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Good Vibes for Hard Times - Healing Bag

You’ve been hurt. Everyone tells you "you’ll get over it”, “you’ll feel better soon”, or maybe flat out “get over it”! Sometimes it feels like we’ve become trapped in the pain and it’s all we think about. We’ve been there boo and we are not going to tell you to get over it, but when YOU decide YOU are ready to tackle the pain, let go of the past and take (maybe baby) steps towards the future; these stones are handy to have around. This bag has all your bases covered from cleansing with Selenite, letting go of the past with Rhodonite, emotional healing with Angelite and Celestite, to inspiring future change with Mangano Calcite, these stones will help put a bandage on your spiritual and emotional wounds and kiss them better…. As a side note, how much fun is it to say, “maybe baby”. 

Please note: These don't come with printed description cards, as we sell a lot of these we find that it's very wasteful on resources when we have these handy dandy descriptions on the website.