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Banish bad vibes in your life and give your home some boujee décor with Crystal Pillars from Crystal & Stone.

Funnily enough, Crystal Pillars resemble pillars… These crystals generally have a thick base and slightly taper upwards to a point.

They range in size and can be anywhere from around 800g right up to over 1.5kg!

Crystal Pillars don’t just make a visual statement in your home, they also fill your home with some BIG energy.

You can use your Crystal Pillars as part of your meditation practise, recharge your crystal jewellery or simply to remove negative energy.

Selenite: Like antibacterial, but for bad vibes instead of bacteria. This much-loved beauty is perfect for cleansing both your environment and other crystals. PLUS we stock it in a Pillar Candle too!

Smoky Quartz: Clear your mind, be grateful and ground yourself with the BEAUTY of a Smoky Quartz Pillar.

Rose Quartz: We love the colour variation in Rose Quartz, from more transparent right through to pink AF. Bring in the love, peace and happiness with this lovely crystal.

Shop Crystal Pillars Online. When it comes to Crystal Pillars, we say size matters! The bigger, the badder, the bolder, the better. 

You’ll find everything you need to know on our website, with buy now, pay later options available. Buy now and you can thank us later. 

Hit up our socials (Crystal & Stone) to keep up to date with what we’re up to or get in touch to ask us all about our collection.