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Crystal Club - Abundance

Book club but for Crystals

If you are anything like I was before I started working at Crystal and Stone the store is your second home. So let’s start a little club for our community. Each month I (Jess) will lead Crystal Club a book club but for crystals. Every month I’ll delve into crystals around a different theme, we’ll talk different spirituality practices and how you can incorporate them into your crystal world. Play games, have fun this is a meeting of like-minded crystal-obsessed people.

This month’s theme will be abundance. How abundance can mean different things and what crystals work for different types of abundance. As well as we’ll go over a metaphysical technique to call in abundance into your life. 

What’s included:

  • A crystal pack dedicated to the month’s theme
  • Fun and games
  • Nibbles and beverages 
  • Finding a new community


Can children attend?

At this time Crystal Club is for 18+

 I’m a total beginner is this right for me?

It's all in the title my love, beginners are more than welcome. Even if you know all about your crystals and you want to attend for a little refresher, all are welcome.

 Can I get a refund if I can no longer attend?

You can receive a refund if you inform us 48 hours prior to the workshop.

 If I don’t drink or eat anything can I get a discount?

Unfortunately not, most of the price of the ticket comes from covering the price of the kits.

 Even though your store is closed can I still buy some crystals for my new stand?

Absolutely, one of our amazing staff members will be there overseeing everything and available to put through any sales.

 Can I bring my own crystals to identify and discuss?

Sure thing, bring all your sparkly goodies. Jess is open to any and all crystal-related questions.

 Can I bring my own food?

We’re happy to cater for any dietary requirements you might have but if you’re feeling unsure about anything feel free to bring something. Your ticket will not be discounted though as the cost covers mostly the kit.