautiful stones to grace our collection. Rhodochrosite is a stone that “sparks joy” by tidying up our emotional junk drawer and allowing room for new happiness, healing, and love to enter our lives. Its beautiful pink hues remind us to make those small changes that will ultimately add up to a big change in our lives and the lives of others.



My all time favourite part of owning a crystal business is the amount of people that come up and share their journey with me. There is one common denominator in every story I hear, whether it is of heart ache and loss, starting new exciting adventures or looking to change the energy around you or your family. That one common denominator is that you are all far to unkind to yourself; you treat yourself with such shame, humiliation, bitterness or burden and then in the same breath will purchase a tumble for the child in line behind you. You shock me with your ability to demonstrate kindness to everyone but yourself. So reach out to someone in desperate need of your own kindness, yourself. Remind yourself to treat yourself with so much love you want to explode with Rose Calcite. Rose Calcite carries with it the beautifully kind and gentle healing energies of Calcites and that lovey dovey stuff that comes with the colour pink. Show yourself some love. Show yourself some Rose Calcite.



“You are a song, a dream, a whisper and I don’t know how I could have lived without you for as long as I have” (The Notebook) I whisper lovingly to my collection of Rose Quartz. Love is a strong word. The dictionary defines love as an intense feeling of deep affection. There are very few things in this word that I truly love…I love my pugs, I love my partner, I love pizza (more than I should) and I love Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love; feelings of love, affection, happiness and peace are all attracted to its soft pink glow. Trust me when I say it’s “going to treat you so nice you’re never going to let go” (Pretty Woman). Having this stone in your home invites love and peace in. “You should be [loved] and often” (Gone with The Wind) so why not open yourself up to some love.



Ruby is a stone associated with royalty and power, but also of love and heart opening! It is a really cool combination because it has a very fiery and passionate vibe about it, but in a strong and devout sense. The message I get from this stone is that is encouraging us to fight for what we believe in until the very end. Stay loyal to your lover, stay strong in your convictions, be proud of who you are and what you stand for! You are a powerhouse of love and your values are enough to sustain you. Ruby encourages these passionate feelings in us and drive us forward.



“Don’t break my heart, my achy break heart, I just don’t think it’d understand”…This is the FIRST and hopefully, LAST time I ever quote Billy Ray Cyrus, however as soon as I started working with this stone, this song came into my head! This stone takes those achy breaks hearts of ours and helps patch em up and get them back out there! Ruby in Fushite is essentially a bottle of wine, spa day and rebound F all rolled into a nice little stone; getting you off the road of heartbreak and back in the field. Don’t get me wrong, I’d recommend still doing those things for the fun of it but having these crystals around will help the process along faster!



A Stone inside a stone? STONECEPTION! This lovely little crystal is jammed pack full benefits! We got passion, we got power, but most importantly we have appreciation. This stone is known for boost the feeling of one’s self-worth so you can stroll down the street strutting your stuff knowing you’ve got everything under control. No one comes for someone who is passionate about what they do, knows their self-worth and isn’t afraid to show it. They say pride is a sin, but screw them, you’ve worked hard for what you’ve got, and you have every right to be proud of it! Let Ruby in Zoisite be the Ruby slippers you need to strut down the yellow brick road to your goals!



Trauma is an ugly beast. There is no way to talk about it without things getting icky and that makes the healing process even worse. There are some things that we as humans have lived through that are so traumatic that its effects ripple across generations. I wish I could say there was a stone to cure it. I can’t. I can’t take that pain away, but I can recommend a crystal that encourages you to protect yourself. We normally talk about breaking down walls, but in some cases building them up is just what we need in order to heal. Use Ruby Star as a light inside your healing fortress, keep that spark inside you as you eventually learn to live and develop strategies to cope. Always remember there are services that you can contact if you need assistance.



Have you ever met someone who just lights up a room? They seem so confident and enlightened and yet, you know that they take everything to heart. That is kind of like my friend Rutilated Quartz. This stone has inclusions of Rutile inside of it which helps our energies in so many ways. While promoting spiritual growth it also takes all the negativity that is being slung your way from “da haterz” and beams out golden strands of positive light. However, in doing so this stone gets heavily weighed down, especially when used in highly populated areas. This stone is extremely popular with empaths and healers of all kinds. JUST MAKE SURE TO CLEANSE AND CHARGE REGULARLY! Treat it good so it can keep working its vibe for you!



When I was a kid, I was “the smart kid”; I was always doing well in school, I studied hard, I ate up any book that was put in front of me and I flourished in situations that required brain power. I feel like over time (and with an increased dependency on technology) I’ve become…well, kinda dumb! I feel like whenever I push myself back into my academic endeavours it is exactly that, a freaking push. Sapphire is a stone that gives me the loud message that there is more wisdom inside you than you think and to dig a little deeper. It’s time to reawaken that inner academic, so push up your glasses and grab your Sapphires to kick that big brain of yours back into gear!



