Carnelian Cube
PASSION - SEXUALITY - CREATIVITY   Passion comes in many forms: passionate for the arts, passionate for athletics, passionate sex, (in my case an unbridled passion for eating pizza). Carnelian supports your passionate endeavours by assisting you to overcome uncomfortable...
Flower Agate Cube
DREAM MANIFESTATION – UNLOCKING POTENTIAL – PASSION We are all flowers struggling to grow and bloom in a big and scary world. Some of us rely on our friends and family and flourish into a sea of wildflowers. Some of...
Green Aventurine Cube
CREATIVITY - CONFIDENCE - SUCCESS The key to success? Not being so damn stressed about being successful. Attitude is everything darling, and if you keep running around like a chicken with your head cut off you’ll never slow down to...
Larvikite Cube
PATIENCE - INTENTION - KNOWLEDGE   Larvikite, or sometimes (mistakenly) known as, Black Moonstone (which totes ma goats reminds me of a cool Sailor Moon villain) is stone aligned with patience and knowledge. In my experience with it, I feel...
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Lepidolite Cube
SERENITY - PATIENCE - ACCEPTANCE If you’re anything like me you need about 5 cups of chamomile tea, lavender oil diffusers and at least half an hour of restorative yoga just to get to sleep at night! Thank goodness I...
Red Jasper Cube
SECURITY - STRENGTH - GROUNDING Red Jasper is like the Warrior 2 of the gemstone world; it is representative of strength, grounding, and security. When I look at this stone it reminds me of the red earth beneath our feet...
Tourmaline Cube
REPELS NEGATIVE ENERGY - PROTECTION - GROUNDING Hide yo kids hide yo wifi! Black tourmaline is in town, by popular demand this stone is the be all and say all of protection stones. Think of your bad vibes and negativity...
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