Larvikite - Stone of the Month

When I look up at a full moon, I am often reminded of the trials and challenges that I have gone through in that cycle. I mean seriously, the number of times I stubbed my toe on the edge of the bed should be seriously considered a hurdle I seem to overcome, but never learn from. We often look back and take the time under the full moon to reflect on what worked and what did not! The full moon fills us with energy and charges our crystals so we can go back and slay our days, but have you ever given much attention to the new moon? I actually really like New Moons. I find them to be a dark contemplative time when you can clearly think about what you truly want. It is a time of intention and a time where your vibes can only go up from, like the moon. It’s only up from here baby! 
When I take time to think about the New Moon and the qualities it possesses,  I am often reminded of one of my favourite Crystals…Larvikite. Larvikite is all about patience, intention, and knowledge. Its energy is all about setting goals and intentions, building up your desires and ambitions, whether they be that you really want to lose some weight, you’re trying to stay organised at work, intending to find more time for meditation and calming exercises or you’re trying so hard not to punch that gossipy bitch at work. Larvikite embraces that feeling of patience and knowledge. It helps you to not make any rash decisions (like throat punching a  coworker) and instead of waiting for the perfect time to strike,  and having the knowledge to know when that is! 
This stone has an incredible resemblance to Moonstone and is often referred to as “Dark Moonstone,” although this is false, they are not made of the same stone,  I totally understand where that comes from. It looks like Moonstone, but in shades of moody greys and still has those iridescent rainbows glittering throughout it. This is partially why I also think it is associated with the New Moon. They are in the end opposites, and yet complementary stones. 
If you get a chance, do yourself a favour and check out Larvikite. I’m positive you’ll be as blown away by its beauty as I am. I mean hell, I’m writing a  whole blog post about it I  love it so much. Remember, be well-intentioned, patient and have the knowledge to know when is the best time to go over your goals. 
Let today your best day, 
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