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When we think of Amazons we think about two things, we think about thick strong and luscious forests and strong and powerful women that are kicking ass and takin’ names. Amazonite lets you embrace your warrior goddess by supporting personal progress and encourages taking control over your own destiny. It boosts intuition and puts the emotions into harmony. So put on your battle armour and show them all whose boss.
Dream on! Amethysts are often called the ‘stone of the dreamers’ because they inspire positive thoughts and inspire us to go out and manifest our dreams into reality.  As a stone of manifestation, they are perfect for goal setting; whether your goal is to land that new job, fit into those lycra yoga pants or just live more peacefully. Amethysts also have this uncanny ability to help us build empathic bridges and see other people’s perspectives. Making opening up about what we want and communicating it to others much easier.
Chevron Amethyst is a balanced combination of Amethyst and White Quartz, mixed together in everyone’s favourite zig-zag pattern. Chevron Amethyst combines the strengthening and cleansing qualities of Quartz with the stress relieving and manifesting qualities of Amethyst; honestly the best combination since champagne and OJ.
As soon as we finished watching the Dark Crystal on the Netflix we saw that this stone became available. COINCIDENCE!?  Ya probably, but still! Dark Amethyst delves deeper into your spiritual self, this stone is especially useful for people who are interested in spiritualism and energy but still finding themselves as  Sceptical Sallys. Let me break it down for ya, regular Amethyst is perfect for manifestation, calming and dreaming. Dark Amethyst is for really connecting to your spiritual self, that divine being connected to all energy and increasing your intuition and feelings. This is a stone that I would recommend charging up regularly on Selenite, or in the moonlight!
Some people are naturally empathetic to others; they pick up people’s feelings and energies without even trying. This is a double-edged sword these people often build connections with people easily and make excellent listeners, but they are often drained quickly being around others and quick to feel bogged down by others energies. If you are feeling like you just can’t understand someone (perhaps Susan in HR, who for some reason, seems to hate your guts) and you want to understand why this is the stone for you. Tapping into the empath energy and allowing the wearer to acknowledge a deeper understanding of those around them and others intentions. WE HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU  CLEANSE THIS BAD BOY ON THE REGULAR! Using it can pick up all those feelings and emotions and you don’t need that kind of energy ALL the time.
Angelite is like the affectionate nurse you had when you broke your arm or that primary school teacher who always encouraged you to have a go, or that coach who always believed in you and cheered you on. It’s like having a little angel in your back pocket that cheers you on and encourages you to make healing decisions for yourself. We need more peaceful warriors who go into the world and leaving a wake of peace and love; why not you?
Go get’er tiger! Apatite is a powerful manifestation stone for setting and achieving goals. Think of it like your own personal life coach! Sure you still have to work hard at getting there, but Apatite keeps your vision of the future clear in your mind so that you continue to be inspired to reach your goals!
We are pretty much obsessed with Marie Kondo, that lady changed our life, #MarieKondo4eva; the only other thing that has come close to hitting our organisational sweet spot is Apophyllite. This beautiful stone encourages enthusiasm, zest for life and organisational behaviour. It’s like the perfect spring cleaning cheerleader. Cleansing your space and your energy is so therapeutic and this crystal will give you the extra oomph to get ‘er done! What we are trying to say is Apophyllite definitely “sparks joy” in our books!
To be blunt, sometimes you just need to say what’s on your mind or else it eats you from the inside out. This can be a scary thing to do; because we spiral unhelpful thoughts that get in our way. How will the other person react?  Am I overreacting? Will this change things for the worse? We build up and up and up and that shit is unhealthy! Aquamarine may look like a sweet and soft little stone, but damn, she is good cracking open those fears. It encourages us to open up a line of communication and tell your truth, be honest and be crystal clear about your feelings. Most of the time your fear we're much worse than the actual outcome.  You can’t expect people to read your mind so do yourself and those around you a favour and open up a little bit more. You’ll feel a little less stressed at the end of the day having told your truth.
They say hindsight is 20/20, because we look back at our past decisions and think, “OMG WHAT KIND OF AN IDIOT WOULD DYE THEIR LONG ASS EMO FRINGE BLACK AND BLONDE”, but at the time you thought it would make you look badass…no? Just me? Well, ok then. As we grow we gain insight, clarity, and understanding about our situations, but sometimes even after some time away, we still don’t understand. We need a helping hand to understand why we make the decisions we made or, even harder, the decisions others have made. Aragonite, is a stone of insight, patience, and discipline, allowing us to be patient with ourselves as we look into our own selves and give insight into our decisions. This is so important because if we never look back at our old mistakes we are destined to repeat them. 
You don’t need to be tripping on Ayahuasca to realise that we are all apart of the universe. We are cosmic beings that have and can feel the energy around us. As humans, we often think of the universe as this ever-expanding emptiness, but the universe is all around us and it is full of energy, just like you. Tap into that cosmic energy and untether yourself from narrow ways of thinking with Astralite. The iridescent colours of this stone radiate out positive vibes that encourage self-expression and creativity. Be bold, let your star shine.
We are all looking for a love connection, but sometimes we wanna push our partners a little deeper (oh baby). Sometimes, we want to make a soul connection, to get into those hard to reach corners of each others identity and get real intimate with it. We want to open up all the way and really show off everything that we’ve been hiding. This can be a scary and even anxious experience for someone. Astrophyllite gives off a vibe of steadiness and ease when it comes to these matters. It lubricates the gears if you will.  Having this stone around the home, or perhaps the bedroom increases its intimate effects more so than anywhere else.

Do you know what makes a good leader? Someone who can look at all the perspectives and opinions being thrown towards them and channel it into something progressive and forward-thinking.  Someone who can find a balance between being friendly and outgoing and being the boss. Someone who can make others feel like they contribute to the overall success of a project. If you’re anything like me, you could use a revitalisation of my leadership skills. Here’s where Grey Aventurine comes in handy.  This stone harmoniously channels your natural leadership abilities and brings them to the surface, encouraging a more confident and balanced version of you. Think of it like You 2.0 with all the new handy features of getting sh*t done! Let go of your inner procrastinator and go get em boss!

