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Pink Himalayan Quartz Cluster


Have you ever stood beside a mountain? Back in Canada, Jayden and I would always go for weekend trips to the mountains and when you are standing at the base of them you feel overwhelmed by the sheer power, quiet strength and ancient knowledge that these behemoths carry. It is so awe inspiring that even I am speechless… It’s the only memory I have that’s quiet to be honest haha!  Himalayan Quartz carries the mountain’s energy, it allows us to amplify our energy to mountainous proportions bringing with it clarity and the ability too manifest. Imagine Clear Quartz is like the wholesome boy in school that you know will treat you nice, but Himalayan Quartz is like his older brother that is like ripped, is in uni and listens to podcasts about trusting your intuition and he loves to travel. I don’t know about you, but I know who I’d be taking home…just to be clear we are still talking about crystals! 

SIZE: 7KG / 34CM x 26CM
You will receive the exact piece photographed, colour may vary slightly depending on the lighting.