So I can’t speak for everyone, but I think it’s a universal truth that you will never get along with all your coworkers/group members. In my university experience, I found that I could barely tolerate them let alone rely on them and more often than not, I’m glad I trusted my gut and did my own work because they continuously let me down. Now, I’m not just a victim here, I should have communicated/delegated/tolerated better. I WISSSSSHHHHHHH I had had Scolocite with me at the time. It is said to aid in solving or coping with group issues. This unique and dazzling stone can be used to enhance connectivity between members of a group to make a greater whole, or it can help individuals in the group to be more tolerant of one another. It sounds like something that should be a staff room staple (I may sneak one in next to the coffee maker). If you feel your group needs some help connecting, communicating and seeing eye to eye then let this stone be your lifeline.



Change is as inevitable as pugs snoring while they sleep, it is something that we MUST MUST MUST face, but sometimes that change can make us feel overwhelmed and we end up feeling scattered about. Ground yourself deeply into the earth, adapt to changes, and transform at your own pace. Grow like a lily, but stay rooted in the Earth.



Have you ever felt like you need to take a completely biodegradable cleanser and a scrub brush to your energies? If that’s the case Selenite is your new best friend. This beautiful stone is known for cleansing entire areas of negative energy and replacing it with nothing but good vibes. In fact, it is so good that it can be used to cleanse and recharge other crystals just by being near it. Never needing to be cleansed itself, you can use Selenite as your personal charging port, making your home and your body feel cleaner and calmer.



When I picked up Seraphanite for the first time I got an immediate message, it said to me, “Stop trying to make fetch happen”. JUST KIDDING, it really said, “You are destined for a higher purpose.” It filled me with a sense of drive and direction that inspired me to take the next steps towards my goals. I was just scared/ excited to take the next step, but once I did I felt amazing. For me, that was signing up for my yoga teacher training. I am anxious about it, but one touch from Seraphanite inspired me to make a change, imagine working with it for a long time! Being a green crystal, it is associated with the heart chakra and opening up to new opportunities. So spread your wings, take a leap of faith and go after your goals.



I feel like snakes get a real bad rap, and I kinda admire them. After hatching, they are independent, making their way in a really tough world. As they grow, they shed off their scaly skin and start fresh, larger and stronger. They can move elegantly and gracefully, but when they need to, they can strike rapidly and mercilessly. They may creep some people out, but I think we could learn a thing or two from snakes: independence helps us grow, as we go through life we will struggle, but sometimes the best thing we can do is shed off our old ways of thinking and go forward a better version of ourselves and having the wisdom to know when to move away gracefully from a situation or strike head on. Although I admire snakes, my home is not the place for them, so next best thing to manifest these reptilian attributes is Serpentine. Beautiful, yet striking it encourages you to be a strong independent person that takes sh*t from nobody. Go get it!



As a teacher I am always looking into new ways to engage my students and make the information relevant to them, textbooks are soooooo last decade. I try to make everything as hands on as possible, ex. I legit gave my students each a geode to smash open when learning about the formation of rocks and minerals. I feel like the true measure of a great teacher is the way that that person makes you feel. One stone that has helped me connect with my students and pass on information has been Shattukite. It opens up the laneways of communication so that engaging and relevant information can pass from teacher to student/parent to child/ boss to employee, etc like people piling into a shop on Black Friday. It’s a stone about storytelling and passing on of knowledge making it one of my top 5 in my personal collection.




So it’s pretty commonplace to talk about opening up, letting your guard down and allowing yourself an opportunity to be vulnerable and that is AMAZING! We love that, but it’s kinda unrealistic to be vulnerable all the time. Like there are times when you gotta put on your shield and armour just to deal with peoples chaotic energy. (Anyone who has ever worked in hospo, or retail will tell you that there are some wild customers out there). In those circumstances being vulnerable is not ideal, in fact it can be downright dangerous for you energetically, emotionally and physically. Sometimes you need to put an energetic shell around yourself. If that’s the case, meet my new friend Shell Jasper! Shell Jasper keeps us grounded and protected allowing us to restore our energy in safety.




Named after a holy site in India, Shiva Lingam is a stone that is said to expand the mind’s eye, awake spiritual energies and boost creativity. It’s basically the LSD of the crystal world, let’s be honest. It aids in understanding polar energies such as male or female, light or dark, and spiritual or physical so that you can get a broader understanding of both. This is especially useful for those of us who need a little help finding harmony, self-acceptance, and acceptance of the differences in others.