When I think about peaches I think about warm summer days, sweetness and juice dripping down my chin; I am sitting by the beach with friends or family and soaking up the sun. I am relaxed, happy and my world is colourful. Aventurine alleviates stress and promotes a serene attitude. In cases of sleep disturbances, it helps to clear the thoughts and has a calming effect letting your worried mind rest for a while. Peach Aventurine, in particular, helps us feel that summery comfortability and relaxed state of mind allowing us to let those creative JUICES (see what I did there…peach, peach juice) flowing without a worry of how it will be received. Do yourself a favour and relax into that peachy summer feeling. 
The key to success? Not being so damn stressed about being successful. Attitude is everything darling, and if you keep running around like a chicken with your head cut off you’ll never slow down to realise that you are successful. Aventurine alleviates stress and promotes a serene attitude. In cases of sleep disturbances, it helps to clear the thoughts and has a calming effect letting your worried mind rest for a while. It is also known to attract abundance and bring luck to its wearer. You work hard enough, why not calm down, take a breath, vibe out and let lady luck come to you.
You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, “life is all about balance”. Well, that’s easy to say, but between work, social life, home life, we are pulled in a thousand directions at any given moment.  Sometimes I feel like my “tree pose” is more of a “tree in hurricane season”; completely bent out of shape. That’s why having Black Quartz around the home is sooooo good. It harmonises your chakras and helps you balance out the important things in life. Stop swaying in the wind and stand tall like the giant ass beautiful tree you are.
Chumba Wumba said it best, “I get knocked down, but  I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down”. They probably had their pockets full of Blood Stone cause that’s what this bad boy does. Like that banging playlist you listen to during your sweat sesh, it gets you pumped up and back in the game. Especially good for repairing any injuries and relieving muscle soreness after a big workout. Get your BLOOD pumping and so you can get back to those goals.  
The worst thing…yes, THE WORST, is when you get in a disagreement with someone and you lose your cool and don’t get across what you are trying to say. ESPECIALLY, when you think of something witty to snap back with later on. Once I even got in an argument with a coworker (at an especially vulnerable time) and had to force myself to not cry in front of them. Like serious WTF, pull yourself together, calm down and think logically. Thank god/goddess (you do you boo, we don’t judge) that we found Kyanite. It calms down those angry, stressful, illogical emotions and takes your mind one step back.  Allows you to look at a situation from the outside and then form an opinion. Great for allowing yourself to take criticism as constructive feedback and foster a growth mindset instead of allowing it to weigh you down.
Sometimes we look at people and think, What the F were they thinking? Why would they do/say that? What climbed up their ass and died? Yes, we have all looked at someone that way (especially Susan, goddamn Susan). Sometimes it feels like there is a wall between you and them and all types of communication and understanding just runs into it. Thank goddess for Blue Lace Agate; the stone of meditation and understanding. This stone helps you keep your cool when communicating with those who frustrate you and is a useful mediator allowing you to relate and see others’ point of view. Great for rebuilding relationships, especially in the workplace!
Audrey Hepburn and Richard Avedon, Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, The Musical Muses and Hercules; we all need a muse to get our creative energies flowing. Never fear, your own personal muse has arrived; give a warm welcome to Blue Calcite. Known for providing epiphanies (or moments of realisation) that ignite creative thinking and manifestation energy. It is also known for its communicative properties allowing you to share your brand-spankin' new ideas more readily.
Our hearts are funny little things, they act like that one friend who’s had one too many tequila shots. One second they are telling literally everyone that she “loves them soooo much”. Next, she starts crying saying she’ll, “never find anyone” like her ex and just when you think the night is over you spot her trying to get in a fight with a bouncer. Needless to say, our hearts are considered our emotional centre for a reason, they feel everything intensely. Green Calcite is one of those stones that act as a hot iron to our emotional wrinkles, smoothing everything out so our hearts aren’t acting like that friend. It opens us up to giving and receiving forgiveness as well as relaxing the heart.
WHO RUN THE WORLD? YOU! Take your leadership skills to the next level with Honey Calcite. I like to imagine it as the parachute of the crystal world, it encourages us to take a leap of faith and believe in our ability to push forward and take charge of our life. The reason I say parachute is because if you end up failing, it will deploy and catch you before you go splat! Encouraging resiliency and as the Aussies say encourages you to “have a go”! Having Honey Calcite around you encourage that self-advocacy and go-getter attitude that will awaken your inner leadership qualities!
Sometimes fear stops us from moving on and experiencing life. Fear of the unknown, fear of getting hurt again, fear of eating delicious street food in Bali and getting gastro (again). It can seem impossible to unlock those chains of fear. The key can be Mango Calcite, it gives off a supportive and loving vibe that encourages you to try new things. Keep it near and dear to your heart and let that inner adventurer out again!
Sports Go Sports!? Organised sport has never been our forte, but just cause you can’t throw a ball, or kick a ball, or catch a ball (cue daddy issues) doesn’t mean you can’t live your best (active) life! Activity is about getting up and out of the house, being playful and being grateful for the wonderful bodies we have that allow us to do whatever we consider activity to be. For me, that’s yoga and walking the pugs, for others that’s playing a footy match on the weekend, other’s its just getting out of the house at all. No matter what your active looks like, it’s a step in a healthy direction. Orange Calcite is a stone that can only be described as the Gatorade of the crystal world. Having it in your space empowers that playful spirit, encourages activity and discourages laziness (just remember your Netflix watch history doesn’t lie).
Passion comes in many forms: passionate for the arts, passionate for athletics, passionate sex, (in my case an unbridled passion for eating pizza). Carnelian supports your passionate endeavours by assisting you to overcome uncomfortable circumstances with calm deliberation. It gives vitality and mental strength and increases motivation. Furthermore it has the reputation to attract financial wealth. It takes money, sex and rock and roll to a whole other level!
