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Everything is Fine & Other Lies - Anxiety Bag

Anxiety is an ugly monster that eats you from the inside out. One second, you are fine and the next you are overwhelmed with dread and the ridiculous part is it can be over something that someone else feels is completely insignificant, like getting your photo taken…*cough*Anywho! There are a million and one reasons why each of us feels anxious, sometimes having a “parachute” nearby is all you need to feel more secure. Well, say hello to a bunch of crystals that are your new BFFS! Obsidian for reflection, Fluorite to attract supportive friends, Amethyst for calming, Smoky Quartz to settle you down and bring you back to earth and Lepidolite for soothing serenity. Bring on the calm!

Please note: These don't come with printed description cards, as we sell a lot of these we find that it's very wasteful on resources when we have these handy dandy descriptions on the website.