You know that feeling when you’ve put your heart and soul into a project at work or home and you obsess about it until it is finally over and then you sit back and don’t even know what to do with yourself? You know you have other things on your to-do list…but you can’t think of them. Your body is like “ya we done now, bye” and your mind checked out the minute the event ended. When moments like this come along you need something that can cleanse and ground and makes sure you look out for numero uno! Introducing Shungite, she’s a stone that pulls that floopy mind back down to Earth, helps you feel refreshed and new and encourages you to make choices that are in your own best interest. She’s like the spa day of our crystal collection.



I’ll be honest there are moments when we sit with ourselves and we do not feel whole. We feel like there is an empty hole that we need to fill. Some use material alcohol, some of drugs, some use work, some use shoes (LET'S GET SOME SHOES, OMG SHOES) to fill that void. Some of us even use crystals (guilty), but at some point, we need to sit and be grateful for what we currently have and how WE are whole. Silver Leaf Jasper is an excellent grounding stone that encourages us to take that meditative time to sit down and be still with our own shadows and take in why we don’t feel whole. It is an excellent stone for those going through a healing transformation.




Look deep into this Black Mirror… no, not the TV show, the crystal; Obsidian. Obsidian is epic AF with a shiny dark reflective surface. It is a stone that focuses on reflection, and when we say reflection, we don’t mean having a good look at that amazing mug of yours, but reflecting deeply about yourself and who you are. Obsidian helps us see who we are inside and what we really need to be our best selves. Keeping Obsidian in your home also helps relieve emotional distress that may be buried, ignored or forgotten. No ostrich-ing, or putting your head in the sand, anymore!



Anyone who knows me knows that I wear my emotions on my sleeve and that you can clearly see how I feel about something by taking a quick glance at my reaction. In fact, it has gotten me in trouble more than once at a staff meeting or two *cue rolling eyes every time someone asks a question after the meeting was supposed to be over*. There are times however when you do hold onto your emotions, you start to feel it bubble up inside of you and you push it down further and further until BAM! You explode at some poor unsuspecting person who may have accidentally crossed your path. If ANY of this is resonating with you, you should probably get some Smithsonite, known for its ability to nurture out of us our emotions and release tension and anger in smaller, more positive doses, like opening a shaken bottle of soda slowly. Not to mention it’s pretty AF, can’t complain about that!



Girl it’s time to get grounded and grateful. Our lives flash before our eyes we don’t have time to think about all the negativity and BS that is flung at us on a daily basis. We get bogged down thinking we aren’t enough; we have to do or be better than we are and we forget about all that we do have. Smoky is here to remind you that you need to sit yo ass down and think about what you have. Smoky Quartz clears the mind of anger and jealous and focuses it specifically on what you should be grateful for.



The thing I love about Sssssssssssssnakes is their ability to ssssshed their sssssskin (WHAT!? I’m embracing my inner Slytherin with some Parseltongue). You’re probably thinking, “Ew, Dylan, why do you like that!?” Well, the answer to that is simple. As snakes grow, they shed off the skin that is no longer serving them. It got them through, but they have outgrown it and are able to remove the dull scales and emerge shiny and new. Wouldn’t it be lovely to reflect on what was no longer serving you, like say, bad habits and then shedding them off and starting fresh. WELL GUESS WHAT GURL!? Snake Jasper is here for you, named after these amazing reptiles, it stimulates growth, reflection, and shedding of bad habits, like a snake shedding their skin. So, peel off those things that make you feel crappy about yourself and emerge strong, powerful and new!



Fair as newly fallen snow, we’ve all heard that tired old trope, the fair-skinned maiden, who is completely innocent has something terrible happen to her that is sooo not her fault and she is just like OK with it. Naw, if someone tried to throw me out of my house and sent someone to cut out my heart I’d be pretty freaking pissed! (Until the part where I get to live with 7 bearded men, who push their beds together for me to lay down, that could be fun). But fo real, I would be so angry, thankfully instead of getting all hot and angry, I would grab some Snow Quartz to calm down my body and mind back to a relaxed state. Snow Quartz is great for calming our mind, cleansing out those irrational feelings so that our conscious can remain innocent.



In our household we are huge fans of Obsidian, so we decided to introduce some variety and spice things up if you will and boy are, we happy we did. Snowflake Obsidian, like its cousin is a stone of internal reflection and emotional growth, it encourages us to take a deeeeeeeeeep look inward and examine the truths and lies we tell ourselves to get by. My lies are something like “on Monday I’ll finally start that diet” or “If I bought a new Lulu top, I’d definitely go to the gym more often”, Obsidian is like no no Dylan you defs won’t. Snowflake, however, adds on a little bit of soothing qualities that soften those harsh truths. They sound more like … “I can always eat cleaner and why not start next meal” and “that Kmart singlet will do just fine for your workout (albeit will smell much worse), you should get your sweat on!” So, if you need a SOFT reality check, check out our good friend Snowflake.