You know that feeling when you look at photos of crystal blue waters surrounding some far off tropical island and your mind just starts to calm down and wander off into a dream world. Celestite offers a similar VIP pass to paradise. It radiates a soft, positive energy in all directions that may be used to cleanse the surrounding environment or heal your emotional negativity. It is beneficial for calming fears or stilling a chaotic mind.  Personally,  we find it helps keep the mind clear and smooth for transitioning from work to meditation. It is a beautiful crystal that promotes purity of heart, hope, and good fortune. So take your time and gaze into this beautiful crystal blue gem and imagine your own personal paradise.
Four is such an epic number, I mean really think about it for a minute. Sex and City (Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte and Carrie), The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion), The Golden Girls (Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophie), Queer Eye (Karamo, JVN, Tan and Bobby…let’s be honest now, Antoni does like nothing) and most importantly the elements (Air, Earth, Fire and Water). Chiastolite uses the four points of the elemental wheel to bring in some epic new ideas and energy, allows us to problem solve and also protects us in our endeavours. 
We live in an era that is just realising that emotions are normal, human and wonderful. However, it is still ingrained in society and socialisation that emotions like fear, sadness, and anger have no place anywhere. Ask yourself this; what is your first reaction when you see a kid crying over losing something or dropping its food. Most of us would react to the tears as “Awe, it’s not that bad, you’re alright, etc.” What did we just do in this situation? We told the kid they shouldn’t feel that way, it’s not a big deal and hides your tears…in a sweet voice. The problem is we think we are helping because that is how we were taught. Meet your new emotional coach, Chrysocolla, is a stone of emotional learning and expression this stone will allow us to tap into our own emotions, find deeper understanding and emphasise with others when they feel these emotions. It allows us to move past “get over it” and into an era of “I understand”.
Chrysoprase is all about joy.  It wants you to smile honey and will make sure that obstacles standing in your way are less like hurtles and more like speed bumps. This stone encourages you to notice the little moments around you that make life so much more abundant than you realise. Maybe a good book, a great cup of tea, a song that you feel in your whoooooole body;  you may not have noticed just how these things made you feel until you carry around Chrysoprase around wit you! When we notice the little things around us that make us happy they tend to quell that feeling of needing MORE MORE MORE and just welcome the peace of, “this is good”.
EXPRESS YOURSELF! In a world so bogged down with depressing news, sad songs, and wearing black on black on black I feel like we are missing our on the sunshine all around us! It’s time to take action and take off those gorgeous designer sunnies and allow yourself to just bask in the sun. Lemon Chrysoprase wants the same thing for you. It encourages an optimistic attitude towards activity and expression. It’s that friend you have that always suggests going to the beach or having a picnic or playing at a water park! This stone let’s that inner happiness shine through!
So you wanna hot body? You wanna get money? Well, get Citrine b**ch! Citrine is the ‘stone of success’! Known for opening up communication between people in both the home and the workplace and attracting abundance, money, and stability; this stone is like the CEO of crystals. On top of attracting them dolla dolla bills y’all, citrine’s energy has been known to stimulate metabolism and aid in digestion. Take your drive, passion and energy and slay the day with this beautiful golden orange stone.
Plugin the amp for your spiritual self! Clear Quartz cleanses negative energy like a pressure washer to your soul and amplifies feelings of peace and positive energy. Having this stone on your body or around your space increases energy, productivity, and feelings of accomplishment. Shine bright like the diamond you truly are and clear some room for Clear Quartz. 
Isak Dinesen, “The cure for everything is salt water, sweat, tears or the sea”, which is not only my favourite quote but also the first thing that came to mind when I held a piece of coral. Coral carries with it ancient wisdom of intricate harmony and unity between all living things. It understands that it is the bedrock of life underwater and builds an ecosystem-based around itself.  Holding Coral re centres the wearer to focus on the home and creating that beautiful harmonious ecosystem around themselves. Others are attracted to those with inner harmony and having Coral around helps remind us of this. As soon as Jayden placed one in my hand I envisioned the sea, so if you’re traveling and need to take a bit of home with you, this stone is for you as well. 
It’s DUmortierite, not DumortierITE. We’ve compared this stone to the infamous and wonderful wizard, Dumbledore because of 1. One of you misread it and 2. This stone increases your patience, mental capacity and believe in yourself, like the way he was patient and believed in Harry’s abilities. To be honest, we think this stone is downright magical. Especially useful for people in the teaching profession or who are passing on knowledge to others, perhaps in a workshop, a studio or evening class. 
Often times we associate the colour pink with feelings of love, but Prehnite and Epidote crystals often grow beautifully together and because of this, we feel that they tend to give off a feeling of love. Working together they promote unconditional love and stimulates spiritual growth. It is also used to help someone injured by either physical or mental trauma. Sometimes the most unlikely and unique couples are the most striking and beautiful together. 
Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon! This stone is the chameleon of our collection. It is what can be described as a programmable stone. By meditating with it, or by having it around when you journal, mood board, doodle, etc. it picks up on your intention and desires. Then you can carry it around with you acting like a little magnet for all the energies you feel like attracting. I must remind you though with this one the importance of cleansing. Yes, cleansing is not just for your beautiful face, you must also cleanse your crystals and this one will continue to carry your intended energy until cleansed, then it can use its little shape-shifting trick to carry a new intention that you give it. Talk about adaptable!
Sometimes we need a little bit of a push to take that next step in our personal journeys. You know who you are, that comfortability bubble is starting to feel a little restrictive and you want to fly closer to the sun and try new things, but you’re scared of getting burned. Worry not Icarus, your day in the sunshine won’t end with a terrible tumble; not with Fushite around.  A protective stone specifically for anyone looking to try new things. This stone revitalises our energy and encourages us to go out and snatch opportunities as they come flyin’ past!
