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Geodes are the prime example of “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” – these babies are a little rocky on the outside, but they’re pure PARTY on the inside.

Geodes are rock structures that contain a cavity filled with crystals! There are two different types of geodes: volcanic geodes and sedimentary geodes.

  • Volcanic Geodes: formed by a bubble in volcanic rocks
  • Sedimentary Geodes: formed by a gas-filled void in materials such as limestone and sandstone

The cavities in the rock fill with silica-rich water over millions of years, which forms crystals and creates the stunning large geodes we stock at Crystal & Stone.

Large geodes placed in your office or room can create chi flow in the space, helping you to create a sense of calm. Treat yo’self to a geode and use it for relaxation, meditation or yoga practise.

GEODE like to know who wouldn’t want to crack open their own geode! Starting at just $5.00, our Crack the Geode products are the ideal gift for friends and family.

At Crystal & Stone, the products in our Rough & Tumbled section come in all different shapes and sizes. Rather than making you choose; we’ll pick the perfect stone for you.

    Clear Quartz: This is the clear favourite among our customers, with Clear Quartz Crystals known for their strong AF vibrations and amplifying properties, helping you to tackle life with a clear head.
    Pink Amethyst: They’re the perfect gift to tell someone “Amethyst you so much.”
    Celestite: Need to calm TF down and heal negative emotional energy? Celestite is ya gal.

    Shop Geodes Online. There’s no other way to say it: our customers ROCK, they’re real GEMS.

    Want to crack open a geode of your own or curious about how crystals could work for you? Message us on socials or email us