Soapstone isn’t a stone that you come across a lot in crystal shops for metaphysical properties. It’s a really common stone found pretty much everywhere and known for being quite malleable and easily carved. More often than not when you see a stone carving it’s made of soapstone for this reason. It’s also well known around the world as a stone that is quite smooth and soft to the touch. It’s accessible, soft, and with enough patience, it can be adaptable. Now, like I said it isn’t a stone we normally work with. I think these are some great qualities we can work and take on into our daily lives.




When I started working with crystals, I noticed that I started to become slightly detached from material things as I focussed on my upper chakras. I felt as if meditating on my problems and channelling energy into my lofty spiritual journey was going to make everything seem so clear. It is ironic that it tends to have the opposite effect. As we tend to move ourselves closer to knowing our internal self, we let go of our material self and everything gets thrown out of whack like playing on a seesaw with your sibling…we both know it isn’t balanced. We are material beings with notions of the spiritual and it is healthy to still embrace and foster our earthly side. Stones such as Hematite or a new addition Sphalerite are all about creating that balance in order to see things clearly as they are right here and now in the present helping us to protect ourselves in the future. Sphalerite is a very intriguing stone with an incredibly unique shape. Its interesting facets draw us in and keep us grounded.



We all need realignment honey! We hire Chiropractors to help us align our buggered up backs, we take yoga classes to align our posture, we need reminders to even sit straight…Yeah I’m looking at you, slouched over looking at your screen; shoulders back, back straight, neck long… ya I called you out! We even hire healers to help us align our chakras. It’s getting ridiculous how out of line we are. Well, I hate to break it to you, but if you’re anything like me than you already know, our feelings can get out of line too. We can feel out of sync and out of place about everything. It can totally ruin your day. Spirit Quartz is a stone to help with that; it has a wonderful energy that branches outwards from its many glittering crystals and gives a sense of alignment and harmony feeling aligned gives you the feeling of emotional flexibility and willingness to see different perspectives. So, get back in line with Spirit Quartz.



Despite what you may see on Instagram, I have always struggled with my self-esteem. It’s been a huge issue for me and that is why I almost always carry Sodalite around with me. This beautiful little crystal intensifies the need for truth and promotes to seeing clearly. It boosts intuition and promotes acting logically then emotionally. Furthermore, it strengthens your self-esteem. It helps you come out of your shell and say, “I’m 100% me, bitch!”. Do yourself a favour and let Sodalite help you come out of your shell, a new day of being confidently yourself is waiting.



Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s are what this crystal is made of! Here we have three different stones all combined into a beautiful piece that screams GORGEOUS. These pieces were hand-selected for us from miners with the purpose of sharing these stunning pieces with you. Sphene is a stunning green gemstone of high quality and rarity, making it very uncommon even amongst collectors (A.K.A. hoarders like us haha). Sphene is a gem that intensifies cravings for organisation and pumps your memory into overdrive! Paired with Adularia Quartz and Hematite which promote balance and grounding respectively, this makes this combo a premium triple threat for all things home or work-related!



Have you ever held out hope for something and waited patiently, only to have your heart broken? It is an all too familiar story. We try to see the best in others and sometimes we don’t know an entire situation, but they let us down. When this happens, we can become spiteful, angry, vengeful even. You swear to yourself that you’ll never let this happen again, but I want to tell you that those qualities. Hope, playfulness, and patience are all beautiful qualities that make you a wonderful and loving person. Don’t let a negative experience burn who you are to the ground. Spinel is a gemstone that is known for bringing these qualities back to the light when we have lost our way or forgotten ourselves. Our stones are Spinel in Matrix, meaning that they are Spinel gems held together with granite.



My Quarantine bod is in a real need of some detoxification honey like I need to drink 1000L of water and live on nothing but kale chips and cucumber juice. I feel like my energies are more bunged up than a mosh pit at a festival.ahhh festivals do you remember those? Anywho, body aside, my energy is like sluggish AF at times. Bring in my new superstar, Starry Jasper, a protection stone with a vibe for helping us stay clean and detoxified, especially during travel…however, none of that is happening anytime soon so I’m using it for the detoxification aspects for now.



