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Of Quartz I Love You - Love Bag

We all need more love in our life. Trust me, as a Cancerian, I’m basically begging for love and attention 24/7, but love can take many forms.  It can be romantic or intimate between people, it can be feeling like your best self as you walk down the street; goodness I’ve felt the some of the purest love just dancing with my friends at home after we’ve had one too many wines. We often use the term of someone looking at the world through  “rose-colored glasses” with a negative connotation, but what is wrong with looking at the world with love and appreciation? What is wrong with seeing the beauty and love that the universe can provide?  Open your eyes and your heart to love with this bag full of loving crystals. RQ is our go-to for unconditional love, Labradorite for kindness inward and out, Carnelian for passion (wink wink), Verdite for fertility and commitment, and Epidote in Prehnite for opening the heart to new experiences. 

Please note: These don't come with printed description cards, as we sell a lot of these we find that it's very wasteful on resources when we have these handy dandy descriptions on the website.