• New AF Stone: Tektite

    New AF Stone: Tektite
    TikTok is completely OBSESSED with a crystal known as moldavite at the moment– however, the best way to describe this crystal is: hectic. If you’re wanting to enjoy the moldavite craze without the crazy, why not check out our tektite tumbles instead?
  • Amethyst Cluster

    Amethyst Cluster
    Amethyst clusters are big ol’ juicy lumps of amethyst that’ll fill your home full of healing energy.
  • You in danger gurl!

    You in danger gurl!
    Alright my lovelies, if you’ve made it this far onto our website, chances are you have a crystal or two. You’ve probably set up a like a “totes adorbs” little altar or place to keep your crystals and you’re probably cleansing them regularly right? Well, I sure hope so!  We wanna make sure that both you and your crystals are well taken care of...
  • Everything you SHOULD know about Moldavite

    Everything you SHOULD know about Moldavite
    Yes we said the “M” word, I can feel your ears physically prick forward and your metaphoric tales wagging. Moldavite is the new crystal craze, it’s kind of like the fidget spinner of crystals, everyone HAS to have a piece.
  • Unconventional ways to cleanse your crystals

    Unconventional ways to cleanse your crystals
    It’s spring-time, time for new beginnings and cleaning out the cobwebs in your environment. But let’s face it, life gets busy, days run into each other and even though you were planning on cleansing your crystals under the full moon it’s been a week since and the cycle starts again of waiting for the next full-moon. I don’t know about you but lately all...
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