When I think about Strawberry Quartz, I think of that old Hannah Montana song True Friend, kinda sickly sweet but nostalgic AF and kind of a bop for that reason. Unlike rose quartz, strawberry quartz has the love vibe of a friend you’ve had for years, the friend you don’t necessarily see all the time but they’re your ride or die b*tch. I have a friend I made when I was 12, and if my life were a movie it would show an over-exposed montage of us eating ice-cream, splashing each other in the pool and laughing over a big bowl of strawberry (quartz that is). Strawberry quartz is gonna love you no matter your flaws and support you like that friend you’ve had forever.



In order to grow, we need to learn from the lessons we have learned. Unfortunately, if you’re anything like me, I tend to blackout things in the past that are no longer serving me. It’s a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I feel like I approach every new challenge with a child-like curiosity and enthusiasm and when I do get hurt I shut that side out and pretend it was like an etch-a-sketch and shake it off until I can pretend never happened, but I rarely learn my lesson! Having a little bit of memory recall is just what I need to grow and learn from my life lessons. To assist me I’ve started adding Stromatolite into my personal collection and I have been amazed at the results. I’ve even started remembering people's names at parties when they’ve been introduced to me!



When I say sulphur images of volcanoes, fire and brimstone (and the smell of rotten eggs) come to mind, but it is so much more than that! Crystallised Sulphur has this bright, seemingly unnatural, a hue of yellow to it and a beautiful crystal growth pattern and comes from areas of high volcanic activity. Sulphur means ‘to burn’ so when working with this crystal I like to think of it burning away all my negativity, low self-esteem and bad vibes; it is burning it away to make room for new formations and new energy. However, if you’re looking for a crystal that is going to work its magic ASAP, check again, Sulphur is a slow burn crystal meaning it will get you there, but slowly so that you never lose too much too fast. Sulphur is fantastic for moving forward and letting go of the past and it doesn’t really even smell that bad (unless you sniff it right up close!)



So, if you know me at all, and by now I hope you do. You will know that I almost always have a piece of Sodalite on me because I struggle with my self-esteem and confidence and honestly, this year being much more focussed on social media it has been a godsend. However, I still really struggle with the extreme swings between confidence and feeling terrible. One minute I’m singing Lizzo in the shower, belting out “Bitch, I’m me famously” and the next I’m singing Taylor Swift, screaming/crying, “GIVE ME A REASON”. Honestly, it’s like my confidence levels are on shuffle, when I really just need some stability. Introducing Sunset Sodalite a confidence stone that keeps you (or at least me) slightly more stable. Mood swings to a minimum please!



We all could use some D…as in Vitamin D (y’all nasty and I like it). However, sometimes the sun just doesn’t seem to shine on us. It feels like we have a permanent raincloud over our head, and it doesn’t look like it’s letting up anytime soon. LET THE SUNSHINE, LET THE SUNSHINE IN, with our good friend Sunstone! This stone is everything the sun represents; happiness, energy, vitality, good fortune, smiles, life! Carry it around with you for a pep in your step and a little bit of luck in your pocket. I also recommend keeping this stone charged and placing it in parts of your home that don’t get a lot of sun to bring in that revitalising energy to every room.



This stone is THE stone to get when nothing else is working and you need a big kick in the vibes! Super 7 is a combination of Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrocite, Goethite, Clear Quartz, Rutile, and Smokey Quartz. Basically, it’s like the freaking A Team of the crystal world coming in to boost you up and destroy all the barriers in your path. This stone is extremely powerful and in my experience with it can give off an energy that at times can be almost too much. It represents having the clarity to see what actions you need to take to manifest your goals and desires. It’s like a daytimer that you can keep in your pocket!



So, you’ve been on this journey for a while now. You’ve probably been to a reiki master (heck, you may be a reiki master), you’ve had a house full of crystals, you go to yoga and meditate to the tune of Tibetan singing bowls that you got while Eat Pray Loving yourself through Tibet. You may have even done a Bali yoga retreat…or five. We get it you’ve been there and done that. GIVE ME THE HARD STUFF DYLAN. Ya, ya, don’t get your dreadlocks in a knot, here at C&S we have something for every level. Tektite is an advanced meditation stone. It delves deep into the subconscious and builds up spiritual energy like a plug-in charging your higher self-up! Those who use this stone often find that they will have insights tones perspectives and new workarounds to problems they hadn’t thought of before. This stone must be cleansed and recharged after each use!



IT’S THE EYE OF THE TIGER, IT’S THE THRILL OF THE- - -…oh sorry, I didn’t see you there…how embarrassing. I guess I got carried away holding this Tigers Eye. This beautiful earthy stone increases confidence and supports resilience in stressful situations. It gives strength, luck and positive energy in times of change and helps to retain perspective. It’s like the perfect companion for a job interview, important meeting or (in my case) karaoke drinks with friends.



