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Be warned - tumble stones are the gateway stone to a lifetime addiction with crystals. We’d apologise for supporting your new addiction, but we aren’t sorry – crystals are LIFE-CHANGING.

    Also known as tumbled crystals or tumbled gemstones, these small yet mighty crystals are smooth, generally quite inexpensive and travel-friendly.

    These stones get their name from the process used to create them; tumble stones are made by placing rough stones into a machine known as a rock tumbler, which tumbles the stones until they have a polished, smooth appearance.

    Tumble stones are a versatile stone shape, which means they can be used as Chakra stones, healing crystals or crystals for meditation.

    These small yet mighty stones also make for brilliant home décor, bringing those good vibrations to every room in your home.

    When ordering a crystal from our rough and tumbled range, the products come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

    This means that the product we pick for you won’t look like a perfect replica on the tumbled gemstone on the website.

    But don’t worry, we take great pride in picking out the perfect stone for you.

    Amazonite: An Amazonite Tumble Stone is the perfect healing crystal for the Throat Chakra, helping to restore emotional balance and guard against negativity.

    Opalite: Look at the beauty of an Opalite stone and tell us you don’t feel instantly better. Opalite is perfect for meditation and improving self-worth.

    Celestite: If your mind is always going a million miles an hour and you want to slow things down and clear them up, a celestite tumble stone is a great option. 

    Shop Tumble Stones Online. With buy now, pay later options like AfterPay, Zip, LayBuy & Klarna available, you can treat yo’self to the huge variety of Tumble Stones we have on offer at Crystal & Stone.

    If you have any questions at all about all things crystal related, make sure to hit us up on social media!