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Paua Shell

Abalone or Pāua Shells are often used in Smudging ceremonies for aesthetic, practical, and spiritual reasons. Let’s start with aesthetic, come on look at them! They are like a rainbow you can hold in your hand, their iridescence catches the light and shines throughout the room. Secondly, they are super practical, when you are smudging because they are used to catch the falling ash and embers in a safe way. One way to clear negativity from a space is to burn it completely to the ground, but we are not about that life; smudge safely my friends. Thirdly, Smudging is quite spiritual, in clearing away all the negative vibes you are using all four elements to do so. Earth, represented by the plants in the smudge stick, Fire by …well the fire, Air by the smoke that billows up and Water by the Pāua Shell.  

Size - 14-15CM