Tigers Iron is a stone containing layers of Tiger Eye, Jasper, and Hematite. It’s like in Glee when they did mashups of your two fav songs, or when two artists you love to feature on each other’s album, or when your fav Instagrammers collab for something. Working together means you can get something truly unique, but still with the best of both from the originals. Tigers Iron is just that, a wonderful mix of strength, determination and stamina from Tiger’s Eye mixed with grounding and absorption of negative energy from Hematite. Talk about a match made in heaven…well, actually it’s made in the earth when the two stones are sediment togeth- oh sorry. It rocks. Hehe see what I did there.



Unleash your inner tiger baby, 'cause you’re going to need some ferocity. We usually talk about chilling out and being Zen AF, but there are times when we are called to action and you need to show up, guns blazing in order to get stuff done. Dripping in calming stones like Amethyst and Lepidolite is not going to help in these circumstances. You need energy, strength, and a little bit of intimidating raw power. Introducing Tigrina a powerful combo between Tigers Eye and Pietersite that boosts your raw energy to achieve the tasks that need a little muscle. It helps us channel STRONG feelings that we may have pushed down Into productive purposes.



There is nothing in this world quite like generosity and kindness and the beautiful part is that it can take many forms. Something as simple as someone smiling at you on the street, holding your hand and saying, “I hear you, and understand.”, or sharing their Nando’s Peri Peri fries with you (GOD THEY ARE SO GOOD) can change a person’s day. Unfortunately, in our culture, kindness is often beaten out of us and we forget to pay it forward. Rekindle that spark to reach out to your fellow living creatures with Topaz, a beautiful gem that generously gives off a vibe of kindness, generosity and giving. It’s honestly, like a hug for your soul.



Hide yo kids hide yo wifi! Black tourmaline is in town, by popular demand this stone is the be all and say all of the protection stones. Think of your bad vibes and negativity as mosquitos that swarm around your head and occasionally bite you, draining your life energy…and this stone is like a giant can of bugspray! This is a stone that we recommend having in your home and preferably near doors. They act as a barrier for bad energy and prevent it from even entering your home. Feeling especially negative at work? Try it out as a paperweight and watch attitudes around you (including your own) change. Maybe even feeling down on the dumps yourself? CARRY SOME IN YOUR POCKETS, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS (I was doing my best Nicole Byers impersonation, go back read that in her voice). This is a stone that just changes the game.



Has it not been your day, your month or even your year? Do you need to repel some of that negative juju, but also need to bring yourself up and amplify your positive energy? Can’t decide between Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline? WHY NOT BOTH!? Tourmalinated Quartz is a Clear Quartz crystal that has Black Tourmaline throughout it and because of this, it carries with it the qualities of both! Dust off those feelings of inadequacy and lift yourself onto a higher vibration! You deserve to feel great today.



Trancas Geodes are small geodes that come from a region of Mexico that is known for its impressive display of Chalcedony and agate. These particular pieces have beautiful computation of blues, purples and even some light pinkish whites. Geode type crystals represent overcome challenges, removing barriers and finding inner strength. These make great gifts especially because they are sold as pairs, you could even opt to give one to your BFF or partner and keep the other half. Two parts of one stone. Two people overcoming challenges together.




Tree Agate is a stone that acts like a tree’s root system, connecting us to the earthly energy below us. This makes it a powerful grounding stone. Like the tree from which it is named it will inspire you to create a strong foundation and from there build yourself up into a colossus of energy. When working with Tree Agate, you may find people drawn to you. It’s that energy yo! You are giving off some serious Mother Nature vibes! Embrace your inner Gaia and stand tall like the beautiful tree you are.



You know what creature must be hella patient? A snail. Think about it, it must take them forever to get anywhere so they would have to be quite patient. You know what would be even more patient? A fossil of a snail that is just waiting for its energy to be used… it legit waited a millennia. Well, Turritella is a really rad AF stone that consists of fossilised snail shells. It encourages patience, grounding, connection to earth and perseverance. This stone has an incredible amount of energy because it consists of organisms that used to be living. Take it with you to help you focus on being patient.



Unakite is a jasper combination of Epidote, Pink Feldspar, and Jasper. This particular stone is associated with teamwork and collaboration; especially inclusivity and blossoming friendships. This stone is especially useful when working or traveling with new people or people that you know very little about. This stone promotes the opening of connections and collaborating, which could lead to new friendships, relationships or appreciation (perhaps I should give one to Susan in HR).



