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Tigers Iron Tumbles


Tigers Iron is a stone containing layers of Tiger Eye, Jasper, and Hematite.  It’s like in Glee when they did mashups of your two fav songs, or when two artists you love to feature on each other’s album, or when your fav Instagrammers collab for something. Working together means you can get something truly unique, but still with the best of both from the originals. Tigers Iron is just that, a wonderful mix of strength, determination and stamina from Tiger’s Eye mixed with grounding and absorption of negative energy from Hematite. Talk about a match made in heaven…well, actually it’s made in the earth when the two stones are sediment togeth- oh sorry. It rocks. Hehe, see what I did there.


Let’s talk rough and tumbled! These crystals come in all different shapes and sizes. When ordering from this section, ya don’t get to be as choosey. Don’t you worry your pretty little head though, we will pick out a perfect stone for you. Please also note these are natural crystals and stones from the earth, so they won’t always be perfect.