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Blue Goldstone Pendant


You know what is 100%  beautiful, 100% dazzling and 100% man-made? You are darling…you and Goldstone. Goldstone is a beautiful sparkly stone filled with metal alloy the shimmer in the light like a mother effin disco ball you can hold in your hand! Blue Goldstone is all about empathy for yourself and for others. In particularly yourself; we often tend to be our own worst enemy. Its as if every time we post a cute selfie, we are the first to comment that it’s ugly. Like dude, WTF we need tone nice to ourselves, but its hard habit to break. This is where  Blue Goldstone comes in, it reminds you to be kind, kind, kind to yourself and forgive,  forgive, forgive yourself. So you can grow and learn to put that harsh critic side of you on mute! 

Please note: Pendant only - Chain not included.

Let’s talk rough and tumbled! These crystals come in all different shapes and sizes. When ordering from this section, ya don’t get to be as choosey. Don’t you worry your pretty little head though, we will pick out a perfect stone for you.