Commitment is sexy, having been together for nearly a decade now, Jayden and I defs think that choosing to commit to something or someone doesn’t have to get boring. I mean, yes, over time we have swapped out nightclubs for pug cuddles on the couch, but it’s rarely a boring experience. The thing is commitment takes work, trust, reliability, and fun; as per usual we also have a crystal that can help with that! Introducing Verdite, this stone is known for commitment enhancing vibes as well as being known as a fertility stone, making it ideal for lovers (We will keep you posted if either of us gets pregnant haha!)



Do you know what really pushes my buttons? You know what really flips my switch!? Do you know what really gets my kettle boiling? (I’m running out of appliances…) Do you know what really turns me on? Commitment and emotional connection, that’s what! Whether you have been with someone for nearly a decade or you’re just meeting someone for the first time, having an emotional connection makes the bedroom a better place to be. Trust and connection make the magic happen baby, but if you’re feeling like you could use a little pick me up performance-wise, why not try a little Vesonite. Oh ya, this stone will have you connected to your partner better than those handcuffs ever could (or used in tandem, you do you boo). Vesonite gives off a vibe of trust, connection, and commitment, opening up the heart and giving way to new romantic experiences both in and out of the bedroom.



I AM TERRIFIED OF SPIDERS. I know I like totally moved to the wrong country, right!? I cannot stand those creepy crawly eight-legged freaks, even though Jayden has tried time and time again to convince me they aren’t trying to kill me…I just can’t. Every time I think I’m getting over my fear of them I find something new about them that is even scarier… but where there is fear, there is an opportunity for curiosity. When I dig deep…and I mean REAL deep I have to say I do have a kind of respect for them. They have been around for millennia; they create beautifully connected webs to attract what they want. They are patient and calm, but quick to react, waiting for the perfect moment. These are qualities that I also respect in strong people. People who are calm, patient and yet able to build a connected web around them. For those of us who don’t have those skills naturally, we can get some helpful energy from our web-slinging friends with Web Jasper.



When working with crystals we are often opening up our chakras and encouraging energy flow, however, some of y’all need to chill out! Like turn that energy dial back down to a one. If you’re as frantic, excitable, and anxious as the Road Runner on crack, maybe you should take some time (and a crystal) to put your energy to rest. Introducing White Magnesite (or the WHITE noise machine for your vibes, see what I did there). With this stone, your energy levels will be put on mute and you’ll start to feel a sense of calm and stillness that you may not have been able to capture before.



A protective stone used by warriors for thousands of years, Howlite is the spiritual moisturiser to a heart that’s been dried up by old emotional wounds and chronic stress. Modern life might not be a Game of Thrones episode, but it does have its share of eyebrow-raising moments. Wherever you happen to be on your journey, let Howlite be your welcome oasis in a spiritual desert.



Jade is all about balance. White Jade takes it a step further and finds balance and harmony by accepting the things that we cannot change. It calms the soul and body. Think of like White Jade like a deep breath during a stressful situation. At first, you feel overwhelmed and in chaos, then you take that deep breath and you can feel your heart slowing down, you can feel your body relaxing and you begin to think clearly again. White Jade has a similar effect on the body and mind, your problems may still be there, but you now have the calm and clarity to accept things how they are and choose a path that will lead you to success.



You ever had a co-worker or someone else who is trying to back you into a corner about a decision? There is something despicable about having someone try and overpower you into thinking or acting a certain way. I used to crumble and go with the flow, but Yellow Aragonite is all about inspiring will power, taking action and developing a go-get-it attitude. In this certain situation, armed with my little crystal buddy I told that person exactly where to put their negativity and stood up for myself. It’s an important lesson to learn and handy to have a helping hand when dealing with it!



Was it a blue and black dress or a white and gold dress? The WORLD was divided and couldn’t decide. It was probably the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen. However, it demonstrated so clearly that humans suck at making up their minds; we toss and turn between decisions and weigh up the pros and cons. We even do the pros and cons of relationships! We have such a hard time deciding. Yellow Aventurine is great for opening and balancing that gut feeling. Those who are oversensitive or indecisive will totes benefit from Yellow Aventurine's reassuring and balancing energies. Working with Yellow Aventurine can also help focus intentions for manifesting a sense of ease in being yourself and the decisions that you have chosen. So, calm down, trust your gut and feel assured in your choices (it was blue and black btw).



You know that feeling when you sleep in and you wake up to the sun peeking in through your windows. You take a big stretch and feel so well rested. That first sip of coffee touches your soul and somehow everything seems to just be right with the world. Whenever you take a step it feels like you’re walking on sunshine? Have you ever felt that? No? If you haven’t or would like to feel that more often than you need to get yourself some Yellow Calcite. This stone acts like a Mr. Miyagi for your vibes and waxes them on and off until they are shining and new. Bad vibes will reflect off of you, removing the feeling of self-doubt and increases your drive and motivation, removing obstacles out of your way. Walk confidently on that sunshine pathway!



