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Crystal Clusters are the epic, jaw dropping, unique and chunky-but-funky formations of the crystal world.

Put simply, a cluster refers to a group of crystals that have grown together to form one big old crystal. If we had to explain it to our kids, we’d say that Cluster Crystals are a group of beautiful, inseparable best friends.

Crystal Clusters vibrate at a remarkably high energy, radiating the energy of their surrounding and your intention, as well as absorbing detrimental energy in a space.

From an aesthetic viewpoint, Crystal Clusters are perfect for those wanting a statement piece of décor or those who appreciate want a whole chunk of good vibes in their home.

Some of our Crystal Clusters sell like hotcakes, so if you’re looking for a safe purchase, these babies are guaranteed to deliver:

Green Apophyllite Clusters: This beautiful stone is the Marie Kondo of the crystal world, sparking enthusiasm, zest for life, and organisational behaviour.

Amethyst Clusters: There are few things prettier than an amethyst (don’t tell the other crystals), so imagine the beauty of an Amethyst Crystal Cluster! Amethysts are a must-have for goal setting and manifesting those dreams – dream on, dreamer.

Quartz Crystal Clusters: The amplifying energy of the Pink Himalayan Quartz Cluster is a BIG VIBE and we are here for it!

Shop Crystal Clusters Online. With buy now, pay later options like Afterpay, Zip, LayBuy & Klarna available, you can treat yo’self (or a loved one, if they’re lucky) to the huge variety of crystal clusters we have on offer at Crystal & Stone.

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