Nowadays we are told we need to focus on so many things. Focus on what brings you joy (looking at you Marie Kondo). Focus on your health. Focus on your job or studies. Focus on staying positive. Eventually, we become so focused on being focussed we can’t focus properly on anything! Let me introduce you to my good friend Fluorite. Fluorite has been known to help boost positive thoughts, clear the mind and increase focus. Not to mention it’s beautiful rainbowy hues are absolutely stunning to behold.
The candles are lit, roses petals laid out, and Pony by Ginuwine is playing in the background. Time to get down…with Garnet. The stone is notorious for increasing will-power and improves vitality (wink wink). It supports you in staying focused and motivated (oh baby). Furthermore it increases the libido and boosts passion in love relationships (oooh that’s the spot). Having Garnet around the bedroom is like having a little blue pill, (or rather red stone) but for your energies. Let’s get it on with Garnet.
It’s time to attract things that are good for you and repel all that negativity. What better to attract and repel than our favourite magnetic stone, Hematite. Hematite is a grounding stone that gives protection and balance. It assists to reveal hidden aspirations and to achieve them with insistence. In addition, it enhances memory and supports to clear the thoughts. Walkout into the world like it's a catwalk for your own personal journey and watch as Hematite protects you from the haters and attracts all that success!
When I was traveling through China I fell in love with Jade. I saw it pretty much everywhere; people doing tai chi in the park wore it, shop keepers and waiters wore it as they served up delicious food and I even caught a glimpse of a jade bracelet on the lovely woman explaining a traditional tea ceremony to me. It was hard to miss this green beauty! So naturally, I grabbed myself some! It wasn’t until I got back home that I found out what Jade was really all about. It is a gentle stone that helps the energies of harmony, balance and good luck flow, which makes sense why so many people wore it! I wore my jade bracelet for almost a year and even brought it with me to Australia... and I mean if you’ve read our about us blog post, it doesn’t get luckier than that! Everyone is looking for balance, and good luck, why not try out some Jade.
To quote a mangey ass cat, “Memory, all alone in the moonlight, I can dream of the old days, I was beautiful then”, yes it happened, the first and last time I will ever quote CATS (go back and imagine me in full cat makeup singing that, I dare you). Can you believe they made that into a movie, UGH…Soz, I could literally rant about CATS forever. What was saying…Oh now I remember! Memories are important, especially when you’re in the process of moving forward through grief into new and exciting things. You hold onto the strangest things and keeping those moments in your heart is important. Nephrite Jade is a stone of memory and dealing with grief it helps us move forward while still holding onto our cherished memories. This stone is great to have around the home.
Have you ever gone through your draws and thought, “YES THIS DOES INDEED SPARK JOY”.  If the answer to that was yes, then you and I are a lot alike. Finally, I have found, the Marie Kondo of all gemstones. YES, I mean it. Orange Jade, it promotes energy, joy, and interconnectedness to all things through harmonious living. If that doesn’t scream MK, then I  don’t know what does. WOO! I’m feeling happy just thinking about it. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel joyfully energised in harmony. 
Jade is all about balance. White Jade takes it a step further and finds balance and harmony by accepting the things that we cannot change. It calms the soul and body. Think of like White Jade like a deep breath during a stressful situation. At first, you feel overwhelmed and in chaos, then you take that deep breath and you can feel your heart slowing down, you can feel your body relaxing and you begin to think clearly again. White Jade has a similar effect on the body and mind, your problems may still be there, but you now have the calm and clarity to accept things how they are and choose a  path that will lead you to success.
One of my all-time favourite memes is of that lady trying to do complex math problems in her head and she has such a lost and puzzled look on her face…you know the one, if you don’t, you should look it up. Every time I see it, it reminds me of myself trying to complete basic tasks like remembering to do things or the steps to a recipe I’ve done a million times, or ANYTHING to do with a spreadsheet. I was feeling like I was losing my mental power. Thank all that is good for Yellow Jade. This stone is a mental stimulant that encourages you to seize opportunities while they are available, increases your memory and increases your tolerances for mentally demanding activities!
Feel strong and grounded with Black Jasper nearby. This stone is all about keeping you safe and stable, it can be especially helpful for people who work in highly stressful or dangerous positions as it brings clarity and focus when needed most. Like water off a duck’s back, or a kid who took a run at a slip and slide; unsafe energy just slips right off. Like other Jaspers, this stone also invokes strength but instead finds its strength in knowing limits and when to push boundaries. 
When we are kids we laugh and play and sing; our imagination allows us to be anything or imagine the possibilities our life will have. Unfortunately, real-life can suck sometimes and stuff happens that really messes us up. In order to try and protect ourselves, we build up walls and barriers around our hearts and our imaginations. We hope that these walls will act as the walls in our home and keep us safe and warm, but sadly they are more like prison walls; emotionless and cold. Dalmatian Jasper is the Miley Cyrus wrecking ball that we all need to give us the strength we need to break down these walls. It brings us back into a place of cheeky playfulness and reminds you to bring a little fun to your day.
Jasper is a stone of strength, no doubt about it! When you work with Jasper you can feel its grounding earthy qualities. For me, Green Jasper has a little bit more of an emotional strength about it; as a stone that is linked to the heart chakra it is not all that surprising I suppose! Instead of encouraging the masculine energy and raw power, this stone draws out the blurred line between masculine and feminine bringing out strong emotions. For some, this can be a little disconcerting, but once all your emotions are out in the open your heart feels so much lighter, stronger and stable and you become much more open to healing. 
Also known as Crocodile Jasper because 1.) Totes look very reptilian (you. know,  it resembles a crocodile scale) and 2.) Its properties are very similar to that of a crocodile. A crocodile is one of the strongest animals in the entire animal kingdom, an apex predator both in and out of the water and yet they are incredibly calm and patient waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Their bodies are covered in head to tail plated scales that protect them from injury. Use this stone to channel your inner crocodilian and unleash that calm and collected strength laying just below the water's surface. 
