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You know when you’re walking along the beach and you find THE PERFECT stone for skipping on the water? 
Well, palm stones look just like that. But instead of skipping them on the water, you can use them to just skip right past the BS in life. Winning! 

Palm stones are small, polished oval shaped stones that are designed to fit in the palm of your hand. In the Crystal & Stone collection, we carry mini stones, flat stones and seer stones, so there’s a palm stone for everyone.

If you want to attract new energy to your life, we recommend holding your palm stone of choice in the palm of your hand for meditation, healing your body or simply carrying it in your purse or pocket throughout the day.

Each stone in our Rough & Tumbled section is as unique as you are, so the shape, size and overall look might be slightly different to what you see on the website.

Selenite: Selenite helps to cleanse the negative energy in your life with the force of a power washer - nothing but good vibes up in here!

Fluorite: Whether you’re studying, working from home or trying to simply focus on life, fluorite is the perfect palm stone to keep you on track.

Rose Quartz: A favourite among all, rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, peace, happiness and all things good in life.

Shop Palm Stones Online. Keep palm and carry on with our array of crystal palm stones, all available to purchase now with a buy now, pay later option available. Winning!

Want to know more about palm stones in Australia? Have a question about crystal healing? Hit us up on Instagram or email us