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I love (salt) lamp(s).
No, we’re not just saying it because we can currently see multiple salt lamps in our warehouse – we genuinely love the magical glow and energy of salt lamps.
As the name suggests, Himalayan salt lamps are decorative lamps carved from pink Himalayan salt. When the lamp is turned on, they give off an entrancing, warming pink hue that makes any room feel cosy.

A Himalayan salt lamp is pretty much the answer to most of life’s problems.

  • Want a mood and energy boost? Salt lamp.
  • Need better mood lighting? Salt lamp.
  • Want to filter pollutants in the air? Salt lamp.
  • Hoping to ease your allergies and breathe better? Salt lamp.
  • Struggling with sleep? Salt lamp.

There are a few tell-tale signs that your Himalayan salt lamp isn’t the real deal. 

Fragility: As you can probably imagine, salt lamps are delicate products that can quite easily break or chip. If your lamp has the durability of a brick, then you can assume it’s probably a knock-off.

Brightness: Your salt lamp should only emit a soft pink glow, not look like the sun has decided to relocate to the corner of your room.

Leaking: A real Himalayan salt lamp should ‘leak’ during its lifetime, as the lamp purifies the air by absorbing moisture from the surrounding air and recycles it into pure water.

Shop Himalayan Salt Lamps Online. Light up your life with some boujee AF mood lighting, air cleansing, energy boosting magic from a Himalayan salt lamp.

Head in-store to Crystal & Stone to check out our range of Himalayan salt lamps in person, including our monster 3-4kg Himalayan salt lamp.

Contact us today via DM’s, emails or via the website for all the advice you could ever need on Himalayan salt lamps, crystals and incense.

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