Imagine the ocean for a moment, the waves are gently smashing to the shore back and forth, back and forth. The waves of the ocean are like the heartbeat of the planet; they are steady and reliable, they may quicken or slow, but they will always be there, connecting us to our planet with that soft steady rhythm. Ocean Jasper carries these qualities of peace, and reliability reminding us to be consistent and reliable with our words and actions.  
Red Jasper is like the Warrior 2 of the gemstone world; it is representative of strength, grounding, and security. When I look at this stone it reminds me of the red earth beneath our feet here in Australia, it has this kind of strong and ancient, yet humbling presence that you can feel being near it. Thinking about movie archetypes we often see the strong silent types like James Bond, Arya from GoT or really every single one of Liam Neeson’s roles and what makes them so powerful is not their inherent strength, but their security in their own strength, they don’t need to boast about their “specific set of skills”, but we still feel that power. That energy is encapsulated in Red Jasper, it encourages us to demonstrate our strength through our actions instead of words and fight for what we believe in.
Kindness is the most attractive quality in a person. Fitting that one of the most attractive stones should be associated with kindness. At first glance, this stone might not look like much, it might even be overlooked, but put it in the spotlight and it will shine with all the colours of the rainbow. We have this stone in our living area near our window so it lights up everyday. It’s a pleasant reminder that you can find beauty and kindness in the most unexpected of places. 
We’ve all been there… Feeling like you're not communicating yourself clearly, wires are getting crossed, or your emoticons, for once, can’t sum up just how you feel. Bring out your voice with a crystal that represents love, courage, and clear, honest communication; Lapis Lazuli. The great part about it is that as Lapis starts to open you up to honesty, observation and discovery you start to see through BS and gossip more clearly as well.  Ain’t nobody got time fo dat! Keep it real, keep it honest and keep it kind!
Larvikite, or sometimes (mistakenly) known as, Black Moonstone (which totes ma goats reminds me of a cool Sailor Moon villain) is stone aligned with patience and knowledge. In my experience with it, I feel that it carries with it complimentary qualities too that of Moonstone, kind of like the New Moon compliments the Full Moon respectively. As such, this stone is perfect for setting intentions, reminding ourselves that what we seek will find it’s way to us if we are patient and that knowledge is the mightiest of weapons.
Ok so let me talk about something I have been hoping to get for like forever.  Lava Stone, it is black, earthy and 100% grounding. It connects us to that raw natural fiery power of the earth on which we all live. This stone brings out our natural instincts and intuition making it a great stone for fertility, linking the mind and body’s natural cycles. Also to top it all off, it looks suuuuper neutral yet chic as an accessory in the form of bracelets or necklaces AND if you put your favorite essential oil on it it will act as a diffuser for you so you can wear your oils for even longer. YES TO ALL OF THAT.
If you’re anything like me you need about 5 cups of chamomile tea, lavender oil diffusers and at least half an hour of restorative yoga just to get to sleep at night! Thank goodness I found out about Lepidolite, it is a stone of serenity, patience and acceptance. Having it by my bedside has brought me some well-needed stillness to my bedtime routine. Honestly, this stone is incredibly versatile though, we can always take this attitude of patience and acceptance into our everyday lives and bring just a little bit more calm to our crazy lives.
YOU’VE GOT THE POWER! You are a strong, independent person, who don’t need nobody else…but sometimes other people find that kind of strength and confidence intimidating. You hear the gossip mill running, and although you try not to let it get you down, it sometimes does. Malachite is a protection stone and an incredibly strong one at that. It absorbs negative energy from environmental factors like gossip, negative energy and ill intent into its lovely green swirls and radiates out positivity, power and success. This is your “cup half full” stone, taking any negative situation and turning it into opportunities for success.  Feel powerful, feel strong and fee.
Local hero! Mookaite is found only in the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia in outcroppings near Mooka Creek, the area for which it is named. It is known to the people of that area as a stone of strength and vitality, especially for mothers.  Mookaite promotes an acceptance of change and seeking of new experiences it also awakens one’s natural instincts in knowing the right direction to take. All of these are great qualities for any parent. Whether you’re expecting, have a child, have a fur baby and need some extra UMPH to help you take care of yourself; this Aussie stone has you covered.
Embracing your feminine side doesn’t always mean getting your nails did, going to the spa or going on a shopping spree (although if that is your thing all the power to ya!), but notice how all of these acts involve some sort of self-care? We all have a masculine and feminine inside us that fit together in this internal beautiful cycle. Sometimes our masculine energy pushes us to be practical, structured, routine and regimented and that is exactly what we need (especially when we have deadlines coming up). Other times we need our feminine energy, calling on our intuition, emotional compassion, fun, and spiritual side. The two work together inside of us in this beautiful yin/yang, constantly complimenting each other. I find the feminine, spiritual energy especially helpful when working on my own goals and showing myself some compassion, especially when I’m going through struggle town. Moonstone is a stone that really enhances that feminine energy. It brings out compassion and that subconscious kindness; like a teddy bear hug for the mind. I’ve recently started using Moonstone for my meditative practices for this exact reason. Go forth with compassion in your heart and embrace your feminine side.
Embracing your feminine side doesn’t always mean getting your nails did, going to the spa or going on a shopping spree (although if that is your thing all the power to ya!), but notice how all of these acts involve some sort of self-care? We all have a masculine and feminine inside us that fit together in this internal beautiful cycle. Sometimes our masculine energy pushes us to be practical, structured, routine and regimented and that is exactly what we need (especially when we have deadlines coming up). Other times we need our feminine energy, calling on our intuition, emotional compassion, fun, and spiritual side. The two work together inside of us in this beautiful yin/yang, constantly complimenting each other. I find the feminine, spiritual energy especially helpful when working on my own goals and showing myself some compassion, especially when I’m going through struggle town. Moonstone is a stone that really enhances that feminine energy. It brings out compassion and that subconscious kindness; like a teddy bear hug for the mind. I’ve recently started using Moonstone for my meditative practices for this exact reason. Go forth with compassion in your heart and embrace your feminine side.
