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Man, I Feel Like a Woman - Feminine Energy Bag

Feminine energy is something that should be embraced and empowered! Regardless of biological gender, we all have feminine and masculine energy inside us that we use depending on the situation. Feminine energy generally brings out our emotions and allows us to feel joy, gratitude, creativity, love, peace and playfulness. Sadly, we live in a world overflowing by masculine energy. Our workplaces telling us to be more productive, sit down, shut up and get the work done. Sometimes we lose touch with this side ourselves. We’ve put together this kit to get you channelling your inner Queen Bey and feeling yourself again. Inside you’ll find Raw Rainbow Moonstone to bring forth our subconscious feminine energy, Orange Moonstone to bring out that playfulness and see things through  youthful wonder, Cream Moonstone to bring out kindness and nurturing attitudes towards ourselves and those around us, Hematoid Quartz to calm ourselves down (honestly it’s like a bubble bath for den vibes!), and finally Rose Quartz to attract love and kindness for ourselves. Remember you deserve to be in touch with both sides of yourself, embrace the feminine. 

Please note: These don't come with printed description cards, as we sell a lot of these we find that it's very wasteful on resources when we have these handy dandy descriptions on the website.