Nowadays we are told we need to focus on so many things. Focus on what brings you joy (looking at you Marie Kondo). Focus on your health. Focus on your job or studies. Focus on staying positive. Eventually, we become so focused on being focussed we can’t focus properly on anything! Let me introduce you to my good friend Fluorite. Fluorite has been known to help boost positive thoughts, clear the mind and increase focus. Yellow Fluorite helps us focus on how we present ourselves to others. How do you display all that dormant confidence? Do you turn your dog walk into a catwalk? Do you dress that little bit more flashy? Yellow Fluorite will help you refocus on how YOU can go from feeling like yourself to FEELING YOURSELF *cue Beyonce*



One of my all-time favourite memes is of that lady trying to do complex math problems in her head and she has such a lost and puzzled look on her face…you know the one, if you don’t, you should look it up. Every time I see it, it reminds me of myself trying to complete basic tasks like remembering to do things or the steps to a recipe I’ve done a million times, or ANYTHING to do with a spreadsheet. I was feeling like I was losing my mental power. Thank all that is good for Yellow Jade. This stone is a mental stimulant that encourages you to seize opportunities while they are available, increases your memory and increases your tolerances for mentally demanding activities!



You know what an optimist will never tell you? Are you ready for this? It’s going to rock your world. IT IS BLOODY DRAINING BEING SO GODDAMN OPTIMISTIC ALL THE TIME! Yes, I said, I broke the optimists code. They all know the secret now. Optimism isn’t necessarily something that JUST COMES to people naturally. It takes work, courage, and energy, but it is important. Without it, the world would be a much darker place. It would be like “The Watchmen” like total film noir all time (minus the guy with giant blue ding dong). Open your proverbial windows and let the sunshine into your energy with Yellow Jasper. It takes strength and it takes energy, but together we can make the world a sunnier place.



When I saw Yellow Opal my first thought was, “Great, another yellow stone, fantastic” (I find yellow stones hard to differentiate just FYI), but legit as soon as I touched it I knew this would be one I needed in my personal collection. This stone promotes positive self-talk, its message is, “you got this gurl, slay you queen, you look amazing” even if you are wearing cargo pants and flip flops. We all need to speak to ourselves kindlier and this stone reminds us that we need to make ourselves a priority in order to grow and flourish.



I feel like snakes get a real bad rap, and I kinda admire them. After hatching, they are independent, making their way in a really tough world. As they grow, they shed off their scaly skin and start fresh, larger, and stronger. They can move elegantly and gracefully, but when they need to they can strike rapidly and mercilessly. They may creep some people out, but I think we could learn a thing or two from snakes: independence helps us grow, as we go through life we will struggle, but sometimes the best thing we can do is shed off our old ways of thinking and go forward a better version of ourselves and having the wisdom to know when to move away gracefully from a situation or strike head-on. Although I admire snakes, my home is not the place for them, so the next best thing to manifest these reptilian attributes is Serpentine. Beautiful, yet striking it encourages you to be a strong independent person that takes sh*t from nobody. Yellow Serpentine in particular focuses on cleansing our old energies that are stale and weighing us down. Shed it off baby, be free of that old scales prison and live your life fresh, vibrant, and new!



This may just be me, but whenever I find a stone that has been named after an animal, I always find that that is what I focus on when I’m using it or meditating with it. Even though it was probably named Zebra Agate (or Zebra Marble) because it has a zebra-like pattern on it, I like to think it’s more than that. When I think of Zebras, I think of those giant herds running across the Savannah, so full of life and energy, motivated to follow the water and grass (clearly, I watch a lot of animal docos). I also think of the way a zebra herd works together to create a pattern that makes it hard to distinguish one from another. They look out for each other and work together for survival. These qualities are what I found in this stone, of togetherness, removal of apathy, energisation, and motivation!



Human relationships are complicated and beautiful. I wish I could use the life-changing the power of tidying up to organise the people in my life, but I can’t! We need to learn how to behave and act around family, friends, coworkers, peers, customers, children, etc. We need to learn to still be our authentic self while still finding a place in society. Let me tell you; this can be tough! The number of times I’ve almost sworn in front of a child or told an inappropriate joke in front of my grandma! YIKES! Some people view this changing role as putting on a mask, but I prefer to look at it as different facets of ourselves. Zeolite reminds me of the complexity of our human interactions and the togetherness we form. Zeolite can be a combination of 45 different mineral materials that metamorphosed into beautiful combinations; coming together to form unreal and breathtaking shapes and patterns. The other thing these specimens are great for letting go of self-judgment so that you can be yourself, while still being a good adult, coworker, family member or friend.

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