As a Moonstone, this lovely little crystal is associated with the subconscious and opening oneself up to untold opportunities. However, this one is a little more particular. Orange Moonstone is for anyone who needs to let loose and have a little fun! It opens up our mind to flexibility, move around our schedule and leave a little room for the unexpected to happen. We have found this stone is particularly helpful during stagnant times when you feel like you’re in a rut and want to be open to new experiences. Go to the art gallery, take a class in the evenings, paint something! It’s your life, let your mind run wild and have a little fun with it!
Moonstone taps into that divine feminine energy that is within all of us, male or female. It’s that energy of compassion and empathy that allows us to feel a connection to others, to love each other. Peach Moonstone is special in that it emphasises loving,  mothering energies. This stone is used around the world as a stone of fertility (not speaking from personal experience,  obvs!) It is said to boost feelings of intimacy, compassion and caring. Useful for those feeling like they need gentle protective energy, like a warm hug at the end of a long day.
Moss Agate is commonly known as the Gardeners Stone because it brings awareness to an energy that is larger than the self, deep ancient earth energy. Now don’t worry, carrying around some Moss Agate isn’t going to encourage you to dance naked in the moonlight around a fire while chanting how much you love Mother Earth (although I do strongly encourage you do try it some time, it is quite liberating). Instead, you can expect a much more subdued connection to the earth, a kind of humbling calm, knowing that the ground beneath you CAN hold you and WILL hold you. This calm balance also encourages a safe space for self-expression and openness (and maybe some moonlit dancing haha).
Oh, where did I put that stone? Where did I leave my cup? Where are my keys? Where the heck am I? Is it just me or is your memory fading every day too? Side note: Maybe it’s cause all my brain space is going to remembering crystal properties haha! Time for me to carry around some Muscovite! This stone stimulates memory retention and awareness of one’s situation, setting, and self. This stone is also fantastic for students of all ages, as it will help with memorisation and gives you a friendly “boop” towards completing academic endeavours. 
Look deep into this Black Mirror… no, not the TV show, the crystal; Obsidian. Obsidian is epic AF with a shiny dark reflective surface. It is a stone that focuses on reflection, and when we say reflection, we don’t mean having a good look at that amazing mug of yours, but reflecting deeply about yourself and who you are. Obsidian helps us see who we are inside and what we really need to be our best selves. Keeping Obsidian in your home also helps relieve emotional distress that may be buried, ignored or forgotten. No ostrich-ing, or putting your head in the sand, anymore!
Do you feel like you need to take a look inwards to find your purpose, but maybe a little anxious about what you’ll find there? Don’t worry, an inward journey can be the scariest of all, that is why we recommend Mahogany Obsidian for those who are new to meditating with crystals. Obsidian is great for emotional growth, reflection and facing your inner saboteur, but that is like diving in the deep end of the pool. Mahogany Obsidian, on the other hand, will gently take your hand and lead you in from the shallow end. 
In our household we are huge fans of Obsidian, so we decided to introduce some variety and spice things up if you will and boy are we happy we did. Snowflake Obsidian, like its cousin is a stone of internal reflection and emotional growth, it encourages us to take a deeeeeeeeeep look inward and examine the truths and lies we tell ourselves to get by.  My lies are something like “on Monday I’ll finally start that diet” or “If I bought a new Lulu top I’d definitely go to the gym more often”, Obsidian is like no no Dylan you defs won’t. Snowflake, however, adds on a little bit of soothing qualities that soften those harsh truths. They sound more like …“I can always eat cleaner and why not start next meal” and “that Kmart singlet will do just fine for your workout (albeit will smell much worse), you should get your sweat on!” So if you need a SOFT reality check, check out our good friend Snowflake.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way and baby I like the way you’re thinking! Black Onyx is all about having the intuition, will power and self-control to achieve goals that we have; whether they be work goals like making sure Susan gets all her paperwork signed and back on her desk by the end of the week. Fitness goals, like, running that 5km without DYING! Or personal goals, like, taking time to actually read that book that you promised yourself you we're going to do. Take control of your life and get it done with confidence!
Breathe in deeply and think about how bloody awesome you are. Breathe out all den bad vibes. Breathe in positivity and success and confidence. Breathe out toxic people and gossip. Meditating is important for your mind and soul and Opalite is a stone that can help keep you focussed while meditating. Opalite is a stone that you should have if you wish to harness and increase your personal power. It will boost your self-esteem and improve your sense of self-worth. Together with these empowering qualities, Opalite is perfect for people who are starting new adventures or moving onto a new chapter of their lives. Start that chapter off right and fresh.
I can just hear your anguished cries as  I’m writing this, “but Dylan, it’s a metaaaallll”, you’ll say. To which I will, of course, roll my eyes and respond, “but it’s pretty so deal with it”. Yes, Peacock Ore is a metallic sulphide structure, however, I challenge you to hold one of these little iridescent beauties and NOT be happy as a clam! Working with it I have found that it acts like a little rainbow pocket-sized pride parade. It’s fun, it’s colourful, it makes ya happy and it reminds us to enjoy and love the moments as they come. In my mind, although it isn’t a crystal, I think it’s one of the happiest little stones around!
This stone helps us open our heart to new experiences and see new perspectives, especially if they are in terms of spirituality. If you are anything like me, you will start to talk to someone about your crystals, sage, energies, etc. and they start to get this glazed look over their face like, “This guy is an absolute wacko”. When approaching people that are closed off to seeing new perspectives it is helpful to carry Prehnite. It subconsciously prepares you and those around you for new experiences. Let me tell you my dears, this stone is like a total lifesaver when you are feeling stagnant and need a change of perspective yourself.
Stand tall baby, you are confident, you are a star, you are solid gold…pyrite? Pyrite is a stone of confidence and protection. It shields those who need a boost during tough times, rebuild tears in self esteem and helps them walk tall with their shoulders back, head held high and walking as if they have an invisible fan in front them at all times.
