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Slab of cake? Would be nice, but no.
Slab down on your new house? Exciting, but expensive!
Slab of crystal? NOW YOU’RE TALKING!!

Crystal Slabs, also known as crystal slice or agate slice, is a big ol’ chunk of crystal. The slaps can come in a rough form that has an earthy, natural appearance, or they can come with a more polished façade.

Agate Slice is a unique Crystal Slab that features a large geode inside, making it a truly remarkable piece to have in your collection. Freestanding Agate Slabs are a VIBE and we are SO here for it.

The predominantly flat shape of a Crystal Slab makes it ideal for body layouts, crystal grids, staging your altar or even place other items, such as beauty products or vitamins, on them to infuse the products with the energy of your chosen crystal slice - talk about boujee!

Some crystals come looking as unique as you or I, with different shapes or sizes giving the crystal slabs an exceptional look. This means that products in our Rough & Tumbled section don’t all look like the picture on our website, but we’ll do our best to pick you the perfect piece.

Lepidolite: Soothe your soul with a slab of Lepidolite. This versatile stone is the calm your crazy life needs.

Sodalite: This stunning stone boosts intuition, helps you to see more clearly and gives you a self-esteem boost.

Obsidian: Self-reflection is so important, and Obsidian is the perfect crystal to help you see inside yourself and deal with emotional distress.

Shop Crystal Slabs Online. We promise you that you NEED a Crystal Slice in your life.

With buy now, pay later options available, you can buy your Crystal Slice (and shop the rest of the Crystal & Stone range) with no worries. And if you do have worries, we’ve got a crystal for that too.