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Crystal Resin Workshop

Crystal Resin Workshop

Turn a crystal into a beautiful piece of resin art

Have you ever wanted to create to make your very own resin artwork but haven’t been able to find the mould you need? Well, this October, Elle-Rose Artist is running a mould making workshop to teach you all about how to cast a mould from scratch. Nestled in the cosiness of the Crystal and Stone warehouse and surrounded by all manner of crystals, you will be given a variety of geometric stones that can be transformed into resin objects. 

Sun, 18 Oct, 2020 10:00AM - 2:00PM

Candles, Crystals and Self-Care Eorkshop

Candles, Crystals and Self-Care Eorkshop

You can never have too many candles right? Join us for some much needed time out for yo’ self and get your creative on!

In this 2.5 hour workshop you will each get to explore and create your own scented soy candles.

We will be starting with the basics (but still super luxy) for your first candle to get you feeling like a pro & then moving onto our second candle where you’ll chose 3 beautiful crystals to infuse to create your ultimate self-care candle providing the energy & vibes YOU crave.
After we’ve made our candles, we’ll move onto creating a luxurious body scrub which you’ll be able to personalise to your hearts content with natural fragrances, oils & even some fresh florals.

This workshop is all about creating a space for self-care & to provide a few hours of pampering for you, because you deserve it lady!


Sun, 25 Oct, 2020 10:30AM – 1:30PM

Um, I'm New Here

Um, I'm New Here

A beginner's crash course in all things crystals!

We all gotta start somewhere and for a lot of us, the crystal world can be daunting. When we first start getting into crystals we are too often greeted by overly affection shopkeepers smelling of sage (or weed) and trying to tell us our aura colour. It can put a lot of people off. The other thing is there are so many crystals! Where do you even start!?

This hour-long workshop led by Crystal & Stone co-owner Dylan will guide you through the basics of crystals. In this workshop you will learn about some of the most popular stones for manifestation, attraction, love, happiness, clarity, reflection, calming, cleansing and attracting general good vibes. You will also learn about the importance of cleansing and recharging your crystals regularly.

SUN, 8 NOV, 2020 9:30AM - 11:00AM

New Moon Ceremony

New Moon Ceremony

Embracing the Luna cycle with Labradorite!

Why is it the full moon gets all the attention? Quietly and just as frequently, the Magickal New Moon is going about its business available to work with and we practically ignore it.

For creativity, inspiration and connecting to the infinite possibilities of the universe, Kyle from The Crystalline Mage has created this New Moon Ceremony & Workshop to get the best of the energy available and to work with his favourite crystal of all, Labradorite! 

 In this workshop you will be guided through two meditations, and learn how to use the Moon to create your own personal magick with the help of some crystals intuitively picked for you.

SUN, 15 NOV, 2020 5:00PM - 7:30PM

Crystal Gridding For Beginners

Crystal Gridding For Beginners

Let's get griddy with it!

In this workshop you'll learn and understand why crystal gridding is such an amazing way of getting more energy out of your crystals by essentially getting them to work together.

Using special shapes, types, layouts, as well as larger quantities of crystals, the energy one is able to create, becomes increasingly complex and expansive.

SUN, 22 NOV, 2020 9:00AM - 11:00AM

Holiday Wreath Workshop

Holiday Wreath Workshop

'Tis the season to be florally!

The holidays are coming up and what better way to get into the spirit but with a custom wreath to invite your friends and family into your home? In this 2 hour workshop Kara from Rose + Bud will guide you into making a wreath of your very own. You’ll have the ability to pick all your own greenery and the colour scheme you wish to go with while being surrounded by calming crystals to reduce that holiday-stress.


Join us for nibbles and bubbles and start the holiday season right with some custom décor of your very own. Take advantage of having the store to your self to do some Christmas shopping while you’re at it.

SUN, 13 DEC, 2020 5:00PM - 7:00PM

Friday Evening Yoga

Friday Evening Yoga

Let's stretch the week out!

Time to stretch out the week!

It’s time to center ourselves and realign our chakras. Come down and join us for a 1-hour yoga workshop with the amazing Liz from Marici Wellness. You’ll get to fully unwind while surrounded by the beauties in our store. You’ll leave refreshed to start the weekend and have a few little nibbles afterwards.

Any experience with yoga is welcome, whether you’re a beginner or a total yogi we wanna see you there for this exciting event at Crystal and Stone.

We ask that you bring your own yoga mat.

Fri, 16 OCT, 6 NOV & 20 NOV, 2020 5:00PM-6:00PM



Come and meet some Paw-some friends!

At Crystal and Stone we’re incredibly passionate about our furry family members, if you’ve followed us for a while you know all about Pablo and Gabby our adorable pugs. What you might not know is that Gabby our derpy little girl was a rescue that we adopted.

 We’ve partnered with WA Pet Project to bring to our community the love we have for those fur babies that need some love and a home just like sweet Gabby did. Come on down and meet the 4-legged cuties, talk with the dedicated team from WA Pet Project about how you might be able to adopt or become a foster carer for them. There will be fundraising during the day also so even if you’re not in a place to accept a new addition to the family come on down and support these guys and the fur-babies.

SAT, 7 NOV, 2020 10:00AM-4:00PM




Join us at Crystal & Stone on Halloween Weekend for a one of a kind experience that will take you deeper down the crystal rabbit hole than ever before. Wander through a wonderland of crystals, garden games, and delectable confections; making sure you have enough time for tea. Meet some of Wonderland’s over the top character’s brought to life by the C&S Fam. Be careful not to lose your head in all the excitement! The space will be completely transformed for both Saturday and Sunday with extended trading hours. Come dressed up in your Halloween costume for some extra treats!

FRI, 31 OCT, 2020 9:00AM-5:00PM

SAT, 1 NOV, 2020, 10:00AM-5:00PM