Let it goooo, let it goooo, you can’t hold onto that emotional baggage anymore! It may be an ex that totally ran over your heart with a truck. It could be your fear that you are going to embarrass yourself if you ever sing again like you did at the office karaoke party. Regardless of what it is, Elsa said it best, you need to let go of fear. Rhodonite is the equivalent of bolt cutters to that emotional ball and chain you’ve been carrying around. This stone helps loosen fears hold on you and allows you to accept your past mistakes, learn from them and give it a go again.
In the words of one of my idols Marie Kondo “We can only transform our lives if we sincerely want to. Small changes transform our lives”. This quotes 100% “sparks joy” in me and reminds me of one of the most beautiful stones to grace our collection. Rhodochrosite is a stone that “sparks joy” by tidying up our emotional junk drawer and allowing room for new happiness, healing, and love to enter our lives. It’s beautiful pink hues remind us to make those small changes that will ultimately add up to a big change in our lives and the lives of others.
“You are a song, a dream, a whisper and I don’t know how I could have lived without you for as long as I have” (The Notebook) I whisper lovingly to my collection of Rose Quartz. Love is a strong word. The dictionary defines love as an intense feeling of deep affection. There are very few things in this word that I truly love…I love my pugs, I love my partner, I love pizza (more than I should) and I love Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love; feelings of love, affection, happiness and peace are all attracted to its soft pink glow. Trust me when I say it’s “going to treat you so nice you’re never going to let go” (Pretty Woman). Having this stone in your home invites love and peace in. “You should be [loved] and often” (Gone With The Wind) so why not open yourself up to some love.
“Don’t break my heart, my achy break heart, I just don’t think it’d understand”…This is the FIRST and hopefully, LAST time I ever quote Billy Ray Cyrus, however as soon as I started working with this stone, this song came into my head! This stone takes those achy breaks hearts of ours and helps patch em up and get them back out there! Ruby in Fushite is essentially a bottle of wine, spa day and rebound F all rolled into a nice little stone; getting you off the road of heartbreak and back in the field. Don’t get me wrong, I’d recommend still doing those things for the fun of it, but having these crystals around will help the process along faster!
A Stone inside a stone? STONECEPTION! This lovely little crystal is jammed pack full benefits! We got passion, we got power, but most importantly we have appreciation. This stone is known for boost the feeling of one’s self-worth so you can stroll down the street strutting your stuff knowing you’ve got everything under control. No one comes for someone who is passionate about what they do, knows their self-worth and isn’t afraid to show it. They say pride is a sin, but screw them, you’ve worked hard for what you’ve got and you have every right to be proud of it! Let Ruby in Zoisite be the Ruby slippers you need to strut down the yellow brick road to your goals!
I FEEEL GOOD! I KNEW THAT I WOULD! I FEEEEEL NICE LIKE SUGAR AND SPICE! SO GOOD, SO NICE! Eh, you know the rest. I’m feeeeelin fine and I have to say it’s the little battery pack I got in my pocket. Yep, I’m talking about Rutilated Quartz. The little “rays of sunshine” as I affectionate call them to make these Quartz crystals sparkle and shimmer and bring a sense of energy and vitality to their energy. Just carrying one around reminds me of that last day of school before summer feeling. You're all good vibes, your inner self is glowing and you can take on anything. That’s what this stone is about feeling light, feeling energised and feeling good. 
Have you ever felt like you need to take a completely biodegradable cleanser and a scrub brush to your energies? If that’s the case Selenite is your new best friend. This beautiful stone is known for cleansing entire areas of negative energy and replacing it with nothing but good vibes. In fact, it is so good that it can be used to cleanse and recharge other crystals just by being near it. Never needing to be cleansed itself, you can use Selenite as your personal charging port, making your home and your body feel cleaner and calmer.
I feel like snakes get a real bad rap, and I kinda admire them. After hatching, they are independent, making their way in a really tough world. As they grow, they shed off their scaly skin and start fresh, larger and stronger. They can move elegantly and gracefully, but when they need to they can strike rapidly and mercilessly. They may creep some people out, but I think we could learn a thing or two from snakes: independence helps us grow, as we go through life we will struggle, but sometimes the best thing we can do is shed off our old ways of thinking and go forward a better version of ourselves and having the wisdom to know when to move away gracefully from a situation or strike head on. Although I admire snakes, my home is not the place for them, so next best thing to manifest these reptilian attributes is Serpentine. Beautiful, yet striking it encourages you to be a strong independent person that takes sh*t from nobody. Go get it!
Named after a holy site in India, Shiva Lingam is a stone that is said to expand the mind’s eye, awake spiritual energies and boost creativity. It’s basically the LSD of the crystal world, let’s be honest. It aids in understanding polar energies such as male or female, light or dark, and spiritual or physical so that you can get a broader understanding of both. This is especially useful for those of us who need a little help finding harmony, self-acceptance, and acceptance of the differences in others. 
You know that feeling when you’ve put your heart and soul into a project at work or home and you obsess about it until it is finally over and then you sit back and don’t even know what to do with yourself? You know you have other things on your to-do list…but you can’t think of them. Your body is like “ya we done now, bye” and your mind checked out the minute the event ended. When moments like this come along you need something that can cleanse and ground and makes sure you look out for numero uno! Introducing Shungite, she’s a stone that pulls that floopy mind back down to Earth, helps you feel refreshed and new and encourages you to make choices that are in your own best interest. She’s like the spa day of our crystal collection.
Girl it’s time to get grounded and grateful. Our lives flash before our eyes we don’t have time to think about all the negativity and BS that is flung at us on a daily basis. We get bogged down thinking we aren’t enough, we have to do or be better than we are and we forget about all that we do have.  Smoky is here to remind you that you need to sit yo ass down and think about what you have. Smoky Quartz clears the mind of anger and jealous and focuses it specifically on what you should be grateful for.
