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Moldavite Rough

Unfortunately, we don’t have any kind of eta when this will be back in stock, it is in huge demand due to TikTok, keep an eye out on the site, hopefully won't be too long.


Yes we said the “M” word, I can feel your ears physically prick forward and your metaphoric tales wagging. Moldavite is the new crystal craze, it’s kind of like the fidget spinner of crystals, everyone HAS to have a piece. The problem with a sought-after crystal is most of the time you want it because you keep hearing about it, it’s how marketing works. You want it because things in the world are telling you how much you need it; it doesn’t matter if you’ve been a vegetarian for several years suddenly you want the new Mc Donalds burger.

 So what is Moldavite?

Let’s talk about why it’s being talked about. Moldavite, referred to some as “star-born”, is a member of the Tektite group of crystals formed during a meteoric collision in Czechoslovakia. Its name comes from the river it is usually found near, the Moldau River. There are many theories about what Moldavite is good for, originally it was believed to be for fertility and fortune. These days a lot of people equate Moldavite to be good for broadening your intuition or third eye, to align your chakras and particularly good for dream work or astral projection. And honestly why wouldn’t you want a piece? To be able to do some awesome psychic work, hell yes. But like taking a new kind of medication, you should read the warning labels attached to this crystal, because this is nothing like working with your average piece of clear quartz.

 Things to know before purchasing Moldavite

  • Moldavite is not cheap: A piece of moldavite the size of your thumbnail will generally be somewhere between $85 to $100+ depending on the grade. If you see a piece of Moldavite for less then $60 it is most likely melted down Sprite bottles. Moldavite is incredibly rare so to find a piece that cheap, I would be very skeptical.
  • When working with Moldavite be aware of your physical body: Many people describe when first working with it that they experience head aches, hot flushes, light headed-ness, crazy dreams/nightmares. Just be cautious when working with Moldavite; like after having a procedure done we do not recommend operating heavy machinery while working with Moldavite.
  • What goes up, must come down: Moldavite is all about that third eye and your spirituality. It’s easy to get carried away into that. I recommend having something grounding on you as well, like Tourmaline, Red Jasper or Smoky Quartz. Having something grounding with you while you work with Moldavite will keep you safe while working with it, it’ll keep your feet planted to the ground while you go exploring the universe.
  • Moldavite is not a beginner’s stone: Just like learning how to play piano, you have to learn the basics before you’re playing Mozart. If you want to develop your third-eye there are stepping stones. Before jumping into the symphony that is Moldavite try working with Tektite, K2 or Astophyllite. All of these tumbles are also really great at working with your intuition and are far gentler on you then Moldavite can be.

 So yes, there’s no doubt that Moldavite is crazy cool to work with. It’s a very intense experience to hold a piece of Moldavite, so please be aware that (insert Spider-Man voice) “with great power, comes great responsibility”.


Let’s talk rough and tumbled! These crystals come in all different shapes and sizes. When ordering from this section, ya don’t get to be as choosey. Don’t you worry your pretty little head though, we will pick out a perfect stone for you.