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Ready to add a small, beautifully shaped crystal (or 10) to your collection? Say hello to my little friend - the Crystal Geolith.

Imagine taking a Crystal Pillar or Point and squashing it down to a mini size. That’s what a Crystal Geolith looks like.

We stock Crystal Geoliths in everything from Dalmatian Jasper to White Howlite, so you’re sure to find something you vibe with.

Being a smaller crystal means that a Crystal Geolith can travel with you, bringing opportunity, calm or simply positive vibrations to your day wherever you go.

We like to use them during meditation and we always have a few on display around the house and on our desks.

If you’re purchasing from our Rough & Tumbled section, you’ll find our crystals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But our team are committed to picking out the perfect one-of-a-kind looking crystal for you to enjoy. Aren’t you spoilt?

Apatite: Be a goal setter and find balance with this stunning blue gem. We believe in you!

Rose Quartz: We’re all about that love & optimism and we believe everyone needs Rose Quartz in their life.

Green Fluorite: Bring some focus back to your day and open yourself to a world of opportunity with Green Fluorite.

Tailored advice? Check.
Buy now, pay later options? Check
Australian-based? Check.
Good vibe enthusiasts? Check

Pick up a small and unique Crystal Geolith from Crystal & Stone today and attract those good vibes to your life.