Despite what you may see on Instagram, I have always struggled with my self-esteem. It’s been a huge issue for me and that is why I almost always carry Sodalite around with me. This beautiful little crystal intensifies the need for truth and promotes to seeing clearly. It boosts intuition and promotes acting logically then emotionally. Furthermore, it strengthens your self-esteem. It helps you come out of your shell and say, “I’m 100% me, bitch!”. Do yourself a favour and let Sodalite help you come out of your shell, a new day of being confidently yourself is waiting. 
Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s are what this crystal is made of! Here we have three different stones all combined into a beautiful piece that screams GORGEOUS. These pieces were hand-selected for us from miners with the purpose of sharing these stunning pieces with you. Sphene is a stunning green gemstone of high quality and rarity, making it very uncommon even amongst collectors (A.K.A. hoarders like us haha). Sphene is a gem that intensifies cravings for organisation and pumps your memory into overdrive! Paired with Adularia Quartz and Hematite which promote balance and grounding respectively, this makes this combo a premium triple threat for all things home or work-related!
We all could use some D…as in Vitamin D (y’all nasty and I like it). However, sometimes the sun just doesn’t seem to shine on us. It feels like we have a permanent raincloud over our head and it doesn’t look like it’s letting up anytime soon. LET THE SUNSHINE, LET THE SUNSHINE IN, with our good friend Sunstone! This stone is everything the sun represents; happiness, energy, vitality,  good fortune, smiles, life! Carry it around with you for a pep in your step and a little bit of luck in your pocket. I also recommend keeping this stone charged and placing it in parts of your home that don’t get a lot of sun to bring in that revitalising energy to every room.
So you’ve been on this journey for a while now. You’ve probably been to a reiki master (heck, you may be a reiki master), you’ve had a house full of crystals, you go to yoga and meditate to the tune of Tibetan singing bowls that you got while Eat Pray Loving yourself through Tibet. You may have even done a Bali yoga retreat…or five. We get it you’ve been there and done that. GIVE ME THE HARD STUFF DYLAN. Ya, ya, don’t get your dreadlocks in a knot, here at C&S we have something for every level. Tektite is an advanced meditation stone. It delves deep into the subconscious and builds up spiritual energy like a plug-in charging your higher self up! Those who use this stone often find that they will have insights tones perspectives and new workarounds to problems they hadn’t thought of before. This stone must be cleansed and recharged after each use!
IT’S THE EYE OF THE TIGER, IT’S THE THRILL OF THE- - -…oh sorry, I didn’t see you there…how embarrassing. I guess I got carried away holding this Tigers Eye. This beautiful earthy stone increases confidence and supports resilience in stressful situations. It gives strength, luck and positive energy in times of change and helps to retain perspective. It’s like the perfect companion for a job interview, important meeting or (in my case) karaoke drinks with friends.
Have you ever woken up and just sprung out of bed after an amazing sleep? You feel like you can conquer the world; you’re motivated, you’re energised and you’re a MOTHERF*CKING BOSS! Ya…ya…it’s been a while for us too, nowadays, in order to get that feeling I need to be at LEAST three coffees deep in my day. To try and motivate myself to get going I’ve been rotating in and out some of our new Red Tiger’s Eye. Think of it as a double espresso for your vibes. Working with this stone encourages goal smashing behaviour and the best part is that it also promotes self-encouragement so that you can go forth and be your own champion.
Hide yo kids hide yo wifi! Black tourmaline is in town, by popular demand this stone is the be all and say all of the protection stones. Think of your bad vibes and negativity as mosquitos that swarm around your head and occasionally bite you, draining your life energy…and this stone is like a giant can of bug spray! This is a stone that we recommend having in your home and preferably near doors. They act as a barrier for bad energy and prevent it from even entering your home. Feeling especially negative at work? Try it out as a paperweight and watch attitudes around you (including your own) change. Maybe even feeling down on the dumps yourself? CARRY SOME IN YOUR POCKETS, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS (I was doing my best Nicole Byers impersonation, go back read that in her voice). This is a stone that just changes the game.
Has it not been your day, your month or even your year? Do you need to repel some of that negative juju, but also need to bring yourself up and amplify your positive energy? Can’t decide between Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline? WHY NOT BOTH!? Tourmalinated Quartz is a Clear Quartz crystal that has Black Tourmaline throughout it and because of this, it carries with it the qualities of both! Dust off those feelings of inadequacy and lift yourself onto a higher vibration! You deserve to feel great today. 
Tree Agate is a stone that acts like a tree’s root system, connecting us to the earthly energy below us. This makes it a powerful grounding stone. Like the tree from which it is named it will inspire you to create a strong foundation and from there build yourself up into a colossus of energy. When working with Tree Agate, you may find people drawn to you. It’s that energy yo! You are giving off some serious Mother Nature vibes! Embrace your inner Gaia and stand tall like the beautiful tree you are. 
Unakite is a jasper combination of Epidote, Pink Feldspar, and Jasper. This particular stone is associated with teamwork and collaboration; especially inclusivity and blossoming friendships. This stone is especially useful when working or traveling with new people or people that you know very little about. This stone promotes the opening of connections and collaborating, which could lead to new friendships, relationships or appreciation (perhaps I should give one to Susan in HR).
Commitment is sexy, having been together for nearly a decade now, Jayden and I defs think that choosing to commit to something or someone doesn’t have to get boring. I mean, yes, over time we have swapped out nightclubs for pug cuddles on the couch, but it’s rarely a boring experience. The thing is commitment takes work, trust, reliability, and fun; as per usual we also have a crystal that can help with that! Introducing Verdite, this stone is known for commitment enhancing vibes as well as being known as a fertility stone, making it ideal for lovers (We will keep you posted if either of us gets pregnant haha!)
A protective stone used by warriors for thousands of years, Howlite is the spiritual moisturiser to a heart that’s been dried up by old emotional wounds and chronic stress. Modern life might not be a Game of Thrones episode, but it does have its share of eyebrow-raising moments. Wherever you happen to be on your journey, let Howlite be your welcome oasis in a spiritual desert.